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The (In)eligible Bachelors- Book Review

Yo mehrebaan’s and kadardaan’s, listen up!
A couple of days *or months? I'm not so sure yaar* ago, this girl named ‘Raam Pyaari’ commented on my blog *I hope not by mistake or anything*, which is why I visited her page and *gasp* what do I see?
She is an author! I almost instantly decided she would be my New best- blog- friend and to give the saboot of my never to die pinky dosti, I promised to read her book reallyyyy soon. You may think *yes, you! The one crinkling your nose to read this* that I lied *Ok ok I did, but that’s not important now*

You see Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, usko do chaar maheeno main poora kar hi deti hoo. *sooper dooper smug*
Given my first class air conditioned coupe like kismat the book came knocking at my doorstep *sunglasses please* and here I present to you a cut to cut review of the same. Yenna rascala! Yenjayy!!

‘The (In)eligible Bachelors’ by Ruchita Misra comes as an ‘inspired’ version of ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ with Kasturi, the protagonist, playing not-so-hep-not-so-demure-ish working kudi from Delhi trying to keep up with her perennially harrowed mother who is worried stiff. Why? Because she’s 24. And Single! *hawwww! How horrible!- aise thinks her mummy. not me*

What follows is a series of Mother *India?dwaara arranged muh-dikhaai dates with random wannabe grooms in the form of Vishal, Pita Ji *that’s right*, Komal and Purva. Kasturi however remains disinterested in them given her ‘pehli baar dekha aur louuve ho gaya’ feelings for Rajeev Sir *thy boss mademoiselle*- Greek God incarnate and his growing interest in her only adds fuel to fire.

The chick lit trudges at a steady pace, doesn't dwell too much on mush and has a subtle sense of humor. Rickety at the beginning, it gets a lot better midway as the romantic tale of Kasturi finding true love takes shape and keeps the reader engaged in spurts of funky side artists. The vocabulary is very strictly conversational and doesn't even make a lukewarm attempt at a staged literary contribution *Ok too much to expect. I know. Still. Just saying.*

High points over its breadth would scale from-
The character sketch drawn out for Pita Ji chap. He comes as a delight in the shape of a goofy and irritable geek who by the end warms your heart in a quirky sort of way. If the book was about him alone, I’d give it a five pointer.
Purva too comes across in an endearing neat package for most part of the story. Ananya and Varun, Kasturi's colleagues are sweet and say all the right things at the right times.
Cameo roles in particular are brilliantly creative with 'parents meet parents' setup coming in as a long awaited delight in hilarity.

The low points would stretch a little further I guess.
For a start, the tale is thoroughly stale so a fresh voice may have helped, but that’s hoping for a lost cause.
Kasturi’s personality is hugely one dimensional and never really evolves, mainly because she has no opinion about anything. At best, you get to know she likes Pepsi, is a big fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and loves Maggi *which is weird because she doesn't know how to spell it!*
Bluntly put, the woman is fickle, lacks spunk and is uhh *nail biting expression* Boring! *Yes, I said it*

The alleged Omigod-drop-dead-wowwiee Rajeev Sir isn’t half as drool worthy as say, Luke Brandon and rather platonic in most parts.

Lowestttt point *I mean haunt me for the rest of my life kind of low* being, the book is a product of God-awful editing. Multiple spelling mistakes, poor grammar and typing errors. Yep! you have it all!
Beyond a point you want to shake up the author to say. Hello hellooooooo, it’s-
God* not god
lose*, not loose
Case in point- ‘loose the look’, ‘loose their depth’, ‘loose my way’
Anyway*, not Anyways
Case in point- ‘Anyways, the induction is now over’, ‘Anyways, coming back to LSD’, ‘Anyways, coming back to the doorbell’
MAGGI*, not Maggie for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, *underline, underline* the book on the whole is good for a light time pass read. If you were to watch Force or Mere Brother ki Dulhan then I highly recommend the book priced at 195 bucks.

At its crux, The (In)eligible Bachelors has a good heart.
Now if only it had a soul.

Star rating - 1 and half *somebody please teach me how to type out a star. No, not the teeny asterisk wala*

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books!

P.S- @ Raam pyari ji- In case you read this, please FIRE your editor with immediate effect.
And hire me off course. I promise I will work for much, much cheaper. J


Binu Thomas said...

Now that's a hard hitting review.. I have just started reading the book. *Anyways* (sic) will post my review soon.. :)

Rahul said...

Hmmm....'hard hitting' is an understatement...:-D This is a scathing review...The author might develope multiple abrasions on her skin after reading this..:-P Don't show it to her,puhleeeez....A story for an author is like a romantic proposal to his/her readers....And you just rejected her BIG TIME!!!!!:-D She will be heartbroken and will be wetting her pillow with tears for a week now...

Diksha said...

hmmm... i just happened to read the book and if u ignore the sloppy editing which is solely the editors mistake.. the book is a gem..

most of the chracters are beautifily crafted. for example the mother india, rajeev sir, purva, pitaji.

I thrly enjoyed the 5 hours i spent wid the book :)

I agree with rahul here. a book is an authors baby!! U have been little hard on the debut author.

you wont get the editin job i guess ;) lols

Cloud Nine said...

Argh! Thats a painful review. I wonder what the author feels. Whatever, you have done justice by a fair review. Who is that editor??? Let him/her read the review and sleep in peace;)

Surili said...

Hmmm!! so should we go for this book? and i didn get ur rating?

Suyash said...

A hard hittin review indeed!! Did she leave a nasty reply on ur blog? venting out your anger kya?.. lols

But intresting use of hinglish i must say.

Daniyal Arain said...

Rate it something out of 5 and I won't buy it even if it is 6.
Review something interesting sometimes @_@ like a game or software.

or Mangoes or Melons. Or Oranges.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ binuuu- lol. wud luk fwd to it. n wohoaa guy readin chick lits. hehe interestin! :)

@ rahul- oh wel. sum poor disillusioned guy is goin to shell out 195 bucks fr dat book and strt sayin 'anyways' after readin it. so lets call it wat it really is- sub-standard.
n im nt ready to lie abt dat even if I got it fr free!!
labor of love- grt to follow ur passion, IF n WHEN nobody els is subjected to its flaws.

@ diksha- d editor's mistake? soooo she typed 'lose' n he corrected it n wrote 'loose'? really??? :-)
wen i say 'author' i xpect complete knowledg of basic fundamental english frm dat person. call it demandin if u may.
n nw dat v r on d subject, i believ im alredy doin a big favour by calling her wrk 'inspired' instead of wat it ought to be called.
i wont get d job???
*depressed. i think i need some maggieee :P*

@ niviiii- lol thnx. appreciate ur comment so very much. kisi ko to fair review chahiye :o

@ surili- emm d star wud b one n half on 5. put the asterisk bt i gues it dint luk alrite. hav edited it nw.
shud u go fr d book?
num num wel a gud chick- lit recommendation wud b shopaholic series or devil wears prada.
indian authors i can giv u a 'list' of wat NOT to read. dis one tho, ive given an in depth review so wat more can i say ;)

@ suyash- hehe no her comment was sweet. yaar nw i really need to srch it frm archives n put it up as proof of no 'bhadaas' at my end :D

@ daniyal- hehe chilled water melon tastes gud wid salt. bas kya? :)

Bikramjit said...

The author might stop coming ot your blog :) but then its your review and your take on the book .. and yes the PS is good fire the editor .. spelling mistakes and grammer now that MS word can rectify tooo :)


Binu Thomas said...

I applied for the book for a totally different reason yaar... :D

diksha said...

Being closely attached to the book publishing scene i have noticed some times changes are made to the original manuscript which not even the author is aware of. And i beliv its the editors duty to take care f the spellin and grammatical errors so i prefr to put the blame on the editors.

And i beliv its really naive of you when u say when a book is written in a diary format its 'inspired' by Bridget Jones's Diary.

So i should say your whole existence in the online world is 'inspired' (let me do a big favor to you now) by, lets say Bruce Ableson or Brad Fitzpatrick.

Coming to the MAGGI thing. Did you notice that AIIMS and IIPM have been spelt diffrntly. Am wonderin why arent u after the authors life for those too. Sistah, dont u see the publishers have avoided using any brand names... ufffff

Anyways: hmmm... i would say you are more into the oxford kind of english. anyways is a colloquial corruption of anyway.And its quiet widely used now worldwide.It wont show up in your usual spellchecks also now. But i really dont think u stick to the oxford english.Your blog has more hindi than english. Whats the fuss then?? ye life hai..take it lightly i must say.

god: This is interesting.The God with a capital G is one god.the only true god.While god with the small g is a common noun referring to gods of any religion. both are totally correct. You can never be sure which god the author is referring to.

Loose and lose are a genuine mixup in the book!Shuld have been taken care f.

All said and done its totally your opinion.But cant really call it an unfair review. Neither can u call your review fair.Its just your opinion on the book.Just read the reviews on flipkart and uRead blog which are indeed really good.But can we call them fair?? no...for the author and her fans the reviews which are good are fair. for u which is bad is fair. So at the end of the day they are just opinions.

But as i said there has been some sloppy editing which should be taken care f in future reprints.

i as a reader enjoyed the book so much that i chose to overlook the editing mistakes!!

aativas said...

Why would one take pains to write about the book which one did not enjoy? Well, I am not able to think :-)

MAGGIE ;) said...

A strange review!

Havent read the book yet but the so called spelling mistakes are not making much sense. Maggieeeee??? are you serious? what if the 2 minute noodle in her fictitious world is called maggie!

and 'god' its her prerogative aint it?

Some body is after the authors life.

Really y humiliate the author with words like sub standard.


Sanjeev said...

My take on the review:

You say that author will be your 'new best blog friend'

You expect people to to enjoy the review 'Yenna rascala! Yenjayy!!'

You say "it gets a lot better midway as the romantic tale of Kasturi finding true love takes shape and keeps the reader engaged in spurts of funky side artists."

You seemed to like one character 'pita ji' a lot

You say 'Cameo roles in particular are brilliantly creative'

Then u end the review pointing out the character sketch of the protagonist is not layered enuf... the rajiv guy is not hot enuf and a few editing mistakes.

Then comes the twist in the tale. U rate the book 1.5/5 and go on to say its sub standard.

Did i miss something??????

As rightly said by ms maggie above.. its a strange review!

Rahul said...

I really liked Diksha's detailed analysis.But now me feels this thing is getting a bit uncomfortable..:-P
Sadiya is entitled to her own opinion.Hell,no review can be an objective one.:-)And well,her review was funny and made me smile.Yep,I know it sounded a little harsh in some places.If I had been that author,my heart would have shattered into a zillion pieces.But hey,it's Sadia's personal blog space and she can speak out her mind w/o any inhibitions..:-) I don't think we can blame her for that.....I personally found the movie Dev D a trash-bin full of drugs and bad influence.But hey,people lapped the movie up!!!I could have written a scathing review about that one...some would have agreed with me,some would have fought...But hell,it is MY review after all...I am entitled to speak out anything I feel like..:-D

Pratha said...

@rahul: its defntly her personal blogspace. But a critic should be open to criticism. what says?

from what i gather people are just pointing out at the objective things. Like maggi! and god... not her opinion. exactly in the manner she has pointed out those things.

Others are just stating their view on the book.No one is saying i hate u for not loving the book.

And yah when i started readin the review i was kind of enjoyin it. But as correctly pointed out by some one it took a u turn and ended with a 1.5 outta 5. I thot she was likin the book.

Am really confused after readin the review.

Richi Baidwan said...

I have never done a book review. This statement should help weaken (inexperienced)/strengthen (honest) what I am about to say.

First and foremost, kudos for putting in 5 hours into reading a debutante author’s work, second, congratulations at trying to put across a summary which in most cases would get lost in unnecessary details.

I have not read the book and will not comment on it directly but will base my opinions on whatever you’ve written; so yes, it might be biased but this acknowledgement should help.

The story about an Indian girl being twenty four and the parents being worried about her being ‘stale-meat’ is a very common plot. In fact in the little blogging that I have done, I’ve written a post about the same and I remember reading about such a thing in many a people’s blogs (this includes guys writing about the bane of having to deal with such situations pertaining to their girlfriends!)

Often when such a situation/plot is described, either the content is very moving (funny or sad or whatever else) or there is a journey that the protagonist traverses. From your review it seems that the book fell short on both aspects.

My understanding of this review is fortunately or unfortunately limited to being based on your words. I say this not because I have anything against the author but because I’m being honest. In order to explain this better, I’d like to bring up the author of ‘Five Point Someone’ Chetan Bhagat’s work. He had a fantastic story to tell through his first book but his subsequent works, for example ‘A Tale of Two States’ was terribly clichéd. I believe the reason for this is that, often what we pen as part of our own indulgence seems rather appealing to us because we understand exactly what we are saying, they are our own emotions and feelings. The biggest weakness of such a thing is that the range of our emotions and experiences becomes very limited and often boring, therefore in spite of Bhagat’s first work being a stellar success his subsequent books weren’t received as well; it is because we all love to hear a story about things we don’t know, ideas we haven’t touched upon but reading the mundane is as boring as reading a newspaper for the fifth time in one day.

Therefore I would like to believe that I understand what you mean by an ‘inspired’ version of another story or the lack of growth in a character; and I also feel if the author is serious about writing, she would acknowledge not necessarily to the public but to herself that there is a long way to go and Sadiya’s words are only a stepping stone to her future success.

Richi Baidwan said...

Oh by the way, I hope you don't mind:

Rahul said...

@Pratha Again,a very well constructed argument.:-) A critic should be open to criticism.Very true.Maggi and god are objective points.Ok,I'll give that to you as well.But Diksha started talking about Sadiya's preference for 'Oxford style english'.:-D Now that seemed to me a bit uncalled for.Of course,Diksha was pointing out a valid thing..but still,I kinda thot it seemed a wee bit insulting..:-( But yep,Diksha is entitled to voicing her opinions too...and she made her point quite well..I guess criticism always hurts..:-D There is no gentle way to do it...

Rahul said...

And regarding that 'U-turn' part,me thinks Sadiya found some aspects of the book good,but just not good enough.....if you know what I mean..:-)Maybe that is why she praised and criticized the same aspects of the book...

Pratha said...

@Rahul: See i totally relate to disha's oxford point because 'anyways' though totally incorrect english is a very prevalent form. If u go to US or Canada people prefer to say Anyways. If u go to UK u might be hanged for usin anyways, And India is neither US nor UK. Judjing by the review the book falls in the chik lik genre and uses conversational language. When u can use Hinglish on your blog why cant she use conversational language in her book.
I really dont think you have to stick to the oxford kind of english any more.

Ans u r so right when u say every one is entitled to their opinions. And when u publish your work (either on a blog or on paper(both are the same for me)) people will react.Both the author and blogger should be ready for it.

It seems some people have really liked the book and some have outright rubbished it.

And we havent even read the book yet..lols ;)

Rahul said...

@Pratha Why on earth would we be reading chick lits..???;-) We got a much better option of reading chicks' opinions about those chick lits.....:-P

Pratha said...

@rahul (a quick add on)

U might be knowin the blogger. But i neither know the blogger nor the author but i found this even more insulting to the author. Diksha bein a Ruchita Misra fan wouldn have liked it...

"i believ im alredy doin a big favour by calling her wrk 'inspired' instead of wat it ought to be called.
i wont get d job???
*depressed. i think i need some maggieee :P*"

I really find this insulting to the author.. more than diksha's oxford thing. What says?? opinions are perfectly fine but dont u think this was uncalled for??

Rahul said...

@Pratha Same goes for me.I neither know Sadiya,nor Ruchita....:-D
Hmmm..Sadiya didn't ask Diksha to come in and view her review,did she?Neither did she ask her to I think Diksha's reference to "oxford english" thingy was bit uncalled for...Look,I might be perfectly ok with something an author has written,and someone else might not...Does that mean,I will start making snide comments on that someone else?:-)Now I know,you will disagree with me...but I am a pacifist...I don't like arguing to prove my point...if I don't lyk a thing,I just make a few statements and leave..Someone else might have a different take on this Diksha did...she made her resentment known..I can't say I blame her for that..Just that,I didn't like that "oxford english " part...:-(well I don't wanna argue any more about this...:-) *Peace*:-)Maybe I am just a bit biased towards Sadiya coz I totally dig her writings...

ES said...

Don't worry about who says what, a review should be frank and you have done that part well. But then its a little sarcastic for the author of this blog to comment on the style of English! If anyways is not a word, lets make it a new word now - I lyk it! English is an expanding language. BTW, I borrowed that lyk from somewhere in your blog, I guess :)

Hina said...

Yah thats more like it! Lets create a new word... this atitude goes more with the name of the blog.

I guess its the author who is gainin out of all this! She has hit the prestigious The Hindu best seller list.

She is selling well!

Suruchi said...

my god sadiya...just as interesting was the review, are the comments here-you seem to have raised a mini storm;-)

i am anyways in love with your should look inti reviewing books as a career option :-)

Sunil said...

I can just recall one quote after reading the whole thing.

"After all, one knows one's weak points so well, that it's rather bewildering to have the critics overlook them and invent others."

A case of a review gone bad!

I'd rather not take my name said...

@Sunil Ha Ha Ha! Well said. After hittin the author hard the blogger should be ready to take the flak now..

The review seem to be turnin back on her.

Really silly points have been mentioned.

She didn seem to be a sucker for perfect english while writin her review. But expects the same from authors.

U should never misuse a critics position.

SO damn easy to point out mistakes.(did u really intend to single out god,maggie and anyways) SO tuf to get a book published.

Dinvra igaluaC said...

tring!tring! Hello soul-mate. I think I could agree. You've been really KIND to the author. seriously.
my review :

Deepak said...

Its really commendable and dignified on the bloggers part that she is not indulging in this mini war of words.

She expressed her views and is done with it now!

Every one has the right to hate or love the book.

I too read the book and found it really funny!

PeeVee said...

She read the book, she didn't like it.
It's as simple as that.
Why is she being called a bad critic for saying what she thinks, speaking her mind?
And nowhere does she claim to be an expert on critiquing books.
If it's a good book then it'll be a bestseller regardless of what Sadiya thinks about it, na.

rakesh bansal said...

Enuf of the book bashin and book praisin guys! Lets move on!

The book is a best seller. The author is rich and we are swettin it out here...

Lets get our lyfz back..ha ha!!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ bikrammm- hehe bikram singh mann reads my blog na. utna kaafi hai :P

@ binu- different reason?? now dats EVEN more interestin! :D

@ aativas- wel i thot d book wud b gud so offered to review it. wich again isnt such a bad thing cos clearly fringe benefits hav bn more dan memorable ;)

@ rahul- eeeeeeee. i cnt thnk u enuff fr ur honesty n support. n jus so u kno, i stil think ur a biggg maddie halogen bulb :P
if speculation wasn a crime, id say diksha, pratha, dolly, molly, rangoli- all r d outcome of an individual mad wid rage stakeholder!

@ richi- hehe aftr sum serious thinkin i hav decided ur my fairy Godmother. honest.
n v r goin to discuss dis episode in detailllll on ur blog :)

@ ES- thnk u fr a genuine comment. i value it SOOO much more now :D
n yaar if i knew evrythin dere was to b known or written abt, den d need to evr read a book wudn arise at all na? :)
yes, d grl who writes hinglish all too often is finicky abt spellos *i yell at my frns fr it even on IM n evry tym i cum across one i get d feelin lyk u do wen a kid scratches d blackboard*.
m acutely allergic to d wrd 'anyways' rite nw.
aftr a week mayb?

@ suruchiiii- i knooo! imagine my reaction wen i frst read it all! was lyk- *glub**glub**glub* underwater.
lagta hai 'madrasi' ne mujh par koi bhayaanak mantra fook diya hai :o

@ dinvra- ye kaisa naam hai yaar! hehe meet ur soulmate over a pseudo controversy!!!!!!
awesum! \m/

@ peeveeee- phew! my sentiments exactly!
koi batlaao ki hum batlaayein kyaaaaaaa.

@ others- *sad eyes* u r 'disappointed' wid poor Sadiya's review!!! :(((
dats awful. jus to get u guys to love me baq, ive posted d same on flipkart n Uread as wel. hav fun!
lots of Lub n big hugs <3

Arvind Samal said...

Man, you have to lighten up Sadiya... just finished reading the book and then stumbled upon your blog. While the editing errors are clearly the Editor's fault (Rupa Publications), I believe the story is awesome and Ruchita has done a great job putting it together. You clearly need to see the funny side to appreciate (not sure if you have one). By the way, people's comments in this blog defending the author's work is testamonial that you are clearly in a minority. No worries, you can have fun in your bubble. Ruchita's book is a bestseller and already sold out... you go figure! Lolz.

Anonymous said...

For someone whose blog starts with "Ye life hai....take it lightly!" you clearly couldn't when writing the review... Not your fault, just disappointed that Blog Adda thought it fit to send out the best seller to you for review. And by the way, what are your accomplishments please?

Priyanka Sharma said...

The tone and contents of your review smack of jealousy. The fact that you are refering to the author by her blog ID and getting personal in your review is quite sad indeed. Was looking for something mature but I guess you are still 11.

rakesh bansal said...

"Posted the review on flipkart and uread!"

ha ha ha!! the final nail on the review's coffin!! Never expected such a childish thing from a blogger.

I hope the people at blogadda are vigilant enuf... If they are not i take the responsibility of bringing it to their notice.Mailing them right away. This is a clear cut case of personal vendetta(bhadaaass ;)

They should be be careful in the future.They have a reputation to live up to.

Kamikaze said...

ROFL u knw what......i dont knw about your verdict lekin I really enjoyed the read with your comments! I would never ever have been able to write it even if I had not found the book good enough..... :) It needs cheek...! Baba now I am thinking twice about writing a book myself :P

Muhammad Israr said...

yeh book hai take it lightly :)
i wonder what would the author do if they read your review?is still your best blog friend? :P

Arjit Srivastava said...

HELL. WHAT. THE. HELL. Seriously? What is wrong with everyone? Okay, let us analyze the flowchart of this entire thing.

1. Sadia read the book.
2. No, er, she ordered it before.
3. Er, no, she saw the Blogadda thing before. Damn it.

My point being, a book was reviewed and it could have oscillated either ways, in this case, the author of this blog, did not like the book she was reviewing it. So? What is the big deal about it? I mean, why make a fuss about it? Damn, I am so scared to write a book, now, or maybe even review it. :p And Sadia, madam, the comments section was, certainly much interesting than the post itself. Loved reading the entire thing, anyway.

Blahblaholic ♥ © said...

Hahaha, the anonymous comments/the comments with names and no links provided SO much more entertainment :P
Chuck them.
And totally agree to Mohd and Arjit's comments!!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ kamikaze- hehe no don worry tu bindaas likh. mk me editor n ull face no problems frm my end at least :D

@ muhammad israr- wel d author in her book sed- u mus b honest wid ur frns- ALWAYS!
so dere! :P

@ arjit- lol. dayymmm! dey stole my thunder *sob sob* :o

@ blablaholic- hehe woww! u read all of dem??? dats wicked! :P
jus btw im so glad u c thru it- merci!

Alka Gurha said...

Honestly, I care a damn abt the book...I keep coming back to your blog for the freshness your writing exudes.

Anonymous said...

i liked the review but i srsly want to read it

Muhammad Israr said...

i had a secret desire of writing a novel...but now i changed my mind :P

Shashi said...

One of the best reviews I have ever read.. comprehensive and informative... after reading this review, one can actually decide to buy the book or not...
Thanks for sharing...


ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
At Twitter @VerseEveryday

Arjit Srivastava said...

Or, maybe, I think, this whole book was so written so that you would have reviewed it, and then, you would have been deprived of all your thunder. THERE. See. I got their plan. Ha! B-)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ alka- hehe thnx. dats so awfully sweet of u :)

@ anum- in dat case u may want to write to blogadda ASAP. is a bit late bt u jus mite get luckyyy!

@ muhammad israr- if a review of sumthin mediocre is wat it takes to brk ur resolve den ur probably bettr off widout it :)

@ shashi- wow dats lofty. thnx a ton n welcome to d blog :)))

@ arjit- hehe yaaa u may b rite- jealous log har jagah- uff!

Shades of Grey said...

Oh gosh ! I always say Maggie and not Maggi. Kill me. I am supposed to be an english champ as they called me back in the UK !

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ shades of grey-
1- nobody needs to kno dat! :)
2- Apple's prodcut 'Macintosh' is a spellin mistk too. it ought to hav bn 'McIntosh' wich is a kind of apple *the fruit*
d spello saved dem frm a major lawsuit.
once capitalised nobody questions errors n dats d irony :)

Shilpa Nair said...

@Sadiya - Very bad, s=Sadiya, Very bad. Tune itne saare logon ko wrong places mein rub kiya hain. (sounds cheesy I know, but English mein soch). Tujhe to Capital punishment milna chahiye! Btw, I am at a complete loss to understand ki tere personal review se itne logo ko gussa kyun aaya? This is ur personal blog n u didn't like the book. Big Deal. Well people who like this book can go kiss it n stick it onto their foreheads! This happens to me all the time. For eg. I feel Chetan Bhagat's books must be used as Toilet-paper for the crap he puts into them, or DDLJ should be shown to Kasab to make him commit suicide on-the-spot, but hey, that is my personal view and all those who don't like it can keep barking for all they care!.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ shilpa- so soo sooo sorry fr d delay in reply!
ur baqqqq! whr hav u bn!!- quit bloggin???? :(((
ive missd u <3
nai yaar itne log ko gussa nai, bas ek ka maatha thanak gaya aur ab wo apni kalaakari bata raha hai. loser!
i only disliked d book b4 bt aftr dis, i positively hate it! :o

Shilpa Nair said...

@Sadiya - nahi re. Bohot kaam tha. Had to take a sabbatical for 2 months. Died almost. I thought 'chalo atleast let me take a look at this book', but now I hate it too! Without even reading!! hahaha!

Sadiya Merchant said...

oh. aise to sab dark circles ho jaayenge na tumko :o
hehe Goddd! i hope ab kisi ka paap na lagey mujhe ;)
tc n cum baq to bloggin soon. wil b waiting :)