Friday, October 14, 2011

Sifar- Part 3

Canthara looked out the castle window at the majestic twilight sky. The whole world soaked in hues of brown and orange exuding a caution of warmth tingled with the decoy of sublime cool breeze. A perfect evening what promised to be, was disturbed by a little figure trudging the drawbridge with a spring in his step.

Dismissive hope, she rued.
Looked on and mere advancing footsteps aggravated the hostility in her mind for every assuming person who imagined an act of barter could win her over. Judged by strangers who understood nothing but their own selfish desire to what they may have liked at attaining and hopefully her aspirations would coincide with.
The nearer Zaid got to the castle, the stauncher his imprints seared to ooze deep-seated hurt.

In a matter of perceived thoughtful flashes, the Emir sent an attendant with a parcel that marked another suitor.
As little shuddering hands and cold eyes unwrapped to witness this new advance at mockery, they softened, if only for a moment.
From emotion or newness one couldn’t tell.
But they stared alright. The crimson shrieked and her hands complied to pacify it with hesitation.
She commanded for her eyes to move away but they had grown a heart of their own. A daze of unrest followed with ears ablaze and a face that spoke of acquired celestial glow. As every sense fought a battle with the other, she ordered the hideous scarf be taken away.

In a fleeting moment, she reeled to get one last look at the gleaming magic fabric and before any of the confusion could make sense, the object was out of sight.
An impact of sheer brilliance naively dismissed as freefalling imagination.
What could have been felt was merely touched, and that made all the difference.

A sad piece of cloth now, examined by the wrong hands; hands that were raised to evoke submission, but never to kindle dying flames; consequential hands; hands that clutched the giver to unveil his lustrous secret.
Refused to believe the magic couldn't be recreated. Refused to gauge it's impossibility.
Adamant at bringing rolling a fortune from hunting like savages for a mere moth.
Never mind, it never was intended that way!
And when the pious word was parted, sworn in secrecy was a man who merely wondered of setting a heart to flip and twirl, locked and thrashed in a dungeon forever to be.

No, not the end, as every time in shadows of nothingness when two lone souls would spare each other a grazing thought of what could have been, it would all end at the point where a lanky figure walked under the twilight sky and a face unknown housed a pining heart misunderstood.
The point where two roads that briefly met, diverged forever on a course of indifference.
The point that defined a listless journey from start to finish.
Sifar. Zilch.

*****THE END*****


Cяystal said...

**The nearer Zaid got to the castle, the stauncher his imprints seared to ooze deep-seated hurt.


I loved every bit. I shall staaaay hither. Beautiful piece of work.

Cloud Nine said...

"What could have been felt was merely touched, and that made all the difference." Amazing, Sadiya! Wow...Such a cute ending to a lovely romantic story! Good work, Sadiya!

Muhammad Israr said...

am i the only one here who couldnt understand the end? i was waiting for the fate of zaid and the princess and here you say its sifar :(

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ crystal- thnx again n m sooo glad u like it :)))

@ nivii- thaanku fr readin it thru :)

@ muhammad israr- lo. wats nt to understand. dey dint hav a fate together n dats d story. hence d title n d end :o

Exciting Songs (ES) said...

I didn't understand both the second and third parts. And I don't understand what this story is about, if at all it is a story!

I will go finish a Doctorate Degree in English literature and then come back to try and decipher the meanings :) Come back to your old style - At least we can understand that!

Kamikaze said...

You like this fantasy genre very much na :) you are good at it too! Why don't we see a book of these short stories?

syed said...

u cn write a book girl...i have jst followed u and its follow bck time..!!!:)

Bikramjit said...

pheww End ho gaya na :)

a BEAUTIFUL sotry ..

SIFAR is not zich put it a few of them after a any number it becomes a huge number ..

Multiply anything with it .. It turns that into Zero .. very powerful :)


Rahul said...

I agree with ES.Halogen bulbs like me don't have enough wattage coursing through our filaments to grasp what you wrote here so quickly.

Dinvra igaluaC said...

I had to read it twice to get the end right! :P But beautifully written. I think I finally managed to finish my short story, if you may

yaar tu meri creative writing ki professor ban ja.

Zeba said...

Wow. So different from your usual. And yet just as enthralling and engaging.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ ES- haila! sounds like ur really mad at me. frstly, m so sorry i put u thru 3 parts dat u din follow n also feel kinda bad fr d tym u may hav wasted. par story to tha na. to d best of my knowledge dat is. ab i dunno ur a guy or a grl els id say khopche main le jaake samjhaaoo kya? :o
neway doctorate n all don want. hang around a coupl of frns wid recent brk ups. jus mite mk sens :)

@ kamikaze- lol ya m a big sucker fr it. u don c one cos abhi maine apna genie wala story likha nahi naaa!
no honestly i don think im gud enuff :(

@ syed- hie n yes id certainly do dat if i like wat u write :)

@ bikramm- haaa i kno finally girte padte khatam kar hi diya.
abt sifar- hmm interesting perspective! i jus love dat wrd tho. sounds sooo gud :D

@ rahul- oye hero tension nai lene ka. kuch aur padne ka :)

@ arvind- acha tha. hehe creative writin. ahem. mazaak udaa rahe ho mera? :o

@ zeba- dats d wonderful thing abt youu. always find goodness in evrythin n evryone.
u r suchhh a positiv person!
*rainin hrts*

subtlescribbler said...

hello miss! sorry for being khrab ho gaya tha :(
well, to be frank i was expecting something moreeee out of it! I mean how can it end this simply? the endnig was good no doubt, and the title was a novel idea.
But al said and done...maza to aaya..opened the dictionary so many times :P


Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sarahh- heya!
xpectin sumthin more. num nummm i hate to b judgemental abt ur choic bt wil tk a gues at ur anticipated end anyway. here goes-

canthara looked at d scarf n gasped. 'hailaa! ye?? mere liye????'
n dennn like paro from devdas she ran n ran n rannnn all d way to d palace door to meet her zaid. firrr wo pehli baar miley n naturally it was love at frst site.
soulmates united n dey lived happily ever after.
the end

Daniyal Arain said...

I didn't even read the first part. But I clicked the Interesting and Funny buttons at the bottom of the post :P

Muhammad Israr said...

hai sadiya...hope everything is okay at your end..lonnnnnnnnnn time and you are absent from blogger...

äмän ♥ said...

Beautiful <3

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ daanu- emm thnx? :P

@ muhammad israr- heyy! sorry yaar had an exhibition so was caught up wid dat :(
also wont b around nex month so Inshallah wil catch u once m baq. keep smilin n stay safe :)

@ aman- merci :)

Daniyal Arain said...

Do NOT call me with the Letters D-A-A-N-U.

I Bet you pronounce it the same way like I do >.> -

You're Disrespecting my Exquisite Mind :P

Suruchi said...

good good...though since i was late in reading this, i had to re-read the 1st and 2nd parts and like a dodo i now have to say that you left me searching for more