Thursday, March 10, 2011

Soft landings...Soft hearts

Post ek aur awards do!!! Bohottt na-insaafi haiii! :D

"Mere dil ke kisi koney main ik masoom sa baccha
badon ki dekh kar duniya, bada hone se darta hai"

Radwa and Moin


Anonymous said...

Very Innocent...... BTW.. Who is Ayesha?
NICE QUOTE - "Mere dil ke kisi koney main ik masoom sa baccha badon ki dekh kar duniya, bada hone se darta hai" :)

Purba said...

Allah have mercy on Ayesha!

Harish P I said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Jab tak aisi maasumiyat ka phool khila rahega, dilon mein aasha ka diya bhi na bujh payega...

Lovely creation :)

Anonymous said...

lovely post but Allah ta'la is always there for u hoping the best for u :)

Anonymous said...

I remember when THE younger sibling was born, I used to tell my friends that I feel like I am an adopted kid :P :P I can soo identify with Ayesha....except if I would have written the letter, I would have sounded nerdy instead of cute :)

Love the last couplet, brought a lump to my throat....remembered 'woh kagaz ki kashti' :D

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sayedkhadri- guess i alredy answered dat!
d coffee part of it is true tho. wen my bro was born n me n my dad wer at d hospital, my dad was drinkin coffee n i was like even i want to naturally he sed its nt fr kids n i absolutely insisted n threw a huge tantrum so he allowed me to take jus a sip *aftr warnin me its hot* n i tried to gulp it down like coke....after wich ahem....wel u cn imagine wat may have dat was a littl memory dere :)

@ purba- Ameen :)

@ harish- hehe :))))))

@ blasphyy- dats sweet...thnx!

@ anummunaf- awww dats a wonderful thing to say....i think Ayesha likes u very much now <3

@ sistah- lol! i tried throwin my bro frm d crib d secn day of wich he arrived! aftr dat mom tried to keep me as far away frm him as possibl!! :D
kagaz ki kashti- beautiful ghazal....glad i cud do dat :)

Irfanuddin said...

.... :))


Best wishes,

Sarah malik said...

oh this absolutely cute! I have a younger brother, he is actually 12 years younger to me so no jealousy or something! but whenever i scold him he kinda reacts in a similar manner..praying Allah to send her appi (me) to the hostel or somewhere :P
as for me i never used to write letters n all instead i use to send off my msgs via my Barbie dolls..thnks for bringing bk those memories :))


A Great Liar said...

Beautiful, not often one comes something as genuinely innocent as this these days.

Cloud Nine said...

Thats a really touching post! I am reminded of one such many letters my daughter scribbles, saying- " Mummy, i like lollipop. mummy i want a barbie and jelly." Masoomiyath se bharpur ek chotti si bachchi...Hmmm...wish we never grew up:(

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ irfanuddin- uhh don agree wid u on dat...cos i think its nt d same thing. noble all d same :)

@ sarah- lol...msgs via barbie dolls! :D
ur bro is so rite...aapi ne match haraa diya...bhej do hostel :P

@ a great liar- dunno....gues dats more to do wid dis notion of inncoent is d same as dumb :o

@ cloud nine- hehe dats so cute....i hope u giv ur daughter d lollipop den :)

Anonymous said...

Sadiya, thanks for sharing coffee part with us :)

sm said...

Mere dil ke kisi koney main ik masoom sa baccha
badon ki dekh kar duniya, bada hone se darta hai"
well said

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sayedkhadri- no problemo :)

@ sm- v hav d same initials!!! n yea thnx :)

Red Handed said...

Awwww so innocent!!!!!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ red handed- :))