Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gentlemen don't come by too often

Chinnatambi had only just typed his name on the Google homepage to scale the geometric upward graph in his virtual popularity when the maid announced the arrival of a guest. ‘That’s so very odd’, he thought for someone to call upon him in this part of the night. Maybe he should send the person away. But then he thought about how they may have counted on his expert advice and in dire need of his kind, most gracious help. He sulked inwardly for the demanding nature of his work. Oh well!
Instructing the maid to send the guest in, he kept aside his spectacles to divert his attention to the incoming visitor.

The door opened and entered an out of breath vibrant girl in her mid twenties who looked rather harrowed for her personality.
‘Hello Sir. I’m Ruchi' she said and extended her hand.

The famous detective he was, troubled people often came in to seek his help, though they weren't usually half as attractive. His forte lay in spying or gathering evidence on cheating spouses. Course other more out in the open sources, like ‘Emotional Atyachar’ had tried to play a dent in his popularity but hadn’t succeeded much thus far. He certainly maintained tag for being best in the business.

Before he could ask the girl reason for her dropping by, she delved into all explanations herself. She suspected her husband was cheating on her.
‘Office Secretary?’, he volunteered.
Ruchi vehemently nodded her head to indicate a yes and her eyes showed deep gratitude for now being convinced of coming to the right place.
‘But you will help me no, sir?’, she asked with pleading in her eyes.

Chinnatambi examined her countenance. The girl sure blinked a lot and as she talked a deep dimple showed in her cheeks to every time she pronounced the letter ‘e’. Now you may want to know that he wasn’t the type of person to be swayed by any easy on the eyes woman who barged in at odd hours but she was different. Less for the features and more for the sadness that now reflected in her eyes that you could surely tell were used to dancing with happiness.
An extreme sympathy, that’s what he felt for her. Had it been another person, he would have asked her to come again the following day, but this time or this person rather, he did not want to disappoint. He was going to have to use all his super awesome detective skills to get to the bottom of this matter.

Was it really a good idea to see this fellow? To me he didn’t look half as smart as I had anticipated and the way he scrutinised my appearance sure freaked me out a bit. Now if it wasn’t for the dicey situation at hand I never would have come here in the first place.

So instead, he agreed to take up her case and was about to begin questioning her when the girl’s cell phone beeped and as she read the contents of the text message, her face turned pale. It was Ruchi’s husband who had found out about her absence from home to meet some detective. Scared and shaking like a leaf, she rose to leave his residence but he stopped her midway.

Where would this frightfully attractive woman go in the middle of the night to a husband who sounded scary and unforgiving at the very least? He worried for her safety and being the chivalrous gentleman he was, offered for her to stay as he went to meet this nasty husband of hers. Ruchi’s eyes filled with gratitude and the thus far elusive dimple cut into her cheeks at which Chinnatambi found it hard to contain his appreciation for the most gorgeous smile he had ever seen. In the meantime, she gave her address and thanked him profusely for being the considerate man he was.

Two hours later as he entered his house, the door was left ajar, the maid disappeared, safe broken and the entire house relieved of its valuables.
But obviously Miss Ruchi was nowhere to be seen.

Oh c’mon what did you think. Batting eyelashes was the only role I had in the story?
Calls himself a detective!!!!!
That was pretty much the easiest target in my five years of business!

Chinnatambi surveyed the mess, nodded his head and called the police Superintendent to free the arrested maid and her sister who had tried to get away with a fare of almost two lakh rupees.
‘And may I speak with the girl in red please!’
He waited as the superintendent held out the phone to the girl.
Yes!’, spoke a gruff irritated girl’s voice at the other end.
Oh hello miss! I trust you've had an eventful evening. Might I suggest, the next time you intend on robbing a house please ensure your address isn't the same as the one put down by the housemaid in her bio-data. It was a pleasure meeting you. Pretty girls ought not to stay in unpleasant places.’, he said and hung up.

Seriously! Over smart girls are just so tiresome.
No sugar cookie ain’t beating the best just yet!, he thought and smiled to himself.

********THE END*********

The real Ruchi *my sweeto sis*, I understand won't be too happy to read this. So here's a publicity pitch.
Visit her blog at Kamikaze Speaks. You're gonna louuuuve it :-)


Alka Gurha said...

Initially I was wondering what the post is about but the events kept me engrossed...Move over CID,Karamchand...... Sadiya is here!

Prateek said...

I was searching for ACP, Daya and Abhijeet. None of them were found at the crime site.
Your post was sticky. :P

Bikramjit said...

he hehe i thought this was going to be some adventure finding out who the lover was .. but hey the girls had a clever idea..
they do say people make silly mistakes ... well next time i ma sure they will cover there tracks..

The spy was good to add two and two together he is indeed intelligent ..

Loved the story :)


CRD said...

Dumb maid. Lucky Detective.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Hahahha, ah these blondes, kabhi nahi sudharengi :D

aur ye ladke bhi na bas, ye bhi nahi sudharne waale :P

Awesome post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Rinaya said...

Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes & that lady who got away..forgot her name..she was the only one ever to outsmart the detective.
But our detective here is too smart I see :D

Cloud Nine said...

Hahaha...dumb women! Lovely narration, Sadia. Loved that dimple smile when eeeeeeeeee:P Great post!

subtlescribbler said...

uuiii...wht a detective! can give Sherlock Holmes a competition :P
and yes..pretty girls can be really dangerous...but guys wont learn it. sigh.
good wrk :)


Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Excellent bosss.... Ruchi was smart... the maid was over smart!!!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

The maid was smarter than Ruchi!
A truly WOW post.=D

the critics said...

ha ha...funny......may ne girls are always like this ;0

Drrama Queen said...

Hahahahaha great post :D Loved reading it!

sunwicked said...

gud stuff :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ alka- hehe no. zyada se zyada i can cum up to d level of fredrick or miss kitty's assistant.

@ prateek- i dunno wat a sticky post is, bt it sure sounds bad.
*depressed* :P

@ bikrammmm- hehe ya dey arent in jail eider. nex tym wil avoid a detective's hous n cum directly to u. :)

@ crd- kya lukcy. thoda sa brain bhi to use kiya na usne!

@ anshul- oye tumhe kaise pata wo blonde thi??
wo movie ka dialogue hai na. ye umar sudharne ki nahi bigadne ki hai :o

@ rinayaaaa- scandal in bohemia- irene adler!
its my fevretestttt sherlock holmes story. in fact she's dere in d movie too.

@ nivedita- hehe. eeeee thnx :)

@ sarahhh- haaa i agree. nex time grl ko hi super super 'shaani' banaaenge.

@ siddesh- lol. sort of :o

@ hamza- lol. ek patey ki baat bataaoo?
if u don like wat i write na, den u dont need to read or comment on it! i wont mind. REALLY!!! :-)

@ the critics- nah. once i a blue moon

@ drrama queen- thnxx n welcome to d blog :)

@ sunwicked- hie! long tym no c!
merci :)

Drrama Queen said...

PS : Love ur background <3

Felicity said...

lol good one. :)

Zeba said...

Ah. This one is interesting. I loved it. Nice change in narrative and everything. There is a reason why we have so few gentlemen left.. :-)

Perception said...

Batting Eyelids and Dimpled smile, i would have fallen for that:)

Fatima said...

hehe..I thought omg Sadiya wrote something like this and I was all happy happy dekhte hai aage kya hota hai and..doh! I come to know what its all about :P

Pretty girls at times think that beauty can make all the work easy, haha but at times they forget brains is also important :D

But beauty with brains is a good combo na ;)
And hey thoda CID types hota toh aur 4 chaand lag jaate aapki post pe :D

Take Care.

suruchi said...

pehle to laga ki yeh romance hain...yeh to mystery nikle-khoda pahaad n nikla double pahaad:-)

somethings don't really change-n rarish beauty n dumbish behaviour sadly often go hand in hand:-)

such a fun post!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ drrama queen- yayyy! i louuuuve u fr sayin dat! u kno i hav taken more time n troubl on it dan anyyyy post on d blog :o

@ felicity- thnx!

@ zeba- hehe but hey dats no xcuse.

@ dhiraj- kya aap yakeen ke saath keh sakte hai ki if one of d 2 wasnt dere den u wudn hav fallen?

@ fatima- aah! ab to bas jaan hi le lo! :P

@ suruchi- anddd u get dis tyms ROTFL COMMENT AWARD!!! khoda pahaad n niklaa doubl pahaad! lol. dats an xpression im nt goin to forget fr longgg!

Binu Thomas said...

Ok so you have proved us beyond doubt that you can write stories and detective ones at that !!! :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ binu- hehe no yaar dere was differenc of public opinion on dis one so wil wrk harder :)

Abhishek said...

LOL Sadiya is the next best thing after A.C Doyle ;)

Kamikaze speaks nice referal by the way :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ abhishek- hehe itni to gud nai hoo im sure :o
kamikaze speaks- say a big hello to her n ask her to write more often :)

Anonymous said...

Aila......ye kab hua! July ka post ab dikha mujhe?! Hee hee i needed to copyright my name ;) could've bagged a big fat royalty :P :P

Now I understand why I got so many hits! Thank you Sadiya! muhaa!

*thinks* Now I have to create a story with Sadiya's name *evil grin*

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe andhooooo! :P

story wid my name? *nail biting xpression* :o