Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shoestrung. Moonstruck.

It was on a bright sunny morning into the final semester of their course that Zoya had first seen him. Intense shining eyes and small pearly white teeth. That would be the only two enticing features to set him apart. Not much, if you think about it.
But then sometimes what you withhold in a random clasp is so remarkable that nothing else ever matches up to that level of brilliance. It’s a wonder how every roving eye does not feel the exact same way about it.

As days passed by, a tiny crush progressed to take more earnestness. She found herself waiting in corridors for a couple of seconds longer or step up the conversation by a few decibels the instant she caught sight of him.
Alas! He never spared her a moment of eye contact. And even if he did, the glance was a detached one to scan the faces in a crowd that blissfully dissolved in the recognition of an elite few. The few, that she wasn’t a part of.

Course one can count on their friends to mess things up for them. The dreamy girl she had become, attracted solace and advice from kith and kin. Ranging from raunchy remarks of ‘Bindaas bol daal, yaar!’ to an inquisitive, ‘Ab kya karogi?’, questions posed seemed more diabolical than the problem itself.

It is situations like these where a state of static inertia doesn't exist. Either you are moving closer or falling apart. So yes, she tried.
The remnants of an eloquent speech from the dilemma stage to its execution, was a lot of stammering and utter disarray. Most part of the conversation with the man himself, bordered on ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and multiple ‘I don’t know’ 's.
What did ordinary people like her know about the barracks in Kashmir anyway?
Even a slender acquaintance on the subject couldn’t be feigned.
Classic, you think?

Ecstatic for a minute and depressed the next. That’s how diverse the spectrum of her mood swings became.
One such day as she sat in class chewing the end of her pencil and daydreaming of prince and romances, something hit her head to bring her out of this reverie.
A piece of chalk.
She looked up to see a stern Ms. Victor, eyes piercing into hers and yelling to explain the concept in reading.

But obviously, she didn’t know.
Truth be told, she didn’t even know the name of the subject, much less its content.
On another day, Ms. Victor may have let it slip. Not today. Not for the foul mood she was in.
Insult was her vengeance and Zoya was the object.
Looming personality, booming voice and a lot many taunts later, a very sorry, downbeat and sobbing girl stood outside the class rueing in the hot summer breeze.

‘Ms. Victor is awful’, she thought.
It could well be the worst day ever.

It wasn’t.
It couldn’t be.
A light tap on the shoulder, a small pat on the head, a cheerful pearly white smile, shiny compassionate eyes, ‘It’s alright!’ and a big bear hug.
That’s how much it took to switch crash landings with bobbling parachutes.

In its spur of the moment embrace, she shut her eyes to a fuzzy flip- flop fluttering.
It felt as if the Big Guy up there had the entire universe on hold for a day, to work on her case alone.

Ms. Victor is awful’, he thought.
In a light cuddle, he could vaguely smell the light fruity fragrance in her hair.
Four years.
That’s how long he had wondered what this moment would feel like.
That’s how long it took him to get to her.
He looked up to the summer sky that yielded a faint drizzle.
It felt as if the Big Guy up there had the entire universe on hold for a day, to work on his case alone.

*****THE END*****

Ms. Victor
*You don't want to take any kind of pangaa with her* :-)


Aliza said...

Beautifully written! (: this sure was worth reading..

P.S: and yes, I'm a Pride and Prejudice fan :D Love Mr.Darcy <3

Princess of The Dreamland said...

Awww..... !! Can relate to it so well.. ;) I think we all can at some point or the other.. :D

Kunal said...

The Big Guy is merciful. May be the awful Ms Victor also feels the same. :P

Cloud Nine said...

Super post...loved the racy narration. Ms Victor- could relate to someone rom my bygone days! Great work, Sadiya!

ateeq mughal said...

how u get so perfection with ur writitngs????
tell me plzzzz ur writings are the most unpredictable writings on this blogosphere

Subhrashis Adhikari said...


Misterio Vida said...

aww.....wonderfully scripted... i was thinking you there would be the name of that guy and then the happily ever after scene :P
waiting for more :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Jab se tumhe paane ki khwaahish ki hai, us upar waale ne humko milane ki saajish ki hai

But Ms. Victor isn't as bad as she seems, she's just being a pawn in the whole plot. :D

Mast post!

Blasphemous Aesthete

shash.destroyer@gmail.com said...

splendid, beautiful, spectacular

stay blessed ^_^

Richi Baidwan said...

I feel like you wrote this post for me! Even if you didn’t, I’ll gloat in the possibility that you did :P

It was just this morning that I was thinking about how amazing life is when one is in school, the biggest worry is that of getting your assignment done and the biggest challenge is to know the name of the class you’re in while day dreaming like your protagonist ;)

I somehow feel like traversing back to my own sweet tales of love. Stay tuned.

PS: needless to add that this short ‘memory’/narration was beautiful in thought/action and of course in words…

Sarah malik said...

eeeshh....overwhelmingly cute!!
and u narrated it soo very beautifully...zabardast matlab :D


CookieCrumbsInc. said...

Main inni mean ni hoon *sob, sob*

Deviation said...

You are awesome :P

Zeba said...

Love Ateeq's comment. Because I feel the same way. :-)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ chocoholic- hehe. me tooo! he's perfect!

@ princess!- EXACTLYYYY!! :D

@ kunal- i wud b too scared to ask her :o

@ niviii- u cud relate to ms victor??
hai dil rakhne ke liye hi bol deti u cud, wid d grl or bettr stil d guy ;)

@ ateeq- kar lo baat! aapko 'blah blah's' se fursat miley tabhi na hum kuch batayenge :P

@ SUB- thnx :)

@ muhammad israr- hehe yes dere shud hav been, n i wanted one too. bt den evry character in a story has only one name dat fits its personality to d tee. n frankly, i cudn nail it dis tym :(((

@ anshul- waah waah! itna original! :P

@ shashankk- shukran, merci, gracias :)

@ richiii- lol.
written fr a grl- chek
a grl i sumwat kno- chek
is it u?- i wont tel :P
ahh! a singl wrd u sed up dere is makin me blush n now i cant seem to focussss! :D

@ sarah- thnk u ji- dil khush kar ditta tusi mera :)

@ priyankaaa- alelele. isse bhi zyada mean hai? :o
jk. kya karoo. thot of a name fr a teacher n victor was d frst thing dat came to my mind.
b sportive yaar- tumne do dilo ko milaaya! hw cool is dat! :-)

@ daniyal- ahem ya i kno...sumtimes :P

@ zeba- hehe dats so sweet. thnx! n i cant wait fr ateeq to read it cos he's probably goin to b even more flattered! :D

HijiBijBij said...

very well written....awesome...have been following you for sometime now... :)

BGT said...

Fantastic narration yaar !! That book deal is very much ON !! :)

ateeq mughal said...

ur punch lines,
just luv them,
funnier than my posts, :D

ES said...

Hmmmm... At least these things happen in fiction! :)

Suruchi said...

awwww...so cute...aveeyien four years waste kar daale dono ne...warna abhi tak to Chunnu Munnu bhi ho gaye hote!

so nice n mush Saadiya, any semblance to reality?:-)

Richi Baidwan said...

sweet-annoying Ms. Victor: "Sadduu stop blushing, concentrate on your books!" :P

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ hbj- heya! thnx a ton.
tho i mus tel u, ur username is really confusin. bcum a hotchpotch in my head nw :)

@ binuuu- phew! im so lucky i found u :)

@ ateeq- really? *eyes fluttering*

@ ES- arey dey happen fr real also. b positiv yaar!

@ suruchi- tum sach main maddie ho. wo khud bhi to kaafi chunnu munnu hai na!
hehe resemblanc to realityyyy- num numm- ok teenie meenie sa.
basss ab mujhe sharm aa rahi hai :o

@ richii-
*scared eyes*
*lips pouting*
shorriee :o

ateeq mughal said...

man blah blah's 5th part is out now,
available in the nearest book stores :P

Live2cherish said...

ahh! just the dreamy world i was waiting for this afternoon.

Nirati said...

Loved eet :D
Made me go all awwwwww :)

Shobhit said...


Awesome ! :-)

Just reminded me about catching up on something. :D I had forgotten all about it again. :P

Sunil Padiyar said...

Cute story :) *smiles* *smiles* and *smiles* ..

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Sadiya Merchant said...

@ ateeq- limited edition, eh?
did read it n trust me, u don wanna kno wat i REALLY think abt it :P

@ live2cherish- pleasure is mine :)

@ blahblaholic- zenk yewww!

@ shobhit- i had jus typed out hw dim i was to nt understand wat ur talkin abt, n den it hit me.
jaldi se tayaar rakhna samjhe! :P

@ sunil- glad u liked it *rainin hearts*

Anonymous said...

Well, this is beautifully written, Mistress. What finally let me get here was the picture on top, so to speak. I am nothing if not a Pride and Prejudice junkie. So, bang on, eh? It's wonderfully lighthearted, makes a peaceful, cherubic read! :)

Richi Baidwan said...


Anita Jeyan said...

Awesome post !!! First time here, and will be around :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder why it took so long for Mr.Shiny Pearly Teeth to do the needful!!!!:-) If a guy's into a gal,he shows it.His hormones make him do it,even if he doesn't have the guts to.:-P
But all said and done,lovely narration.Hope to see more from you!!!

Anil Sawan said...

awee this was so very nice! i love happy happy endings :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ kankshita- hehe thnx. liked d pic only cos of d vibrant colors. pride n prejudice had nothin to do wid it :o

@ richi- :)

@ anita- thnk u n welcome to d blog :)

@ idiotici- i louuvedd ur comment!
i cud tel u y it took him so long, bt dat wud tk up another entire post.
tho one things fr sure- i always imagined him to b a lil off his hinges n by sayin dat uve pretty much sealed it! :D

@ sawan- hehe wat cn i say...if dat b d case, ur in d rite place den :-)))

Anonymous said...

So when is your next story going to be coming soon to a blogspot near me????:-)

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe ur prompt reply did catch me a bit off guard :)
soon Inshallah!

Bikram said...

Mr. Gauba the chemistry teacher hurled the duster and not the chalk ... tch tch tch

chalk would have been nice .. but then dont know what i was dreaming of as there were no beautiful girls in my class ... (yes i know another tch tch moment)

beautiful story ..

Menachery said...

mush mush mush ...loved it ... it felt like a scene out of a film... beautiful narrative.. :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ bikrammm- eeks itnaaaa acha school n dey threw dusters at d bacha log!
hawww! :D
probably dreamin of (un)likely prospects.

@ menachery- lawyer story grll!!
thnx so much :)

Rahul said...
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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey Sadiya
We all were victims in class isn't it? Our day dreaming caught. I love the narrative..From start to finish the reader is glued and asks for more.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ rahul- shorrie. system conked. a day or 2- MAXX! :D

@ vishal- hehe so true. bt nothin hurts more dan scale slammed on d knuckles man!
n yes, thnk u :)

äмän ♥ said...

OMGeee this is so awesomely-perfectly written. :)
Cha gae o tusi :D

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ aman- main kya ji- thnk u :)

Richi Baidwan said...

Hi Sadiya, don't even know if that's who you really are (bloggers often use pseudo names for writing) so let me just say - Hi dear writer, I happened to chance upon this post from aeons ago. You wrote so simply yet wonderfully. If you do still write shoot me an email and I'd love to continue reading.