Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sifar- Part 2

Breathless as though life had ordained its concluding traces, the monk’s fading poise leaped up at the eventual twig of hope in gulps of fresh water endowed by a young lad whose eyes read concern. Life breath restored, a saviour must get his due and so he did.

A hollow cane box and a secret preserved over centuries revealed.
Not a mere matter of chance that floated along as serendipity.
It needed time.
It needed sweat.
It needed caressing affection.
It needed murder.

Zaid’s single minded instinct tore at the adventure and its perfectly asymmetric outcome. Seasons rolled by as he forgot all else in the ploy of one discreet task. Looked after its every need, stroked its every whim with undying passion, submitted unto ecstasy in order it evolve to a form that befitted a fated goal. And then, when the time was right, killed the squiggle.
Gurgled till no pulse escaped and smothered in silence; with wrath or agony, never to fully comprehend.
One of a kind, a tribute must be.

And then he assimilated. Long and short; spools, spindles and yarns; loops and strands; tighter, terser, stifled together; a gleaming expanse that placed itself stark and serene.
Unseen, unheard of creamy lustre. 
Too soft.

Except, it wasn’t yet over.
It still needed splashes of life. 
Of a colour that could speak in silence lest he waned.
Deep, impressionable and holy.
Dipped and dyed to give it the blushing tint of blood.

A crimson silk scarf.

To be continued..... (the concluding part)

Value Addition
Silk, in ancient era was credited only to the Chinese for centuries, until a few monks acquired access to the ‘secret’ knowledge of sericulture and smuggled silkworm eggs in hollow cane baskets on their way to Turkey.
It is during this journey that unknown circumstances led to filtering of the ’secret’ in Syria and what later became another reason for the city of oasis to excel in trade for which it is now known as ‘Bride of the Desert’ .

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Muhammad Israr said...

you said this will be the last part...and now you saying to be continued :@ like starplus :@

how longer we have to wait now for the fate of zaid and the princess

come on... suspense is killing us ... :)

Cloud Nine said...

Sadiya...cheating cheating...are u gonna take one more episode?:'( I was eagerly waiting to read THE END...But nice tale spun with fact and fiction. Love this!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ muhammad israr- oho oho new foto shotoo!
n no im very upset wid u.
wen did i say dis is d last part? i sed 'To b continued.....part2 of 3'. as in dere r 3 parts of which d secn wil b posted next. ek to excess info diya n nw ur accusin poor sadiya also
*sad eyes*

@ niviii- areyy baba strt se i sed 3 only! anyway glad u like it n don worry kal Inshallah pakka pakka wil end it n dennn u cn scold me if u don like it
*scared* :o

Muhammad Israr said...

awaam k purzoor israr par foto shoto changed :P

oh i sorry my fault..i thought this one was to be the last part...chalow waiting for the next part now :) dont be say...eyes dont look good when sad :P *buttering*

Bikramjit said...

hmmmm .. this reminds me of the silk scarf I got at my schools leaving do .. I still have it ..


ab yeh to na insaafi hai..
bardaasht kiya na ab aur bhi karna hoga kya ... :)


Cяystal said...

No wait. I'm here for the first time and you HAD Me there. Totally!
Waiting for more ..
and you deserve more more visits :D

ateeq mughal said...

yar aap ye choro star plus join karo,
is this ur new strategy of getting more page revies,

subtlescribbler said...

omg! ye to khoon- woon ka maamla hai :O but m liking it...sounds pretty dark to me ( hope it is) :P

and y is everyone accusing poor sadiya ? she said 3 parts from the log bhi na..blame games ! :/


Sanket Korgaonkar said...

Clarity sacrificed for superficial complexity.

Pretentious instead of elegant. The story itself has its pace shackled in befuddling tangential descriptions.

An early trap. But, I still have hope for you. Lest thou ego knifes your talent while its still a baby!

Keep writing. I'll wait to see what you come up with.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ muhammad israr- hehe acha fir thik hai *angel xpression* :))

@ bikramm- sukhi lalaaa mujhe ek din ki mohlat de doo! *sob sob*

@ crystal- welcum to d blog n im positively delighted dat being new here, u took d time out to read d frst part. thnx so much! :)))

@ ateeq- hehe don worry. teen episode main serial khatam ho jayega. wadduyu think- nex tym aur lamba likhoo? :o

@ sarah- hehe khoon voon cos red nail polish nai mil rahi thi na :o
n thnk u fr d support *hugs*

@ sanket- ok ur comment has managed to freak me out completelyyy.
ur rite on evry count n yet bottom line remains- if u reallyyy dil se want to write sumthin a certain way, u must. in odr news, kuch to log kahenge ;)

Bikramjit said...

ok ji theek hai :)


Suruchi said...

wow, simply wow-woh chane ki jhaadh par baithe raho pretty girl-it should be your space from now on-i never thought a girl who blabbered with so much hinglish like me and did full on nautanki could come up with such a nicely woven narration-almost like your silk scarf:-)

and i looooooooooooove your dp madam and i think i told you that-from the last one to this one-it shows the metamorphosis of a child into a pretty young lady:-)

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

@Sadiya - Its good that it freaked you out. Thats always an encouraging sign.

As a writer I understand that if you want to write a certain way- ok you should and a blog especially is meant to be that free space for expression.

It just that with a slightly more coherent lyric, you can have a much larger impact.

Put another way - let the words come to you - not the other way around. I have seen it in some of your posts - so when you are not stubborn you do write very well. At its best, you as a writer will only be a channel - a medium, the expression and the words will have a mind of their own.

And that is the kind of poetry that is open to interpretation - it leaves the meaning for each to discover on his own. And every once in a while you'll have someone who will tell you how they could relate their experience or sorrow or ecstasy to your writing and how just reading you made their day better, their minds lighter - got them to rise again, made their steps caper.

That will be a far superior compliment than the current ones by mediocre morons impressed by big words.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ bikram- yayy! :D

@ suruchi- hehe ab saare sharm se chupne ke jagah bhi use up ho gaye hai. n hawww u hav no dp!

@ sanket- poor choic of wrds has pretty much xhausted any respect i had fr ur opinion.
thnk u fr d writin lessons. i reckon u frst get sum in basic etiquette cos i don recollect d last tym passin frivolous comments on odrs choices was considered cute.
dese ppl u dismiss as 'MORONS' r actually my frns. yes dats my kind of 'mediocre' company n dis is my 'mediocre' blog. im sorry ur in d wrong place.
i din ask fr u to cum or wish fr u to stay, if howevr ur dyin to read n mustt comment abt ur best interest in my writin den kindly let it b on d content alone.
nethin apart frm dat id hav d audacity to construe as cheap n petty.
do d math!

Anonymous said...

Murder-warder, kya chal raha hai? btw the story is simply awesome :)
Awaiting the last part!!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sayedkhadri- hehe bas aise hi thoda drama. last part is up- lemme kno wat u think :)

Nathism said...

I know "naiiice" is a cliche.. but unable to think of something suitable. Very nice indeed.