Saturday, February 11, 2012

Black and White

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People have such crazy notions these days. Like murder is taboo. Like a murderer has no right to be heard by an everyday audience. Like if you ignored to acknowledge my existence I just might cease to exist. You secretly hope that, don’t you?
I could change that for you. Give me a chance, yeah?

Now that you choose to hear me, you must know my story is rather tragic. I’m not raging with vengeance or evil though. That’s what I hate about you. You judge me. And you pretend like you’re fair. Justice and all that baloney.  

Some sing, some write. I kill. It’s much the same. It’s art.
And the thing with art is, you can’t decide it to be ugly or beautiful. It all boils down to a perspective. Odd isn’t it, that an uneducated bunch of your folks gang up against me for a bad show of art and suddenly I’m crime material?

And then there is the rigmarole of a pattern. A serial killer must positively have one, they say. Crazy notions I told you! My ‘episodes’ don’t have a pattern. Unless you thought the lack of one to be the pattern. Which could make sense, but then that leaves only a shadow of mutually exclusive outcomes never to recur, as opposed to a universe of unexplored outcomes that you have no idea about.
Worse, if I unwittingly chose to imitate myself from the past that would leave you all confused and messed up. A bit like you are right now, eh?

To tell you the truth, I never choose my victim. If I could, there may have been some satisfaction. But that’s bad for my soul. It’s selfish and if you don’t know by now, I’m a giver. My subject is nothing more than a variable. I often see the attractive faces on board, their dainty laughs, lean fingers and wonder what would change if they encountered me up close. Would their eyes still flutter? Would their lips quiver in shy anticipation? Or is it all a facade that will rip apart?

I don’t know if the sting hurts. But as my pierce scathes one soft layer of flesh through to the next, deeper and deeper, there is a faint trail of crimson that oozes without restraint. The stuff you’re really made of. All those ideals of truth, morals and identity can go kiss the drain for there is just one raw emotion.
Such a beautiful thing. It makes people so real. Come back to their innocence. The arrogance, the class, the tantrums, all those additives washed away leaving plain simple pleading. Uncomplicated. Man, I dig it!

I take away the life breath but I give to you in those last seconds of your pathetic existence what really is priceless. What always was. Every act you were ever passionate about, every soul that ever touched you comes alive. I taught you to value it! Now that is satisfaction.

I don't care for your disapproving gaze and I'm not afraid to confess it to the world. It's what I am. A German knife.
One that talks into murdering innocent strawberries every single day of my life. Big ones, little ones, unripe ones, ones that look good on the outside but taste really bitter on the inside.....all of them.
Go figure! :P

When you have a day that looks a glum black and white, tip the blues away with a splash of red.
It’s a sick world with a sick sense of humor!

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Deviation said...

"Some sing, some write. I kill. It’s much the same. It’s art."
Best line in the whole article.

CD!!! said...

Something after such a long time. Welcome back:)
About the post.......First I thought that a how beautifully you have made murderer sound a hero but at the end, I was ROFL.....What a comeback! Keep writing......PLEASE!!

Anil Sawan said...

oh man!! tht was a gud twist :P

Vyankatesh said...


It was real dark and black, until the strawberries came into picture :)

Sarah malik said...

I was expecting it to be 'dark and black' but this came out to be all 'bright and red' :)
and yes "Some sing, some write. I kill. It’s much the same. It’s art" is quite a line, u better get it patented :P
loved the post, the pace. keep it up!


Chetan Maheshwari said...

good one..
loved your take on the topic

aayanman said...

Perspective is fresh and narrative smooth.Some constructions ontwithstanding the story seems like a good read.I liked it.


Harsha Chittar said...

Quite different and fresh take on the topic, the narration quite captivating all in all it was a good read.

Anita Jeyan said...

LOL ! and well written ! You deserve 2 win!

Sudeshna said...

A different perspective.. Loved it..

Keep writing..

Prateek Bagri said...

I much loved this post because the notion of killing for satisfaction and state of the art is something I have seen a lot.
Say Animes of different genre but killing for producing art or blood for art is my most favorite.

Anonymous said...

I knew there would be a twist lurking somewhere round the corner.. and a rather serious piece of writing this is.. (Had me look up some words too :P )

Someone is Special said...

"Some sing, some write, I kill. It's much the same. It's art"

Sadiya loved this post a lot. All the Best..

Someone is Special

Siddhesh Kabe said...

kafi dino baad came on your blog.... excellent blog... Dexter deewani???

Misterio Vida said...

oh girl... i was starting to hate you like anything :( and was stunned by your cruelty and your new face until i saw the word strawberries... and i loved it so much... i always like suspense thrillers and you pulled up one so amazingly ... i want to be a writer like you when i grow up :P

Brijender Singh said...

The last time i was here, there were paeans on puppy love and dimpled cheeks and the first cups of coffee and the flutter of eyelashes....

So imagine my SHOCK when i return and find a cold-blooded killer where i expected to bump into a starry-eyed lass!!

But must say, crisp sentences, razor sharp thoughts and all the chutzpah that always characterizes your writings!

All the best for BATOM !!

BGT said...

And I was thinking this is not the way your write.. Something's different somewhere!! And then comes the "Bottomline"!! Welcome back (again) Sadiya :)

viva_andya said...

a very different and contemplating perspective.. wonderful piece...

D2 said...

Sadiya, hats off to you and I "applaud thee" for writing this masterful piece. I don't have much to say apart from that. This has captured my mind in totality amd is definitely the best I've read yet during this BAT. I connect this thought so well with the way I think about perspective. I remember you commenting on my 'In the Eyes of the Beholder'.
Well, this was amazing. All the best. :)

The Solitary Writer said...

Oh My Sadiya.... I don't know when was I here the last time but I remember it was related to some Restaurant owner and some Iran girl.Nevertheless Everytime I come here there is something new.. ATB for BAT

Bikram said...

I don't care for your disapproving gaze and I'm not afraid to confess it to the world. It's what I am. A German knife.

Made me laugh out loud.. when i started reading i thought I will write a comment asking you , to teach me how to kill I got some in my life that need that coming to them .. :) but now how do i ask the KNIFE..

but the thing is in all the killings .. it is the HAND that uses it which is ACTUALLY doing the killing...


Miss D said...

Sadiya, I love your style. Seriously.
You always have that element of non-serious surprise in the end that I dig for.
It totally fulfills your blog-motto:"Ye life hai...take it lightly"

You know its almost become a habit to start off reading your posts with wide eyes and then end it with a straight-face, amusement kept aside! :P

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ daanuuu- hehe itnaaaa jaldi pad liya?? :o

@ CD- yaarrrr even i think each time ki ab to pakka pakka i'll b regular bt den....resolutions r meant to go hawa hawaaa *rani hawaaaa..paav rokey tokey oke...* ahem yesss glad u liked it...thnx fr stoppin by :))

@ saawannn- tiridi-dattaaaa. thnk u :)

@ vyankatesh- seen dat mirinda ad? or was it fanta? nazar fiki..chashma culurrfulll....duniya dikheyy orangy wundurrfull!
i belv dat has no relevanc to ur comment but stil ur frst tym here na... so dont mind :)

@ sarahhh- offo koi mujhe ye patent shatent ka procedure to samjhaao! :o
thnx so much princessss!!

@ chetan- thnx man! pappu pass ho gaya! :)

@ gyanban- fr ppl wid no post u say nice post, so now i dont believe u :o

@ harsha- main kya ji thank u!

@ anitaaa- mwahh!! e hi kudi best hai <3

@ sudeshna- thnx. u kno ive tried so hard to understand ur dp. kya ho sakta haiii! r u tryin on new bangles, or r u jus sittin in deep thot in front of ur computer or r u puttin cake on sum1s face or wat! aahhh! tel me :)

@ prateek- producin art for art? baba i dint understand ur comment onlyyy!

@ rinayaaaa- damn! i think uve read too much of me n now i need to invent sum stronger n deadlier khoofiya strategy to impress u all over again :o

@ someone is special- merci!

@ siddhesh- aao ji aao! no man i don watch dexter. creeps me out!

@ muhammad israr- oh 'dehshad' bhara post! actually even i dunno wat d wrd means bt dey keep using it in d news all d tym.
n yes i cnt wait fr u to grow up, kiddo :P

@ THE brijender singh- where have u beennnnn!
n y dint u participate! cant speak fr odrs bt i really reallyyyyy miss ur writin so pls pls pls do cum baq nex month if dere b a blogaton.
as fr all d nice things u sed eee wowwieee i fell in chocolate! n yes, i undrstand deres no starry-eyed lass so dats y ur upset. nex tym Inshallah!

@ binuuu- hehe as bad as it may sound im jus soooo happy u din c thru it :D

@ viva_andya- heya! thnx a ton!

@ D2- Omigod! such heavy words!
n ya i do remembr 'in the eyes of d beholder' n i stil think its sumwhr at d top of all d posts ive read *belv me i don say dis to evryone* n i also remembr d bunch of loonies dey had fr judges. dey cheated u! :o

@ the solitary writer- ya ya u had a crush on her. dats y u remembr it. humka bhoolun ka beemari naahi hai! :P

@ bikrammmm!- haa bt dat cud b one perspectiv. if u luk at it another way, d hand is simply guilty of coercion wich legally is a far lesser crime dan murder itself. hai na hai na?? :)

@ enchanta- hehe u kno wat! ur comemnts ALWAYS scare me. if deres a comment frm enchanta, i hav a crease on my forehead n my mind sez 'mumme'. n u nevr even sed anythin dat wasn sweet!!! :D
gues its cos of ur no nonsens posts wich is one area dats nevr my forte. thnx fr ur feedback. appreciate it so so very much! :))

Cloud Nine said...

LOL at last!!! Welcome back dear;)

D2 said...

@Sadiya : haha Thanks. :P
Btw, you should know that I got so lost in the images I was created while reading this post that I interpreted 'strawberries' as a metaphor for people, instead of taking it in the literal sense. I guess that suits the way I think. :P

Live2cherish said...

awesome twist.

Kunal said...

In the beginning of the post, when I read - 'Some sing, some write. I kill. It’s much the same. It’s art', I thought, here is another victim of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' :P

Off course, you had something else in mind! :D

Neetu said...

You carry a very unique style of writing which is of no comparison. Amazing sense of humor + Deep thoughts. Feels like I am reading a write-up of a great novelist. keep it sadiya. And one more thing, Do you have any plan to write a book. Because if you write, yours will be the best seller. No doubt!!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ niviii- heya! yup door se aayi hoo, der se aayi hoo. hope to stay :)

@ d2- lol. dat comment cracked me up over anythin els :P
i get it. serious honcho types. d kind whod probably end up bein my boss sum day :o

@ live2cherish- ahem. shukriya meherbani :)

@ kunal- hehe i was warned abt d book b4 hand i believe. mannnn it took d longest tym to complete readin it. even my parents who always want me to keep fiction off limits wer alarmed at d slow pace. true story dat :D

@ neetu- ive thot a lot n cum to d conclusion dat its absolutely impossible to reply to ur comment widout grinnin n soundin like a complete idiot. riskin wich, to b honest i lack any kind of dedication even wid blogging so u kno whr d bottleneck lies. n yes, flat n flattered...u r very kind :)

the critics said...

as usual you proved to be a wiucked bringing that twist there.....lovely, ....i wud prefer to become a serial killer now, specially like the one in the story....

there is one thing abt your posts .... the readers end up taking a lighter heart all the time...that nice

cheers ..keep writing....

and my blog post didn't turn out the last time u checked ..check it out now

rajathecritic - BLACK AND WHITE

T F Carthick said...

Excellently done. No comments. Just vote.

Suruchi said...

You fooled with the seriousness in the beginning and almost made me reread it to confirm if you fumbled somewhere in between to give out what was coming...but na ji na....tussi great ho.

I loved the psychic parts of the is so well written that you would almost sympathise with a serial killer...some quotable quotes too....excellent work Sadiya!:-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Ab jaan hi loge kya aap?

This post is a gem, it is beautiful, it is coherent, it is intelligent, it is poetic, it sings to me, the murderer is beautiful in his mind and heart.

Kahaan chupe baithe the abhi tak?

Loved the post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

the other side of me said...

LOL..I was really fooled..:P

But anyway nice post..creatively written killing is an art ;)

Bikram said...

hmmm and going by how indian law works I guess one can get away with it .. I am amazed at how cum some Top notch lawyer has not used this excuse to get the murderer off the hook ..


Sadiya Merchant said...

@ the critics- i hope u bcum a serial killer n tel us ur escapades. dattt wud b a treat. also, thnx fr d vote!! yayayaaa :D

@ the fool- hehe dat had to be d finest way of sayin it. thnx so muchh! :)

@ suruchibennnnn- hellowww! teacher ne itni scrutiny kiya n kuch nai mila? phew!
im glad u liked it n i gues u came around fr d senseless bakwaas stuf so wil hopefully deliver dat soon tooooo. tc <3

@ blasphyy- poetic? *gulp*
c jus d fact dat i hav such a shallow understandin of d things u write is gud enuff to mk me think of ur comment as an absolute lifetime achievement. eee :D

@ the other side of me- mission accomplished :D. thnx a ton!

@ bikrammm- hehe hw do u kno fr sure dey havnt. d accused can thro sum such hoke n d lawyer gives it a term society understands n even sympathises- 'insanity'. tadaa!

adhi das said...

hai sadiya Merchant i was away frm blogging last year,well this is wat i want to say u have improved alot in ur style of writing just Keep it up! its awesome..happy to c u ..God love u

Bengts fotoblogg said...

Very well written, great post.

Richi Baidwan said...

Full khoonkhar post hai! The second last paragraph can actually send a chill down your spine!

On a more serious note: the bit that I liked the most was the fact that after having read your posts over the past many months I've noticed growth in your style of writing. For example this post wasn't the usual description of events rather an expression or perhaps a dialogue with self which was really good wrt to diction, thought, discourse in general.

Well earned BATOM! :D