Thursday, June 9, 2011

(Mis)Adventures of Jhopu

Quick Recap- Nerdy Jhopu is smitten by Princess Laali and thinks of a sure shot way to impress her *click for detailed verion*. Here's what happens next.

As soon as Jhopu reached home, he shut himself in his room and opened the last page of his notebook in order to make crisp notes of the new idea execution. With intense determination, he wrote-

Mission Laali
Objective- Impress Laali Dearest Laali.
Requirement- A gift that is thoughtful, isn’t too overdone, doesn't look like a gift, isn’t given as a gift and yet melts Laali’s heart altogether and leaves her in awe.
Case strength- Pencil episode and exclusive smile received.
Case weakness- Lack of experience, poor communication skills with girls, no pocket money, poor dressing sense, zero charm.
Compromise acceptable- If not love, at least position self adequately, in order to attain decent level of friendship with potential for future build up.
Remarks- Lots of planning and hard work required.

Now that his analysis had been made, Jhopu felt a lot more confident. Excitement and nervousness didn’t let him sleep all night and eventually when he dozed off in the wee hours of the morning all he could dream about was Laali’s fair innocent face and gleaming silver braces. Her braids swish swashed his face as he smiled in his sleep. For the first time he overslept until 6am and didn’t study or listen to his most adored Navi Kankar CD!
Ah! Love changes things.

Jhopu rushed to the BEST-EST bus stop much before time. He contemplated running all the way to school but good sense prevailed. After all he didn’t want Laali to see him panting for breath or worse, breaking into a sweat. Such frivolities couldn’t be afforded especially in a situation as delicate as this.

As he entered class, his Belle had already arrived. On seeing him, she flashed yet another exclusive smile. The sweet pain in his heart only intensified as butterflies erupted in his stomach and Cha-cha-cha- 'noed for joy.
He clumsily wiped his TAG Heuer-icane spectacles and seated himself next to her.

Class started and the teacher droned on about Algebra-no. Jhopu looked sideways into Laali’s notebook. The passing seconds hammered in his head as he feared possibilities of her not making an error at all. How had he been careless enough to make such a preposterous assumption? A million permutations worked in his head only to be broken by a slight movement in the next seat as Laali wrote down the digit incorrectly and began to search for her eraser.

Show time baby!
Jhopu dived into his pockets and held out to Laali a long white eraser which she carelessly took without so much as looking back at him. He patiently waited.

As class ended and Laali returned the eraser to him, Jhopu eloquently started to explain, ‘This isn’t an ordinary Ca-ra-mel eraser you know. I made it in a way that it never will shrink. In fact, you can keep it from now on. I’ll make a new one for myself’, he said modestly and made sure not to look too concerned and simultaneously not too indifferent.

Laali stared at him with her eyes wide open and not a word was said.
Not even a ‘Thank You’!
He was utterly dismayed.

And all of a sudden she gushed, ‘But I already have one. I too made it myself. By breaking bonds of Neoprene, dipping them in sodium, the rubber cells multiply with friction and the eraser never shrinks! And I even put fluoride in it so it keeps the paper extra white.’

Jhopu stared at her in disbelief.
Dumbfounded. Confused. Perplexed. Astounded. *and all other words that mean the exact same thing*
Not only had she not accepted his token of affection in guise, but also turned out to be more astute than him.
Broken were all his hopes of ever doing Chemistr-ophy experiments together, sharing each others tiffin or pulling her milky white cheeks. More importantly, broken were all his dreams of love or friendship.

As Jhopu brooded, Laali, unaware of this change continued her banter, ‘But Jhopu you are so much smarter than all the other boys. I hope we can be friends!’


Prateek said...

Haha! I like Jhopu's idea to impress his girl. He even jot down what are "things" requisite like written in a chemistry lab manual. He will nourish into a true but exceptional lover. Beat it.

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

:) nice well written

suruchi said...

awww...chalo, all's well that ends least dosti to hue...and kisse ne kaha hain dosti pyaar ki pehle seedhe hain:-)

I so love your simple and cute humour Sadiya...and Jhopu's nightly thoughts of gleaming braces and swish swash braids and the mission preparation...super like:-)

wats_in_a_name said...

nice...i really liked d story! very cute :)

Cloud Nine said...

awwwww...great ending, guys never take to brainy girls;) They love the looking great dumb idiots who can bat eyelashes:P

Harish said...

Lol.. nicely written

Tan said...

Cuet :-)

Perception said...

Got to feel for Jhopu now, after all the hard work he just gets to be her friend and unrequited love will cause him pain forever..I would not be surprised if his grades start falling and soon Laali becomes the topper of the class..

Poor Jhopu:(

Furree Katt said...

LOL! i loved the Requirements :D
and hahaha what a surprise that she already knew how to make the eraser :O
i feel so bad for Jhopu! i think he's really cute ♥

Bikramjit said...

good to write down .. if like me will keep forgetting ..

and not fair to him ... friend Jsut a freind ahh well needs to try harder ..


Kiran Ashraf said...

No worries..jhopu love is pure n one day lalli will surely realize the pureness of jhopu's heart :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

aww, Bechaara Jhopu :D

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ prateek- wow! i mus say dats deep thinkin. hehe. like heer n ranjha, now deres gonna b jhopu n laali. hai main qurbaan jawa!

@ muddu- thnx dats so kind of u :P

@ suruchii- correct! n i cudn b more delighted! :)

@ wats in a name- hie! thnx a ton...glad u liked it

@ niveditaa- yesss ur so rite! i do belv in xceptions tho :D

@ harish- thanxxx!

@ tan- :-)))

@ dhiraj- lol. i laughed sooo much wen i read ur comment. n here's a thing. most guys on d comments section feel bad ki yaar justt frnship...however all grls r pretty happy wid d outcome! quaint na?
frns like i sed is open ended so if sumday i feel like it, i can cum baq n write nder sequel :)

@ furreee- aww u think he's cute! hamaare jhopu ke to bhaag hi khul gaye! :D

@ bikram- arey bt watevr d case- ladki to takkar ki mili na. besides, prize too easily won, loses it wrth :-)

@ kiran- lol. how sweet. Inshallah!

@ anshul- arey don worryyy! haule haule ho jaayega pyar! :P

sunwicked said...

mast case study tha

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sunwicked- hehe. wish college was on similar subjects!

Anonymous said...

i could visualize jhopu as a short pudgy boy like Dexter. Love the name jhopu - i had a cat with similar personality called bhopu. Total ROFL material this!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ ruchi- lol. bhopu! my kitten's name was pichkoo :)

tarunima said...

aww, such a sweet story...:)
i feel bad for jhopu:P
lalli turned out to be a pro in his game:D
p.s- i love jhopus analysis,its impeccable!:)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ tarunima- hehe God!! d sympathy pourin in fr jhopu is certainly goin to make laali insecure nw :)

kiran said...

good ending, breaking neoprene bonds and dipping it in sodium was interesting. hehe! laali looks beautiful! lol!

kiran said...

hi:) may i ask you to list some of your favourite books?

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ kiran- woahhh! finallyyy sum1 likes laali! its like so far jhopu was d only one grabbin all d limelight. :D
im guessin ur an engineer. God! i hav no idea wat i cooked up with the neoprene thing. was a bit worried sum1 mite try reasonin wid it n make me look stoopid.

fevrettt books wud beeee
1- anythin fr u ma'am by tushar raheja- cos dats d only one of so many books in d recent past dat gave me d high of a fun book.
2- pride n prejudice- cos its hopelessly romenteeekkkk.
3- arabian nights- i think its d bestttt buk fr stories in d whole wrld- cant even strt to tel u d number of things i love abt it. :)

yes i think ive covered all points.

kiran said...

yeah i am...and as with neoprene, i don care about the names. Chemistry is my dreaded subject! however the way you ingeniously use such words spurt out humor! will wait for more..
thanks for the list::)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ kiran- no problem. n heyyyy forgot to mention the kite runner by khaled hosseini. must musttt read!

GvSparx said...

So cute!!
jhopu is such a lucky fellow.. He found a khoobsurat ladki and that too padhi likhi...
(aisi ladkia hoti hain ? ) :P

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ gaurav- haa hoti hai bt shayad aapko na miley kabhi. geekoo jo ho!