Monday, August 30, 2010

Pakda Pakdi: Redefined!

Remember pakda pakdi? Arey you played that when you were small baba. Also sometimes termed as catchum catch. Haa so this post is dedicated to that.

*Warning- Lots of Hindi and poor English ahead. Venture only if you have the time and patience*

You see its Sunday and I am at the office. Why? Cos boss ne kaha. Obviously! Do I look like the sort of person who would volunteer to "work"???? Wo bhi for "free"???? And of course I could work, but thennnn if I get too much work done then the boss will be super impressed with the Sadiya (not that he isn't already) and call me to work every Sunday. You know na Rule No. 1 of office culture.....Don't give your boss the wrong signal like you are too hard working! Or was it Don't flirt with your colleagues if they are not so good looking? Uhh...forgot.

Anyway so since I am in a silly spoiled irritated mood, I thought of doing something that is my signature dumb and stoopid. I can sense you are thinking...Is that what people do when in a bad mood? Answer- Ya man! Totally!

Right so today , rather now, I am going to give you the Sadiya Dictionary ka meaning for all those pakda pakdi rhymes that we recited as kids.....If you try and recollect, you will be stunned to know that 20 plus years down, and you still don't know what they mean. And worse, if I hadn't told you, you would have never figured out the profound intricacy attached to them! Sigh! Koi nahi! Depressed na ho tusi! Abhi main hoo!

So here are the rhymes followed by their meaning in brackets anddd the deeper meaning that they conveyed to us as baccha party. At the end of this exercise, I assure you, you will see new light.

Inki pinki ponky (We are playing table tennis)
Father had a donkey (babuji had a gadhaa)
Donkey died (gadhaa mar gaya)
Father cried (babuji very sad)
Inki pinki ponky (we said, hataao yaar and continued playing table tennis)

The deeper meaning- Deekras keep your bhaavna's in sayyam and whatever happens, let it not affect your playing spirit.

In pin safety pin (Once upon a time there lived a pin and a safety pin)
In pin out (they both decide to go hamara Express Avenue aur kaha)

Out goes the safety pin (Safety pin is ready and shouting at the door ki baba- Pin come out fast nooo)
In pin out (Pin gets ready jaldi jaldi se and comes out....wo bhi without make up and all! )
The deeper meaning- Don't be late! Because if you are, then you will not have time to put perfume and then you will smell bad and everyone will stare at a bad way that is!

Dip dip dip  (Om shanti om)

My blue ship (Same day released...almosttt blue movie...Saawariya)
Sailing in the water (Both same fate...audience telling ki jaake paani main doob mar)
Dip dip dip (do the kriyaakaram and phir se bolo...Om shanti om)
The deeper meaning- Don't torture the mango people. Cos otherwise they will give you solid shaap and thereby you will either stay single for life, like the Bhansali ji, or become sooper dooper motu like the Farah ji.

Inti pinti alkasa  (Nicholas Sarkozy went to Alaska)
Tip toe nakkaba (with his wife, Carla ji...she wears nice shoes and looks ekdam tip top)
Nakka bikka bikka boo (then after doing some nakhra they decide to go out for dinner...they search and search but cannot find good food so instead get drunk.)
French! (matlab not just any food- French food)
The deeper meaning- Don't drink alcohol. If you drink the madira then no place left in stomach for the yummy yummy khaana like the French Toast and the French Fries.

Eenie meenie miney mo (I got a new cat and it says meow meow)

Catcha tiger by its toe (it ran out of the house like a tiger, me ran P.T. Usha like and caught it)
---Emm rest I forgot.
The deeper meaning- Be kind to animals otherwise Maneka Gandhi will get angry and bring Varun ji to give exquisite gaalis! Oh yeah save the tiger too (Save yourself first, by not going anywhere near it). You know na only 1411 left.

Yes folks, that's all we have time for! If you can recollect any other interesting and sensational rhymes, then let me know and I will refer to my dictionary and translate it for you! Wo bhi freeee! Uhh hurry!?


Tripthi Battapadi said...

Hhahaha! :))
Loved it.!

Our song was -
In pin safety pin,
In pin out,
Khelna hai toh khelo,
Warna get out! :P

Sadiya Merchant said...


The Solitary Writer said...

hilarious..tune toh bachpan ki yaad dila dii....aur sunday mei office mei kaam karne kaa mazaa hi kuch alag hai ...kaam kam nd masti jyadaa..... hahhaa

Sadiya Merchant said...

sunday KAAM??? MAZAA??? *blink blink*...Sadiya thinks u must be ranbir kapoor :o

The Solitary Writer said...

arey sachhi...m ranbir kapoor ... nd wow spot on sadiya...

want autograph?

Sadiya Merchant said...

haii mere to bhaag hi khul gaye!....
n yeah i'd like it in ur checkbook pls :-)

ms.ahmed said...

our's was aakad bakad bumbai bo
assi nabey poorey sau
sau mein se niklad tagha
chor nikal kay bhaga!!plz translate

Shruti Chauhan said...

Oh My Gosh.. I just died laughing. I can't remember when was the last time I had this much fun. :D