Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hop, skip and JUMP!

Risk it. Break it. Set it free.
Nay, not your spirit.
Your bones.

There once was a burglar.
You may think circumstances made him that way.
Isn’t that how you know it? A reason to justify everything as oh- alrightyy and then sympathise with a poor soul. You’re too good not to know compassion dearie.
Nay, I won’t give you that.

There wasn’t any helplessness about him. Only charm from what crystal eyes to hazy vision couldn’t miss. The mundane wasn’t his choice. The mediocre wasn’t his taste. It wasn’t in the extreme he found his calling. So you jump off a plane and make it to fine cut grass cos hey a bruise is bad for you.
Nay, a lull wouldn’t suffice.

Real macho, yeah? Exactly what it isn’t.
The rush is when you don’t know the end, or whether you will stick around when it arrives.
You make it or you don’t. No assurances. No ‘Don’t worry’s’. That’s for momma’s boys.
He had too much finesse for that.
The juggling of keys, the lurking shadows, the dim lit concentration, the nerve racking after each failed attempt like destiny wants to push you off into a hurricane, the comeback with resilience to yet another strike and finally the click of a lock conquered.
The click.
Nay, the click.

There were many good days and then there were few better days.
The good ones cut him slack as he got away with the heist. The better ones pulled him out of oblivion to the grind of a prison wall, that switched stakes from a game of skill to a game of intellect.
Nay, playing with people’s psyche made a wholesome feast.

Came one such better day and they threw him in a dingy cell. His neighbours there couldn’t be more pleased. The rainmaker was here and it would be a matter of time before he conjured a bird from his dilapidated hat and flew away with it. Quite the apple of everyone’s eye he was.
Nay, with vital connections.

The prison wardens on the other hand found it agonising more than gratifying to get hold of him, as rest assured his escape was imminent. What wasn’t, was the fate of their job once his gimmicks had seen the blush of daylight. Tightened to a stifling knot was the security around his cell with not an instant when he was left unattended save his trip to the restroom and even then one hand remained handcuffed to the door.
Rohit carried on for the next two days with a breezy smile like he was on vacation.
Nay, the taunts of prison mates at his first failure to elope, didn’t perturb him.

The next day just after dawn, the prison warden ran to the Superintendent to inform him of Rohit’s unresponsiveness.
So this was how he planned to play his cards, eh?
The doctor on being summoned reported a critically high temperature and implored immediate professional attention at a proper hospital.
Suspecting the doctor’s views the Superintendent himself touched the prisoner’s forehead and withdrew it quickly.
Nay, the rogue had a raging temperature alright.

An ambulance was hailed, and together with a driver and constable in the front seat with a police nurse to aid him, the vehicle sped off as an anxious Superintendent looked on.
No sooner had it cruised a little over five kilometres, the prisoner sat back to relax himself against the cool railing of the vehicle. He looked at the constable from the rear-view mirror and winked at him as he smiled at the driver.
His throat felt good with all the paste he had gobbled.
'Toothpaste eaten in large amounts raises the body temperature.' So he had heard.
Nay, now he knew for sure.

Oh the nurse.
Was she his accomplice too?
Course she was.
Or maybe she wasn’t.
Well he was charming enough to make her one.
Or maybe not.
Was she? Wasn’t she?
Yes, I want to tell you.
Nay, I can’t cos......
Story. Just. Ended.

********THE END*******

If you can't work on it, work around it.
Beat fuel hikes. Make well- connected friends ;)

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sush said...

Hi there. Just stumbled onto your blog today through Indiblogger.
You have a great blog there.

ateeq mughal said...

This guy was so smart, man, what an idea now i can skip skul for as many days i want
thanks to you
The ending was similar to shah rukh khan's movie DON,
wow, u write so awesome, so perfection in your sentences.
just loved it.

MAVERICK said...

You are moving in this randomly organized thing called net,when your eyes suddenly catch hold of something as pleasant as your blog. Its always so refreshing to be here .
Good job done !

subtlescribbler said...

ok..extremely random kind of post but i liked it. reminded me of 'catch me if u can' and ofkors my loouuveeee 'leonardo di caprio' :P

and 'playing with people’s psyche truly makes a wholesome feast' ;)
good job done!


Muhammad Israr said...

random...but as they say...there is a mehtod to the madness :) liked it :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

A very, different post Sadiya. And remarkably beautiful.
I remember someone saying that 'She does not do anything productive', and I'd dare deny her, her argument on this. She writes beautifully, that counts :)

It's a beautiful post, and ended in your 'mast wala' style :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

aativas said...

Well, it is Sadiya touch .. different every time but consistently beautiful :-)

Kiran Ashraf said...

wow!!! v well-written.a real beauty :)

Vishal said...

Hey Sadiya
beautiful post, edgy and quite a racy thriller. It bears your signature..ur a quite story the suspense's unexpected..bring more

Shobhit said...

8-| (still rubbing my eyes...)

This got me out of my drowsiness (which usually ensues once I'm onto some really boring chapter of my textbook :P ) and got me back to studying. I should thank you for that. :D

A fitting post for me to convey to you that there's an award waiting for you... :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome.. typical Sadi-ya-sh post :)
Loved it.. keep writing :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sush- thnx. glad u like it :)

@ ateeq- noooo dont do dat. i forgot to mention up dere- its really dangerous fr health cos messes wid ur thyroid n nt sure wat nt.
don! ya ur rite d last scene na?
mujhe bhi jungli billiya bohot pasand hai. muhahaha!
don 2 promos luk even bettr!

@ maverick- thnx!!! long long longggg sinc u made an appearenc wid zaira :)

@ sarahh- catch me if you can....hav cn d movie in bits n pieces so i dunno. leo n tumhari jodi to ofcourssss i kno.
jug jug jiyo! :P

@ muhammad israr- im strtin to believe u hav taken sum kind of cours in blog comments. always one line, n nevr inadequate :)

@ anshul- hehe im delighted if it does. thnk u :)

@ aativas- really?? *eyes fluttering* :D
thnx man!

@ kiran- shukriya :)

@ vishal- arey waah! uve read jus 2 posts n u alredy kno my signature if any?
gud gud. bohot dooooorrrr tak jaaoge! :)

@ shobhit- lol. i was worried u being d guy into medics wud say sumthin like dats nt rite cos only toothpastes found in timbuktu hav such properties. phew! :o
n thnx fr d award :)

@ sayedkhadri- shukran! u do say d nicest things :)

Binu Thomas said...

So, are you trying different things just to check where you are best at? You are one of the best story tellers from all the blogs I have read so far :) That's for sure :)

äмän ♥ said...

Nice post. <3
Thanks for following :)
Following you too :)

ateeq mughal said...

hahahaha, yah the last scene.
I just hope SRK hits a blockbuster with don 2,
and that jungli billion wali line, i just love it...

Ifra Khaliq said...

hahahaha! yeh blog is COOL :D

Ginger said...

yaar you write really well!!
happy blogging gurl :)

Maham said...

Oh the nurse.
Was she his accomplice too?
Course she was.
Or maybe she wasn’t.
Well he was charming enough to make her one.
Or maybe not.
Was she? Wasn’t she?
Yes, I want to tell you.
Nay, I can’t cos......
Story. Just. Ended.

awesome ending dude..your just so coool..bola tha naaaa!

Aasiyah said...

oh girl, i was already getting the hang of it then it ended. uff. XD

but good one. :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ binuuu- yepp u nailed it!
thnx so much. n i really hope u nevr cum across nethin bettr so my value doesn take a steep fall :D

@ amann- oh thnx!
i havn really read much of ur blog barring d frst post to b honest. saw d membr count at 99 so was a lil eager to mk it a round figure.
silly i kno :)

@ ateeq- lol yess. n im surely gonna contribute to box offic collections ticket :o

@ ifra- merci mademoiselle :)

@ ginger- thnx dats really sweet :)

@ maham- lol. itni jaldi prove bhi ho gaya. phew!
btw i musttt tell u. ur pic is pretty striking. its d kinda face dat goes wid a tagline of 'i'll b watchin youuu'!
i wonder if dats jus me or odr ppl think alike too.

@ aasiyah- hieee! n a doubl welcum to my blog cos aasiyah is d name my parents had chosen for me too!!!
cours den granny liked sadiya bettr :)
hav u read 'in d eye of the sun'?
u mite like it, given d protagonist shares ur name.
n yessss, i realise i havn yet answered ur comment so here- alredy ended. hehe dat was d whole idea rite? ;)

Anonymous said...

thats called lateral thinking. An undoubtedly rocking post. Kudos!

Yash said...

Awesome. :D
Impeccable English, just btw. :D
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You can access it here: The Tablet Revolutionary

UmamaheswariAnandane said...

Each para ending with a one word is Interesting..

äмän ♥ said...

Lol thanks you Made my Day. =D

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Have to agree with,sayed khadri.
Awesome.. typical Sadi-ya-sh post :)


Aasiyah said...

Havent read that book but will definitely give it a try. :) Thanks, my sister in names. :)

TARIQ MIAN said...

Ye life hai....take it lightly!
*******How about:
Life is tough ... take it seriously!

Yet, in actuality, toughness is life-- so we have to deal with it accordingly.
Sister jee, life is a real challenge throughtout its duration.

I have no choice but to admit,***You have beautifully categorised different experiences in the post--
Well presented - of course!
With your permission, I am going to click on "join this site"

Muhammad Israr said...

thats extremely generous of you...
having blogs like yours to read, who needs a blog course?
and as somebody said...Yeh life hai..take it lightly :) chill

sibi said...

Your presentation is unique. Keep blogging! Enjoyed the post

Someone is Special said...

a unique post Sadiya.. loved it..

Someone is Special

No Guts No Glory said...

That was SOMEEEEE storrrry!
How have you been?!
Been long I heard from you! :/
Anyhowwww, this was so awesome! :D
Keeeeep Writinggg,
Your Retarded Blogger Buddy! ^_^

Zeba said...

Coming here after so long. And as usual, glad to have passed by. I like how quick and peppy your posts are. And how your mind works. Amazing..!

fatima said...

n lovely post

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ confusedyuppie- *applause*
u jus made it sound so gudd! :))

@ yash- thnx. wil positively read it later today :)

@ umamaheshwari- i LOUUVEE rhythm :)

@ aman- don mention it :)

@ hamzaaa- koi effortless, koi forced hota hai lekin har ekkk uhh comment(?) zaroori hota hai :P

@ aasiyah- sister in names. hehe. hw cute is dat!!
*hugs* <3

@ tariq- *methinks*
u mus b a college prof or sumthin.
life sure cn b tough bt den its all abt perception isn it?
im a person who doesn get harrowed down easy, hence d theme.
may nt b d rite attitude, den again, if nt ill learn d hard way so mite as wel giv it a shot.
in d meantime, welcum to d blog :)

@ muhammad israr- hehe hai main mar jaava! :P

@ sibi- heyy! m delighted uve taken note of dat :)

@ sarvana- thnx man

@ harsheen- new photo shoto!! im doin gud thnx. ramzan, so been off d loop. wil b baq in a flash tho. shorriee :(

@ zeba- hie again! thnx. i absolutely adore ur write ups toooo!

@ fatima- lol.
hey! nice to c u.
almost had me confused wid nder fatima. luckily fr me, ur both complete sweethrts :)

Chupa Rustam said...

Awesome Blog!

The Fool said...

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Muhammad Israr said...

Never got such a cute reply to my comments. :-)
Spellbound, thinkin what to say..:-P

TARIQ MIAN said...

you, as an intellectual, are invited to join my site

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Maaza ata hai aap sey beizzat honye mei.
Har aik comment zarori hota hai.=p

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ chupa rustam- thnx. kya chupa rahe hai aap? *peeping from behind d couch*

@ the fool- damn! sairam was beyond brilliant n urs is awesum too, so if i find myself at d bottom of d ladder i hav only me to blame :((((

@ muhammad israr- hehe *blush blush*

@ tariq- me? as an intellectual? lol. sum communication gap i think :)
n yes i did try to luk up ur website b4 itself bt ur profile does not hav d link :(
do drop it here n ill browse thru ur stuff. cnt promise much taste fr hard hitting write ups tho.

@ hamzaaa- beizzati main mazaa???
baavle ho gaye hai janaab!
watch it *cos tohaar understandin pe humka bahooooot doubt hovat hai :P*-

Nostalgic said...

Commendable narration. A very interesting post, sadia :)

It took me so long to find your blog, i missed so much. I will soon read what i have been missing.

Following you now :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ nostalgic- hey pretty woman!
thnx! if n wen u do wade thru archives i hope it makes u smile cos i did go thru ur blog n u seem so sadddd! :((((
hope u bounce baq soon Inshallah!
tc n big hugs :)

Imad Khalid said...

Hahah this was EPIC.

Your write so good !

btw i am your new follower and hope you follow back :)

Sunil Padiyar said...

Excellent... you have your own way, that makes your blog unique among others :) ..

Kalpana Misra said...

loved it! great sense of humour :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ imad- hie! if u liked it fr real den dats fab.
i do read evryone who reads me wid no xceptions, bt follow only blogs that i really really louuve. nt like a giv n tk thing.
wrong number, eh? ;)

@ sunil- wow dats cums as sweet. thnx :)

@ kalpana- thnx a ton!

Bikramjit said...

not as intelligent as everyone else .. read it twice to grasp it .. still will need to read again ..

but it made me smile and loved reading it :)

Life is indeed short ...
Give a little time for the child within you,
don’t be afraid to be young and free.
Undo the locks and throw away the keys
and take off your shoes and socks, and run you.
La, la, la…


Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe itnaaa difficult to nahi tha :o

sunwicked said...

long time, no see .
Trying to catch up 1 down 2 more to read :D

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ mr.100- heya! hope u like dem :)

Ramya Writes said...

Loving your post :-)

Deepak Bagwari said...

a unique post sadiya ji
a inspiration post to me to learn something new about art of blogging
thanks a lot ....