Monday, August 15, 2011

Bell the rebel!

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Ice cream. That’s what I felt like.
Open the freezer and what do I see?
Vanilla. Bleh! I wish my brother didn’t have such bland taste.
Course I was going to eat it anyway. Just saying.

Today was one of those days when I felt happy without a reason. No, not happy. Over the moon.
Everything was beautiful.
And I wanted to dance with my eyes closed.
Ever had that feeling of being swept away before you catch your senses?
Or like when your favourite music plays and your feet want to move away in a frantic rhythm.
Or when you’re on a swing, up in the air above the rest of the world where no one can hold you down.
Or when the train moves backwards and a strong wind gushes in your face, you can’t keep your eyes open and can only just breathe gulps of pure freshness.
Or you want to laugh your heart out and never stop.

I can tell if you’ve ever felt that way a lot of people would qualify you as psyched.
That’s about us.
Always the soul of every huddle and yet spaced out into a dream galaxy.

Maybe it was the rain or the lazy Sunday that made me feel so fuzzy and needlessly romantic.
I decided to indulge in my bowl of ice cream sitting at the window.
It's like a smile was pasted on my face and I couldn’t get rid of it.

It was in this mood that I caught him walking across the apartment compound, shielding a girl standing next to him from getting wet.
I stared. The smile vanished. I could feel a lump in my throat.
The mercury rising, the tenseness that stiffened every muscle in me and I found the immediate need to do something extreme.
I didn’t want to give it a second thought.
I didn’t want to think about the rationality or lack of it.
And I ran.

I ran down the stairs, out the lawn and into the compound.
He looked my way a little alarmed.
So he never thought I’d get to it. Well never mind.
This had to be my moment.

I looked once more at him.
His smooth chiselled features, lazy stubble and intense expression.
I didn’t care if he thought I was creating a scene.
I could almost feel my hands shake as I said in a tone that spelt hurt,
‘So this is your important office meeting?’
My voice cracked midway and all the vulnerability erupted.

Dazed and uncomfortable, he looked at the girl who now had a confused expression. Clearly, she wasn’t expecting this either. For those innocent puppy eyes of his, nobody would. He came nearer as he tried to calm me down. I didn’t want to break down. No, not in front of him.
Stifling the sob, I ran back the stairs all the way to my apartment.
He called after me but I didn’t look back.
I wouldn’t, I vowed to myself.

At the apartment, my ice cream sat next to the window almost entirely melted.
Oh well, I like melted ice cream too.
It tastes all soft and creamy.
I know, I know. All you really care about is who the guy was.
I have no idea!
Just like to fool around in my free time.

Now tell me what you think. Black nail paint or red?
Jeez! The unending dilemmas in a young girl’s life!

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CookieCrumbsInc. said...

Ooooh, evil :D

As usual, you take a perfectly innocent topic and twist it around your little finger and make it dance to a different tune than the rest.

Loved it.

Princess of The Dreamland said...

Cute Li'l Devil You are.. !!

Rinaya said...

you bad bad girl! :P
that was amazing.. specially the last line about the nail paint..OMG...
P.S: tell me you didn't really do such a thing...please!!

Shobhit said...


Lesson to be learnt...

Sadiya + Free time = Lethal ! :P

Live2cherish said...

Gosh, what a fake story teller you are!

dsdsds said...

That was a total unexpected ending.. wow you are so creative..

aativas said...

OMG! My sympathies for that poor man :-)
Tell me, is it the effect of Vanilla ice-cream? :-)

CRD said...

Aww cmon..You should've taken it all out on your brother..Why punish the poor chap for your bro's fault? :P

All the best for the contest. Here's my entry:-

Them Slaves


Someone is Special said...

Poor man.. I feel sad for that man.. Good luck for Blog-a-Ton. Free... are we?

Someone is Special

Anonymous said...

he he poor man.n a nice story teller u r. u have blog.following u

Sunjoo Krishna said...

Enjoyed the post very much. You clearly have a knack for surprise endings. I was holding my breath until the end, when the last two sentences caused me to exhale and crack up at the same time. Well done!

Cloud Nine said...

Evil wicked girl and the poor guy:P Great post as always Sadiya! Good luck with blog-a-ton!

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey Sadiya
U had ur fun scAring the hell of this bechara..naughty!naughty! As long as that mAkes you happy and kill the boredom in life..dollops of fun ain't no harmful.
Happy Independence Day

Kunal said...

Tch Tch Tch..... :D

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ priyankaaaa- hehe. just in a fun mood dats all :)

@ princess!- 'devil'?? haww! *pouting* :o

@ rinzz- lol. no yaar u really think im so mean kya!
zyada se zyada we've done kiddo stuf like call ppl n ask- hello myself callin frm godrej- is ur fridge runnin?
ya? den go catch it.
m sure evryones done dat! :)

@ shobhit- nah.
gud lukin neighbour + grlfrn = d evil eye looketh at thee! :P

@ live2cherish- Ouch!:P

@ hema- hey! thnx :)

@ aativas- hehe ya u bet! vanilla mks me tipsy.

@ CRD- bt punishin my brother wud b soooo uhh wadduyusayyy- ordinary!
no oomph at all! ;)

@ sarvana- hehe he was just a side artist n ur givin him sooo much bhaav!!! :(

@ some unspoken words- areyyyy again poor man? :o
luk! allow me to xplain. u need to strt thinkin long term u kno.
i mean dis guy ur thinkin of as poor is actually benefittin frm d entire setup cos nw he gets to test really hw much trust n faith his grlfrn has in him. kno wat i mean? :D

@ sunjoo baba- yayy! dats a 10 on 10 reaction. hi5! :)

@ niviiiiii- poor guy uff.
abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hai!! :-)

@ vishal- blink blink. emm ya sure. its fiction btw :)

@ kunal- hehe *innocent eyes*. maine kuch nai kiyaaaa shaab ji!

Anonymous said...

Lol that was an unexpected ending! Good luck with BAT!

Princess of The Dreamland said...

Of Course... We all have that "Devilish Streak" *Jaane Tu ya Jaane na* in us.. good that urs come out in ur writing.. don't want to imagine the havoc u wud play otherwise.. ;)

Princess of The Dreamland said...

and for the Nail paint.. how abt Black n red both.. Alternate karke.. ;) thoda aur creative hone ka mann ho to try some nail art.. :D

T F Carthick said...

I almost feared this was a true story. Seeing the comments I was reassured that it was not. There was this girl I went to see for marriage. She said her hobby was to wave at strange men on the street and smile at them and then enjoy their reaction.

As far as the story goes, as usual a cool story with an interesting twist in the end.

Pri said...

LOL!!! you almost had me there :D

good one...

remain the same always---the world needs sunshine from people like you :)

Miss D said...

I love how there's a childlike feel to all your posts.
Makes them light and refreshing! All the best! :)

Vikram Pyati said...

After reading the story, the smile was pasted on my face and I was not able to get rid of it for at least five minutes!!

Unknown said...

First of all, you really did that?? Ohh God, tough day for the day and his girl.. :P

Secondly, if you ever plan to write a book, I assure you that I will be one of the first to buy it, unless you wish to send it to me for free :D

Brijender Singh said...

Your sentences are getting smaller, the expression is gaining vitality and the plots are becoming an exercise in surprises!
Great writing,and the positively sinister element of mischief was ineluctably feminine !!

Aashish Sood said...

You know what? I really like your off hand way of describing things. BTW, that was frigging awful thing to do! Hope you didnt... but fun even if you did... Hope I am never at the receiving end of that kind of prank...


Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

Wandering Thoughts

D2 said...

That is one compound I am never walking into, by any chance! Is she mental or what?
I love the way you create these insanely unique characters and how descriptive you can get. Really good post, Sadiya. :)

All the best for BAT.

Alka Gurha said...

You had me hooked till the end...very naughty.The guy must be a looker to incite such a reaction.

Bikram said...

vanilla aree whats wrong with that .. add some fruits to it and yummy :)

being happy is good and great :)

and OH MY GOD at the story I did not expect it .. Nice one but hey who was he .. :) he he hehe

sorry i missed your last post ..

take care and keep smiling


Sadiya Merchant said...

@ psych babbler- thnx! i tried commentin on ur post bt discus dint allow me :((

@ princess- hehe. haaa ye idea mast hai. ek finger main red fir ek main black n so on.
n dennnn main apna name sadiya se change karke BHOOTNI rakh dungiii! :P

@ the fool- andddd you get d ROFTL COMMENT AWARD!
wow i think sumday wen i write abt a list of things nt to say to an arranged date, dis wud find top preferenc *assumin she isn d missus*
tho i think d idea itself is pretty cool. in factttt im so impressed by it im considerin tryin it myself. in case of any interestin developments ill keep u posted :)

@ pri- aww dats such a wonderful thing to sayyy! <3

@ enchanta- dat sounds like a gud thing so thnx a ton! :)

@ vikram- hehe fantastic. my kinda reader :)

@ binuuuuuuuu- no baba i dint!!
n yep thnx fr makin such a grt offer. was thinkin mayb ppl wil ask me to pay dem fr readin it :o

@ brijender- uhh d sentences were longer b4?
i don even kno dese things.
in fact jus cos u sed dat, i re- read my own post to luk up exctly hw small :o
neway watevr d case, if its fr d bettr den yayy!
n thnxxx. u certainly r d xpert! :)

@ aashish- lol. fr d nth time now, i dint!!!!
n heyyy u bein such a spoil sport.
if i was u, id jus play along. hw much wrs cud it get!

@ d2- lol. wat made me laugh so much abt ur comment was d use of d wrd 'mental'
nt d conventional- mad, crazy or insane.
neway no she was perfectly fine. jus a diffrnt idea of fun wich was a teeny weeny bit damaging. i mean big deal!! :o

@ alka- oh yea. edibl ;)

@ bikrammm- heyy dost!
upar likha to hai- who was he- i hav NO idea :)
n no u din miss d last post. aftr thaili's dis is all ive written.

Srikanth said...

Twist in the tail/tale.. Good one Sadiya

nidhi said... was really funny..poor man :D....n apply looks better..haha..nice post :)

Unknown said...

haha.. :P .. I was about to ask you if you did this really.. but I got my answer from the comments.. :P ... I am imagining the last scene.. Poor guy.. :)

smiling soul said...

:D what a twist & turn :)
very nice post ...i enjoyed it ...
best wishes :)

the critics said...

serioulsy u did this????

if u did that....then that is sweet and devilish...........sweetydevil you are......

poor guy and poor girl:( - anyway hope u enjoyed ur ice-cream..

really it is like eating a dessert reading Ur post every time.....when everybody is coming around with serious topics around before i opened urs itself i knew i am going to relish something sweet and u didn't cheat me there ....loved it .....


THE FREE HAIR CUT GUY: am scared really. i have to go hide myself somewhere...

twist i liked it

ATB :-)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ srikanth- hehe merci :)

@ nidhi- okiesss senorita.
ill let her kno. black it is!

@ sunil- ismaart bwoy :)

@ sowmya- hey! glad u liked it n thnx fr droppin by :)

@ the critics- NOOOO i dint!
tho judgin frm d encouragement frm evryone i wish i had :P
also thnk u fr d wonderful compliment. absolutely delighted :)

@ free haircut guy- nah barbers n all...not my taste ya :P

Unknown said...

Haha, "peppy with a punch" makes so much sense for your blog and your writes. You have this unique quality of keeping things simple, sweet and attractive. Good luck with BAT. This is my second time here. And have found both your posts cool :)
Mine is: What being Free meant for her

Megha said...

hey...that was just too good :)
specially the ending lines ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you'll want to get a twitter button to your blog. Just bookmarked this blog, however I had to complete it by hand. Simply my $.02 :)

My blog:
courtier en credit Rachat de credit

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ animesh- hie! glad it appeals to u. if its d last 2 posts den im guessin u hav a sweet tooth :)

@ megha- lol. so v hav matchin frequencies :-)

@ anonymous- emm thnx...dunno french :o

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

lol...poor guy...loved the post...

Anonymous said...

This one's more intelligent than the the last I read from you, there. Your words sprawl all the way, they are seamless and reckless but you manage to make sense!

Kalyan said...

beautifully crafted words...nice going through it!

Ketan said...

He He. He

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ SUB- hehe thnx. welcum to d blog :)

@ kankshita- lol. hie again!
i see shock waves frm d thaili post havn yet subsided.
lemme tel u bein intellectual was d last idea behind it. i jus pretend im a clowny princess n u get to mk fun of me. dats all dere is to it. honest! wrs, it wont get bettr :o
fiction tho i write cos i c odr ppl at it n im all like- ee me too! also, i really wish to do a fairly decent job at it so a lil trial n error frm my end n sum patienc frm urs n Inshallah one day ill mk u proud. in d meantime thnx fr puttin up :-)

@ kalyan- thnx a ton!

@ ketan- smile. it increases ur face value :)

Misterio Vida said...

one cannot understand girls :) :P

Anonymous said...

Interesting way to put stuff, Sadiya. Not that you've to justify what you write or need me to mention that I dun understand abbreviations of 'u' and '2' much , but just so you know! I had to go through your reply to my comment trice before I was enlightened!(;

I've got to check my comment on thaili, now that I see I made quite a remark, there.

Be good! :)

ateeq mughal said...

it couldn't have been more unexpected that this, OMG, u miss a line and then u r in maze.
awesomely written.
and that's really bad what u did up there, the guy would be like:
"Do i know this girl", (blank looks)
u should paint ur nails red with black spots, that would be awesome, lady bird style :P

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ muhammad israr- oh ya 'women r meant to b loved, not understood'...i say sad xcuse :(

@ kankshita- hehe thot u wer drawin a comparison between d 2 posts henc d xplanation :)

@ ateeq- lol thnx. n heyyy lady brd style- dude dats 10 on 10 fr creativity! :)

ateeq mughal said...
This is a direct link to my new post, hope u like it....

Richi Baidwan said...

Sadiya, I think the very fact that your narration feels as if you sprung up and are talking to your reader itself sets it a class apart.

I can very well imagine a girl indulging in non-sense springing up for no rhyme or reason and behaving exactly like this. It seems your environs are either extremely inspiring or exactly the opposite wherein the world you describe is folklore not just to your readers.

Please pardon this indulgence I think I’ve gone too far in expressing my thoughts, please don’t mind it!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ ateeq- oho oho itna quick action? u shud consider wrkin wid d government :)

@ richi- lol no dats completely fine. on d contrary i find it intriguing dat uve given sumthin frivolous at face value, so much thought n understanding :)
as goes fr d post, wel it was a sudden idea n im nt so sure wat triggered it.
i kno im nt bein helpful here :((

Anon said...

Hahahhahaaaa, I love you!
This was so EPIC! :D

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ harsheen- lol. *shy now* :D

sneha said...

sadiya dont u hav a heart??
*only kidding*
im defenitely trying this out one day:)

Sadiya Merchant said...

lol dats d spirit.
let me in on d feedbaq- ASAP!

The twenties girl said...

Really enjoyed reading that one!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ the twenties girl- hehe u hav a wicked choice ;)

The twenties girl said...

yea! maybe it tilts towards the mischievous!! :)