Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sailing on clouds

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Dear Diaryyyy

7 pm- Dubai Standard Time. *I think*
‘Humi did you reach safely? Did you eat anything? Beta, please eat something! What will you eat? You will find something yourself na? Please please don’t stay hungry!’
Uff khaana khaana khaana! My beloved Bollywood mumma still thinks I’m her chunnu munnu and living in India has made me a poor famished size zero kitten.
I wonder why these airports are sooo sooo cold man! Also, the guy sitting next to me on the sector here had this awful yuck yuckkk type cologne and now my abaaya smells of it too! Buhoooo :-(
5 hours of frolicking at Dubai Duty Free! Yayyy meeee!

9 pm
Bhrrrr. Bored. Seen everything. Done everything. Roamed around the entire shopping arcade. I wonder what kind of people buy stuff like Rasna from here. Weird no?
The Swarovski crystal showcase was wowwwieee! I really wish I’d be standing there and some bell would ring over my head after which everyone would come rushing to me and say ‘Congratsssss Miss Humera! You just won the big jackpot and can take anyyything from our showroom......FOR FREEEE!’ Yippeeeeee! *sigh*
By the way, something half as cool almost happened. I bought a chocolate and got a scratch card that actuallyyyy for a minute lured me into believing I could win the multiple grade yaada yaada mileage Lexus!
Grabbed a coin and scratched it!
Card says- ‘Better luck next time’
Bwackk! Classsic!
Me is the hungry’ssss!
So long!

9.15 pm
Mc Donalds!!! I’m lovin it. Turoo tuttooo
Almost tempted to use the tag line ‘Pet khush to sabbb khush’ Emm what was it for?
Hehe. Dang!
Wonder why that guy is waving at me. Do I know him??
Nah don’t think so! Will hog now. Over and out!

11.15 pm
Dudeee! The weirdest thing happened. I told you na someone waved at me, but then I couldn’t recollect who he was. And then he came to my table and was all like
‘Heyyy! How are youuuu! How have you beeenn!!!! Rehan! You remember me right?’ etc....etc.
The whole thing got really awkward. I even tried searching my memory database for a Rehan....searching.....searching...key word not found :-(
How could I have missed someone so good looking? Or maybe he was like the ugly duckling who grew into a swan. Ah! Whatever!
Anyway so I staged a ‘Ohhhhh it’s youuuu!’ wala drama. And thennn he said all about how he missed college days in Bombay so it all kinda fit in.
And THAT’s when he gave me a shock shock shockkk!
‘How come you haven’t been coming online Sana? It’s been ages! And you look soooo different in a burkha! Cute, I say!’
Sana???? Sana??? Arey now who is this Sana?
And thatttt is when the dimaag ka bulb lit up. Suddenly all his good looks were slashed to a half. Poor guy thought I was someone else.
Also, he went on and on about how he and his ‘Sana’ dame were bestesttt buddies and blah blah!

I mean think about it. If they were soooooo good friends, then how come he totally mistook someone else to be her? Or maybe I have an identical twin sis. But I never even went to a Kumbh ka mela!!
*PJ I know! :P*

11.30 pm
At the boarding gate. Thank God! Flight’s on time! Seeee that’s why I louuve Emirates. Even though the food smells yuckkk and the bread is cold, at least they have cool movies that you can kill time with! Wonder what he will do when he speaks to the real Sana. Such a nice guy...damn this Sana!
Just had a sudden thought. Why did he ask for my email id?
Weren’t he and so called ‘Sana’ supposed to be friends on chat???
Okies! Time to board!

11.40 pm
Lol! Was just at the boarding gate when I caught a note on my boarding pass. Here’s what was scrawled on it in the tiniestttttt, most God- awful handwriting!-

Suni meri sadaa to kis yakeen se
Ghataa utar ke aa gayi zameen pe
Rahi yehi lagan to aye dil-e-jawaan
Asar bhi ho rahega ek haseen pe!

Not the most articulate I daresay, but 9 hours of jet lag have quite literally killed the shaayar in me so turned to the next best option- a Bollywood song!

Hi Humera!
Your boarding card fell out of your passport while at the cash counter.
I guess I embarrassed you for a bit there mistaking you for a friend. Was apprehensive I’d mess things further when I did find out. Thank you for being such a sport and bearing with my banter. Talking to you was an absolute delight! Wish we could start over.
I trust you will be hearing from me I can apologise more coherently ofcourse. ;)
Bon Voyage!”

Awww! How sweeeet!
Will sleep now! Seated next to an aunty.
Why do I always have to sit next to uncles, aunties, total duds or wailing babies???
Trying to feel bad but I just can’t stop smilinggg!!!
*happy eyes*

Tataaaa!!!!!.......Lub youuu!......Fiamanillah!
Humeraaaaaa :-)))))

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T F Carthick said...

I really love your style of writing - the carefree tongue in the cheek irreverant "I don't give a damn' style. Nice humorous post.

T F Carthick said...

By the way your style reminds me of someone else I know and admire. She used to give good feedback on my stories as well. Your excellent feedback on my last blog-a-ton post also reminded me of her.

Someone is Special said...

sadiya, you are awesome writer.. you style your humour.. wow, McD.. great... even I too love it.. SmileS.. mine is a dream a journey of...

Someone is Special

aativas said...

Is this the way you normally have your journeys? I mean you show a sort of 'detached amusement' in the process which is good enough to make me smile :-)

Sidrah said...

Hey, check out my blog. Have a lil something for you over there! =D

Anonymous said...

Loved the way you presented your journey in writeup..
Your writing style rocks :)

Keep Blogging.

Cloud Nine said...

Cute post Sadiya:)Cute girls always fall for dumb guys:P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Dear Diary,

You just captured a very sweet and beautiful incident. Hats off the the one who wrote it on you.

Yours sincerely,

Blasphemous Aesthete

Vinay Leo R. said...

the diary style was beautiful :) and the writing seemed just suited for that style! loved it.

Here's My Blog-a-Ton Journey

D2 said...

It seemed real, is all I can say. It's amusing, the stuff that happens when we're travelling!
All the best for the BAT. :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ the fool- hehe thnx....abt ur frn...well evrythin u sed abt her seems in d past tense - so im not sure wat to say :o

@ someone is special- thnxx man!

@ aativas- hehe i hope u hav a nice smile den :)

@ sidrah- thnx so much!

@ sayedkhadri jiii- dhanyavaad. wot heppundd! no reviews in a long tym :o

@ nivedita- lol. i think dats better. nice pic btw!

@ anshul- hehe dats so sweet! im strtin to think d comments r a lot better dan d post itself! :)

@ vinay- yayyyy! *blush blush* :D

@ d2- agree!

Saket Dabi said...

helloz , great to see you on BAT as usual , does this really happen with you :) my fav parts - Search key word = rehan :) and boarding pass ... its so vivacious.
Its always good to be here , makes me smile most times :) ..i missed the BAT coz of loads of commitments. all the best !

MAVERICK said...

@Sadiya : Shuuunnnnn Shaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oh don't worry was just landing the plane you boarded.
A unique choice with your ever so lively words, it almost sounds like a live commentary.
All the very best.
And yes do pay a visit to the comment section of my post as well. And your wish/advice has been listed down. :)

vineet said...

kya likha hai yaar,jhakkas,love even the way u write all dose 1920 PJs, so perfect at dose junctures, fab writin..

Sureindran said...

Very casual and entertaining. A different style of writing a blog post and definitely worth the read.


Sadiya Merchant said...

@ saket- oho sooo busy busy huh....thot u had caved into d pressure of bein d defendin champion! :P
missed ur hatkeyy tales n hope u mk it nex tym :)

@ sahilllll- lol! shunnn shaaaa??? nah! only kingfisher airlines lands like dat! btw i always wonder y deir uniform includes red shoes!!! i mean only clowns wear red shoes. no?
n yesssss ur rite! IM SOOO SORRYYY! i jus read d poem aftr blogaton n missed all ur odr posts. i hav NO idea hw dat happend cos i genrlly keep close track of blogs im following. baharhaal if u stil wish to take down my suggestion n get more vigorous wid it, den dats jus fabbb! :D

@ vineet- lol. ye to thoda zyada ho gaya! thnx anyway :))

@ sureindran- pleasure bringin it to u :)

Saket Dabi said...

@ are kahe ka defending champ :) filhal toh busy writing research papers and projects ,usme kahani nahi likh sakte yaar . and secondly WC ke chakkar mein i missed the Dates for BAT

MAVERICK said...

@ Sadiya : Can't really comment upon the shoes, as there are many more pleasant sights to watch for during a flight :)
No sorries, I am sure you would have been busy elsewhere. On the contrary here is something on special demand from your side

The Mirage

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ saket- hehe. i totally in a similar situation too. Goddd! ye exams n student life kabbb khatam hogiiii!

@ sahil- ahem. pleasant comments :o
n dats so prompt....thnx! don worry ab to jaisa bhi ho, i'll say its gud. *at least i'll try*

Saket Dabi said...

@ Sadiya : its a journey :) but mein yeh nai bol sakta , took this life second time :) hey i m increasing the comment. rest over mail

s said...

I just read ur post in a Cafe. And there, in the middle of the whole wide world, I ended up Guffawing...!!! U have such a quirky, cute style of writing...n it's exactly like I talk in real life. I also have a problem with relating faces to names, so that 'ohh it's u wala drama' was something i could relate well to....Hahahaha..... :) I'm all smiles after reading this :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ saket- :-)

@ shilpa- woww! really? im surprised to hear dat! read ur post n i mus say, it left me veryyyy alarmed, so i percieved u to b a pretty serious sort of person! :D
congratulations btw! :-))

Saket Dabi said...

good looking forward to receive it soon !

Anonymous said...

ur pink background was so damn cool n brings life to ur blog

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ anum- ????? aww u dint like dis one?
dat was rather plain n had been using it fr over a yr n half so thot a yellow n pink change wud look more vibrant :o

Anonymous said...

it is nyc but that one was goes with ur nature n attitude being fun loving :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ anum- okies. wil do sumthin abt it once my exms r over...thnx fr d feedback! :)

Aliza Khan said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I must say he was one hell of a clever, confident and a bit stupid guy :P

P.S... U look exactly like my friend Huma aka Humiiiii ;)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ aliza- hie! hehe dats how dey r baked in my imagination *hides*
big hello to humiii. *wich i kno is goin to mk her think im sohooo creepy bt dats ok* :)