Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yaba daba doooo

If you have known me for a while then you may have started to wonder why there has been no halka phulka *Pilsbury aata type* post ki baarish in the recent past. Or maybe you didn’t wonder at all and I’m just giving myself fokat ka bhaav.
*sad eyes*

Anyway, so today I’m going to talk about this problem I’m facing. Yeah can you believe it? The girl solving problems actually has one of her own??? As pathetic as it may sound, I’m sure you will be able to help me with it. Ahaaa! Finally finallyyy your big chance to prove yourself has arrived. I hope you have already begun biting your nails *yikes :P*

Ok cut to the chase.....My super-sangeen, dil dehla dene wala problem.

No wait.
To appreciate it fully well, we first need to rewind by a few years to when I was a chotu sa, sweet sa, chinky-eyed two braid wali girl and there were all these hi-fi events happening in our school where they’d ask the then perceived intellectual questions like, ‘What do you want to be 10 years hence’ or ‘Who do you love the most’. Anything that boils down to World Peace is a clear winner. This is really why they taught us all about malleability and ductility in the first place- so we know how to mould our answers to attain desired outcome. Obviously we were not shaana enough to get it then.

Now when all this was happening and I was busy dissolving myself in the world of Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur’s references, and Ned touching Nancy Drew’s hand was the most hawww thing, I got picked for a ‘Table topics’ contest ekdam achaanak se and this is what they asked me.
Sadiya, tell us about your role model.

Course, Sadiya would willingly tell about her role model except that...
She didn’t have any! *hides face*
But I did give some loony hunkajunk like my mom is my role model and I want to be JUST like her *which by the way is utter nonsense cos she’s a teacher and if a kid starts yelling, my first instinct is to want to slap them*, but then kya karey- Majboori ka naam Gandhiji!

Since then I have made it my mission in life to find a role model for myself. And I was doing great.
*Yes, Omigod! We haven’t yet gotten to the problem.*
So about five years ago, I made up my mind on who I wanted to be like.
*drum rolls*
I wanted to be like Benazir Bhutto!!!!!!!
Although this may lead to a lot of controversy, I honestly did think she was a great speaker and her interviews just blew me away like Fardeen Khan’s performance in Prem Agan. *sarcasm tha ji. C’mon what was a person like me to know about country policies? I still don’t know about most of them anyway.*

Everything was ok. I was doing great. Anyone would try playing a dhoom dhadakka shot with the 'role model' flip of the bat and I’d give a breezy 'Ms. Bhutto' for an answer to manage a diving catch. Muhahaha!
She had to go and get herself killed.
You have NO idea how upset I was.
After screening all those famous people ka applications, this is what I get. Hello hello- Is there justice or what!

Anyway, being the karate pink belt girl that I am, I decided to start the whole taam jhaam from scratch and zero in on yet another booming personality. Cos we Merchant's don’t give up. No sir!
Andddd after much deliberation I made my BIG decision.

I wanted to be like Steve Jobs!
No really!
And I even read an entire biography about him.
Given that my knowledge database about Computers is- Monitor, Keyboard, CPU, Internet and Facebook, this wasn’t the easiest task but I just kept thinking about all the times I could show off my techie gyaan in front of my not so enlightened friends. *sunglasses*
Of all people in this whole wide universe, HE had to resign.
I mean he’s just 55. That's like- not even as old as a senior citizen!!! Ok fine I know the poor guy had cancer and stuff, but then how was I supposed to know that?? Couldn’t he at least inform me in advance???

Now Sadiya does not have a role model again. Buhooo!
Could you please help her find one?
I thought Omar Abdullah, but then almost immediately he started losing his hair too.
Tell no. Pray please?
*puppy eyes*


Blahblaholic ♥ © said...

Hahahahahahahaaaa =)) The whole post had me laughing :P
Yaaaay u should write like this only more often. :D
LOL at the whole I want to slap kids and all ..
I used to look up to Kalpana Chawla as a kid. As of now, no one :p But m only 16, abhi toh mai jawaan hoon \:d/ But yeah, whenever someone asks, in school and all, I do the exact same. :p Kya kare majboor hai! :D

ateeq mughal said...

hahahah, this hindi english post was like:
awesomely awesome. :D
role model, i have an entire range of people, each having different good qualities,

par agar ham unki tarha ban gaye to hamri tarah kon baney ga:P
hamara toh kachra hojaega,
to every one should be one of a kind

aativas said...

With these kind of posts, I am sure Sadiay is going to be Role Model for many bloggers :-)

Bikramjit said...

Fokat ka bhav is good .. cause FOKAT ka hai na .. to jitna le lo acha hi hai .. he he he

and Benazir bhutto whyyy I thought she was veyr corrupt especially her husband ... Ohh sarcasm tha .. ooops :)

so when u reaching the next Pink belt :)

loved the post and it is indeed very hulka phulka and make me smileeeee


Indumathy Sukanya said...

LOL...cuteness :D

Nobody's perfect, you know...atleast no one's permanently so!
In that sense, you know your mom the that might prove the safest option when it comes to competitions n stuff! :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

baaaas itnee si baat?
Now singing it like the advertisement of ICICI, aapke role model ke liye 'Hum hain naaaaaaaaaaa'.
But it could also be like, 'Hum hain, naaaaaaaaaaa'
OMG ye to raaz khul gaya :D

Chalo anyways, Steve Jobs ka cancer was curable and he's fit and fine now,
to mubarakh ho, aapka Role model sirf reel se gaya, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost :P

Blasphemous Aesthete

SUB said...

lol...cute post...

Shobhit said...


Looking at the past history of what happened to each of the 'role models' you selected for yourself, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go for someone you dislike the most ! :P

So, open up your 'black book', go through the list of 'Top 10 people I hate the most', and there you are... :P :D

Priyanka said...

Rakhi Sawant. She'd make an amazing role model ji. Try na :P

Fatima said...

yaar tere posts na mast hote hai...pura mind aache se divert kar dete hai and so love u for that sadiya :)

it ws hilarious one..and the title reminded me of the Flintstones...kya din the woh jab mein woh cartoon dekhti thi :P


Princess of The Dreamland said...

OMG... Benazir Bhutto :-o I used get these daraavne dreams like really really daravne dreams abt her whn i ws a kid.. n that too recurring ones.. phew... ! u almost got those memory back.. ;)

I wonder Why would you want a so called role model in the first place.. I mean who needs one..?? I knw I knw.. We have/had so many personalities who inspire us in one way or the other .. Rani Laxmibai..Gandhi.. Bhagat Singh.. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and the new sensation - Anna ji.. but still WHY do we need a role model.. We can jst remain ourselves.. n not be like anyone else.. which anyhow is not possible..

Do what ever You feel is right and you want to do... from Jogging to stay fit (not be Size Zero) to Andolans against corruptions or anything else.. coz YOU want to do it.. not coz someone stood in the middle of the road n said.. this is right or this is wrong...
(Zyada Funda ho gaya na..??? ooooppppsssss) :D

Chirag said...

Arundhati Roy?? But then, we were talking about humans....:-)


Ps: nice post, great style.

suruchi said...

awww...i soooooooooooo missed yeh halke phulke waale posts..and aapke pareshani ne to sach mein mera dil dehla diya...lagta hain mini heart attack bhi aa gaya:(

and benazir bhutto was a sexy choice...and politics ki baare mein waise bhi jaan ne ki kya zaroorat the time you get to know one thing, it changes:/

your knowledge of computers is just about as great as i know why i like u so much...and whi i loooooooooooove your posts...hum kahin kumbh ki mele mein to nahi bichadh gaye the?:-)

brilliant job yaar...made me smile n smile n smile:-)))))))))))

Kiran Ashraf said...

i am facing the same pro!!! i first realized it when i was given an essay about my role-model.

c the problem is.. wld i be able to become as good as my role model, as honest as he is etc.
i usuall c ppl write that my role model is m.ali jinnah but then they themselves are not even close to what he was, dosent posses his qualities, arent patriotic as he was etc

so all i can say is that try to be a role-model for ppl n u are as inspiration, role-model,the ultimate guru of blogger world. u totally rawk yar so u dont need to find a role-model cz u are one.
but if u still are in search of one, try to find a role-model whom u can follow like a person who's quilities u can relate too and implement as well :)

Ridx :) said...

Hahahaha you sound very FUNNY :D

I enjoyed reading it!

and role model n stuff? I mean BE YOUR OWN ROLE MODEL ;) :P n flaunt about it!

well! I am inspired by a few people. My mum, the first one! And Princess Diana too! :D

Binu Thomas said...

Now thats a genuine problem Sadiya !! Finding a role model is tough, coz you just dont want to know his/her name, you want to follow his/her experiences.

If you are looking for a woman role-model, why not someone like Kalpana Chawla, Irom Sharmila, Indra Nooyi... There are many yaar.. :)

My sporting role model has been Andre Agassi, have always liked his style of tennis.. :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ blahblaholic- oh wel kalpana chawla died too. i gues dese role model folks r jinxed or sumthin.

@ ateeq- lol thnx! tho i dont completely agree wid ur theory. a role model is nt d same as bein sumone's clone. just a person u find inspiring so u hav sumthin to strive for :)

@ aativas- hehe. touchwood :)

@ bikramm- corrupt hai so?? main bhi corrupt banna chahti hoo. par koi bribe hi nahi karta mujhe. :(((
n u dumbo i am pink belt so d nex level wud naturally b violet belt! duh!!- ye vilayti mundey bhi na...too much hi hai! :P

@ indumathy- owwww. bang on! u may hav a very valid point dere. in fact im alredy strtin to bend ur way :D

@ anshulll- lol. ya but stil he quit as CEO na. ek baar jisey humne role model ke post se fire kar diya to bas finished.
nope- ab chaahe wo mere pair pad jaaye, tab bhi he cant win me baq!
*sunglasses. AGAIN!*

@ SUB- thnx man!

@ shobhit- lol ya i kno. wel dat sure sounds like a plan lekin a very important objectiv of havin a role model is to show dem off too, rite??
sooo id rather nt choose sumone cos of whom my choice itself bcums questionable :o

@ priyanka- hmmmm interesting. 'maine life main bohot dukh jhele hai'- kya main ye dialogue us adaa se bol paaungi???
uhh i dunno yaar- im so nervous. choosing her wud mean settin d bar impossibly high u kno *scared eyes*

@ fatimaaa- hieeeeee! thnk youu <3
tu hi hamesha baavli jaise sad sad rehti hai :P
louuve d flinstones!!!!!!!

@ shwetss- kyu benazir kya karti thi tumhe???
pls pls tel na :o
anna ji??? mera role model??? no wayyy! i wudn even keep him if he paid me fr it!! itna buddha! aur gaalo main gadde bhi nahi! yikes!
oye hoye zyada???
BOHOT zyada ho gaya! :P

@ chirag- lol d woman is CRAZYYYY!

@ suruchi- rotfl!
dis is d same stuf ive wanted to tel u evry time i read ur posts n nw ur sayin it to mee!
haa sachi v may b long lost sisters. personalities to matchin hai hi, dikhte bhi sweet sweet hai.
bas tum thodi si motu ho :P

@ kiran- hehe. u r sooo super cuuutee!!!
c i was jus gonna play along bt bcos uve bn so honest i gues i shud say- d whole post up dere is just a fun piece n mostly exaggerated or overly dramatic.
also readin abt jinnah frm u, i recollect dis incident sumtym baq-
a colleague had askd me to judge essays by frst n secn grade students. *dey wer d cutest things btw* so dis frst grader who was a pakistani wrote abt his role model bein jinnah n it was very wel written n i was suhooper impressed. gave him frst prize also.
nex day judeged d secn graders n 4 odr students had written d exactttt same thing!
gues dey mus hav all copied it frm d same text n i so completely fell fr dat! :D

@ ridx- heyy!
wel diana is down too. i like lubna al olayan :)

@ binuuu- nah dose ladies r too boring. sportingg...aha! dat opens a whole new avenue.
i like brett lee bt he dusn play so wel, den sachinnn bt he dusn luk so gud, rahul dravid luks ok bt too slow.
dekho yaar, i want an all rounder type person. cant compromise wid dese things.
oh haa jus FYI i can play veryyy gud '2 tappa cricket' *blush blush*

Bikramjit said...

ok ok .. so violet belt WHEN and uske baad kaunsi hai .. might as tell earlier lets I put the Vilayeti munde to shame again he he he hee


Vishal said...

Hey Sadiya Merchant
cool 1. hws bout being Baba Ramdev? lol..Just be:)

The Fool said...

Cool one. Enjoyed the post. Why don't you take Sonia Gandhi as your next role model? The whole country will bless you for it.

subtlescribbler said...

benazir bhutto :O
steve jobs :O

ye kaise logon ko role nolde banaya hai...they all just look good from afar!

how about katrina kaif or aishwarya rai or Angelina jolie? wo paas se bhi achi dikhti hain :P


sneha christall said...

hilariously written sadiya
seriously u must try writing a script for a comedy film....u'll b gr88

Cloud Nine said...

LOL!!! You just rock:P Benazir Bhutto- a role model? *smirk* Trust me, finding a role model these days ain't no easy girl! My suggestion would be RAKHI SAWANT??? What say Sadiya? LOL!!!

ChocolateChip said...

Oh wow,I loved this blog <3 You are so funny,and I loved the way you used those hilarious Urdu phrases in between (=

Brijender Singh said...

The face in the mirror !
And then try outdoing her every single day !

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ bikrammm- dekho dhyaan se suno. its a gud thing ur willing to learn- i really appreciate dat. pink hai, den violet n dennnn last main burgundy belt. its all very technique oriented so not many ppl make it to the top bt i may b able to teach u a bit for a basic off white mayb :)

@ vishal- heyloo!
baba ramdev?....hmm...
*u need to imagine kareena frm K3G sayin dat*

@ the fool- yaaa. me in a saree waving to d crowd n talkin in an italian accent.
i think i cud get used to dat!

@ sarahhh- lol. i love ur reaction.
ye sab to sirf dikhte hi ache hai na. mujhe full substance wala package chahiye *smug*
hehe meri requirements ki list to badti hi ja rahi hai!

@ sneha- voila! role model gaya tel lene, i have a new career option!

@ niviii- hehe luks like miss sawant is d hot fvrt here! nt sure i wil evr b able to reach up to her level of xcellence tho! :o

@ chocolatechip- hie! welcum to d blog n no yaarrrr its HINDI! :D

@ brijender- he came. he went. n pretty much broke d entire stadium in between :o

Nostalgic said...

Hahaha. I like your hindi-english writing style. Makes me lol each time i go through your posts.

Annnnd wait, Benazir Bhutto? Seriously? o0
Waisay jokes apart, she was a strong woman. Corrupt tou har politician hai jee. But this woman had something in her. In spite of knowing about the threats, she came back to her land.

Anyways, my role models keep changing :/ bohot saaaaray hain..

Raam Pyari said...

dont be like anyone! just be yourself :)

following your blog now

Muhammad Israr said...

Sorry I am v.v.late here...

Well, I think ur ideal should be Sadiya Merchant..yes you own self...

I believe that environment and haalaats play a major role in making somebody who he/she is.. .i mean one cannot become a gandhi or jinnah in 2011 even if one cannot become benazir becoz one cant have a father like bhutto for which one need ayub khan and the whole the point is ideals are like have one then smtimes later one thinks of another and so on;-) life hai take it easy:-)

P. S. u are my blogging ideal *blush*ere...

Well, I think ur ideal should be Sadiya Merchant..yes you own self...

I believe that environment and haalaats play a major role in making somebody who he/she is.. .i mean one cannot become a gandhi or jinnah in 2011 even if one cannot become benazir becoz one cant have a father like bhutto for which one need ayub khan and the whole the point is ideals are like have one then smtimes later one thinks of another and so on;-) life hai take it easy:-)

P. S. u are my blogging ideal *blush*

CRD said...

Baba Ramdev? For his great dressing sense perhaps? :P


CRD said...


Bikramjit said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyy.. Yes Mam so when do you start :)


Sadiya Merchant said...

@ nostalgic- hehe sabka bhel puri banaake khaaogi kya? :P

@ raam pyari- thnk u ji. i hope to mk ur stay enjoyable :)

@ muhammad israr- r u REALLY REALLY sure im lookin fr a role model n nt jus foolin around? ;)
ideal? lol. *halo appears*

@ crd- ok ur d secn person whos sed dat nw. i dunno. do v share sum resemblanc? if its d clothes den i cud get a new wardrobe :P

@ bikram- y as soon as u get into ur costume ofcours! off white skirt pls :P

Daniyal Arain said...

You want a role model?

Danny Phantom to the Rescue :P ;)

The English - Urdu mixed thing is hilarious :D

äмän ♥ said...

Hahahhaa Awesome .. :D

Sidra Sayeed said...

something you will like:

Muhammad Israr said...

hahaha...lolz @halo...

P.S. you changed your dp? your older one you looked a bit older than this one :P but i liked it :)

Life Unordinary said...

my first time here. hello.

Sunil Padiyar said...

He he.. I don't know if anyone else has imagined, but I could imagine you or a small gal doing those faces (written with stars or italics) while reading the post :) :) Cute post I must say ... And role models, well I can give you a list but as you said, just for the sake of it - makes no sense.. So why don't you try be one for the others? ;) :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ daniyal- hehe. nooo its called 'hinglish' n dat really is hw v talk on an evryday basis.

@ aman- thnx much :)

@ sidra- i like evrything u write :)

@ muhammad israr- i looked older?
u c monsieur dis is d kamaal of my new ponds age miracle cream.
paaiye saat dino main sone sa nikhaar aur visibly younger twacha!
nw v kno fr sure it wrks :P

@ life unordinary- aloha!
aaiyeeeee meherbaan....baithiye jaanejaaaan! shauk se.....ahem ok i'll stop.
welcome to d blog! :)

@ sunil padiyar- asterisk!
n me as a role model? yea totally. unfortunately i got no takers :(

Muhammad Israr said...

hahaha...naw i didnt mean older like 50s and 60s... i wanted to say that you looked like 20 something in that pic and in this one you look like a teen... i suspect you are brand ambassador for Ponds? :P

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ muhammad israr- oh gud! bt i gues nws a gud tym to stop usin it den.
wil cancel my contract wid dem frst thing.
thnx man, uve bn a saviour :P

Muhammad Israr said...

oh come one...just give me some share in your earnings from ponds :P

Sadiya Merchant said...

giv YOU a share bcos?

Muhammad Israr said...

amm...becoz you dont need the money and thats why you are leaving them :P *blush*

Sadiya Merchant said...

lol. agreed.
but den dere's parents, brother, frns, frns of frns, more importantly frns wid grlfrns *dey cud always do wid sum help*
i mean lets face it- no one shares earnings wid blog frns! :o

Muhammad Israr said...

argh..this is really bad then :( i was hoping to get something of your shares... :(

Anonymous said...

What I believe is "Every one is special, every one is gifted with some unique abilities, the thing is you have to discover them."

I wrote a similar post on Role Model last year - here is the link :

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ muhammad israr- hard luck!

@ sayedkhadri- rito wil luk it up :)

Nadeem said...

hw bout oprah winfrey :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ nadeem- yaaa. ye idea acha hai! her own magazine plus talk show plus suhooper rich.
methinks i cn adjust wid dat.
cud even giv ppl free ferrari's!
forget dat. i cud hav MY OWN ferrariii!
dats it- decided!
shes on my list of finalists..along wid rakhi sawant ofcours.
a wonderful suggestion, thnk u :P

Zeba said...

Your writing style is mashallah!! :-) You funny funny girl. Sigh. Problem solve hogaya na. Haha. Role Models. I have none. Which is quite sad really. :-(

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Love your post .So cute.
Follow each other .

Hamza Bin Ladin said...


This was funniest super-sangeen, dil dehla dene wala problem, I have VER READ.

Hahaha. Benazir Bhutto? Steve Jobs?Omar Abdullah?

Hahaha, Tum ab shugan ho. Please never make me your role Model.

Mujhe na tu marna hai nor do I want cancer aur na he mujhe bald hona hai =p

Your are Chakkaas yar! This is my most pasandida post on your blog.


Hamza Bin Ladin said...


Daniyal Arain said...

Please Teach Me "Hinglish" - Sensei :D

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ zeba- sad? u DON'T need one!!! <3

@ izdiher- :-)

@ hamza- make YOU my role model?
aaha! imagination acha hai :P
*as fr ur 'love'- zyada free hone ki zaroorat nahi hai samjhe!*

@ daniyal- avashya baalak. bt pehle guru-dakshina to dijiye!

Daniyal Arain said...

How Much? O_O

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ daniyal- oho! ittha conphidance!
10k? only!

Daniyal Arain said...


I'm all better on my own :D

*Forever Alone*

Kamikaze said...

lol......60 comments is something man. Even I liked Benazir Bhutto - sometimes I thought I have many similarities :P And Omar Abdullah too - but role models kinda sometimes dont live up to the tag (it is not compulsory also) - after his divorce news - I am like - WHY?!!!! you had such a good story man. I used to like Varun Gandhi - but then kehte hai na looks are deceptive - he really messed up his image as a rational poet n good orator for me.

Nowadays I am dreaming of pulling something like Chhavi Rajawat :P I love my town }:) Loved the post - self deprecation is the best form of humour :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ kamikaze- hallelujah sistah!
hehe d divorce thingy came in aftr my post so believe me, i had nothin to do wid it :P
varun gandhiiii- dikhne main ok hai, par muh kholega to sirf kachra bahar aayega.
chhavi rajawat- uhh ya shes gud.
urs choices r a lot more balanced dan mine.
tumko hi role model bana loo kya? :P

Kamikaze said...

ROFL! Nooooooo o na ji naa! phir to aapke regular updates kaise aayenge - aap hum jaisi lazy ho jaayengi na :P

And insider news apologies - for your role model loss - Steve Jobs retired because he could not bear me programming for iPhone - itne bhayanak apps banaye maine ki usne retirement le liya :) shhhh kisi se na kehna!

Sadiya Merchant said...

lol. angry birds!! lub it :D

ES said...

How abt Kiran Bedi? You should see the TED talk she gave in UK...Awesum. Kaam to bus Tihar jail ko manage karna hai... Its a high profile Jail - Ab to wahan sirf high profile VIP's hai!

Laylah said...

thanks for visitng my blog Sadiya :) Im liking yours, just visitng for the first time :)
Well all I can say is RIP Steve Jobs!

You got me thinking, I dont have a role model either..difficult to find these days!
I Admire my mom and love her to bits but I still cant see her as my role model. I mean shes an awesome women, she managed to be a great parent to three children and still become chief physician and acquire three degrees..But then we have our differences for example she believes in all that feng shui stuff which I think is a bunch of bullocks (excuse my language):)

I will have to search for one also!
Does it have to be a living person?

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ ES- uhh yea she has a powerful personality no doubt bt d girly sadiya sez no short hair :o

@ laylah- hehe wel no dis isn a real role model hunt. jus a way to kill time. n if ur really lukin fr one den well living or nt, both shud do jus fine. ur rules :)
do lemme kno wat u cum up wid!