Friday, May 20, 2011

The taste of water

About four months ago, my mom *who is a teacher* took me to her school for a day as she was in the middle of some really hectic ‘Annual Day’ preparations. So in the hope that her students didn’t go berserk with delight in her absence, she put me in place to keep them occupied for a bit.

Now one thing you must know is, I had never played the whole ‘teacher- teacher’ role before and this being my first time, it was hugely important that I make an absolute OMG!-she-is-the-bestestt-teacher-in-the-whole-wide-world impression before the little kiddies *yeah I know, they are just kids...but it’s reallyyy important to me!*. That’s totally as opposed to my stern no nonsense mom who wouldn’t worry about any of these silly things.

Well so anyway, I tried to look my best, most cheerful self, smiled a whole lot in class, gave all the little girls compliments and in every way tried a one hundred and ten percent to be my extreme ‘awesomestttt’!

The good thing is, almost everyone responded well. We played games, interacted a lot, had fun and barely studied anything.
All in all, I absolutely fell in love with my one day job.
So far, so good.

Reality check!

At the end of the day, when my mom got back all tired and weary, she asked her little angels what they thought of the new teacher. Everyone was all chirpy and had sweet things to say, showering affection on me like confetti and I, needless to say felt a mystical halo appear on my head.

However, here’s a conversation of how one girl reacted-

Nuraan: Teacher, is that teacher your daughter?
Mom: Yes. Do you like her Nuraan?
Nuraan: Yes, your daughter is very nice.
*After about 2 seconds*
But I feel you are more beautiful.

Yep, those are the exact words she said. *no exaggeration or editing*
Andddd I was standing right there, just about two spaces away.

You see, I have met a few dozen people who have told me I look like the ‘caaaarbon copy’ of my mom! Still another score of them who say we look like sisters *and I always cringe. I mean how can my mom look like my sis? That’s just dumb!*
The essential point being, we look much the same.

But this was new.
The genuinity in her clear-cut statement touched me.

It’s like everyone walks past....some judge you at face value while others don’t really care. And then one day a pair of unsuspecting eyes comes around and looks past your smile, your acquired charm, breaks past all veils of pretence and as plain as white from black, can tell unblemished purity of a loving heart apart.
The real beauty of a person.
Not cute. Not pretty. Not hot. Not stunning.
It’s just so hurtfully simple!

**********THE END**********

Dove- Coincidentally that actually is the shampoo I use *aapki kasam*. Used to be Ultra Doux lemon too, but then I once hurt myself with the dhakkan and my finger started bleeding so now I've decided ki Dove hi best hai!

Yahoo! - The Messenger with the bestesttt emoticons!! And the frown smiley is sooo cute that it makes you want to go awwww and just pull the yellow guy's golu molu cheeks :-) 


Perception said...

Well kids can do that, as in tell the truth but hey again truth is subjective especially when it comes to bout beauty. So dont worry bout it.
Meanwhile spoil the kids silly and u will def become their fav teacher.

Anonymous said...

"Bachhe Mann Ke Sacche" :)

Kamikaze said...

Will the similarities ever end?! Me and mom are often called sisters. Once when i was in 8th, we went to a yoga class, the incharge there asked mom,kaunse college me ho aap? She said I am married.He noticed I was calling her mom during conversation and asked, ye aapki bhatiji hai?!!!! He was like, lo jee ye to Santoor ka ad ho gaya :P I always tell her please don't dress up at my wedding....... :) Don't worry, we'll be called beautiful when we have daughters :D

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ dhiraj- hehe true. dats y dey r soo adorable!

@ sayedkhadri- haa wo to hai :P

@ kamikaze- lol! dats hilarious. hehe us bein beautiful wen we hav daughters is actually really smart thinkin!! it din strike me at all. nw i feel gud :)) *sunglasses*
n heyy u kno dat reminds me of an incident sum tym baq. we wer dis really big group of grls n ndr super stylish grl came in across our tabl n threw her hair around so sum1 was like- 'yaar look at her...usko kitna attitude hai!'
n my frn was lyk- 'yea u think so? SHE'S MY MOM!'
dead silence!
*flush tank sound* :D

Furree Katt said...

aww! kids can be so blunt sometimes. i look a lot like my mum, too. and my mum and i are both teachers :D

Felicity said...

This was such a cute post. :D Enjoyed reading.

The Xeno said...

Wow! That is one good reason for which we all want to become kids again... to become innocent, and be true to ourselves and everyone around us.
I especially loved the way you described the last few lines about everyone walking past and some judging by true value.

Awesome! The Taste of Water!

Cloud Nine said...

Great Post!!! Wish you good luck Sadiya;) And i really couldn't control my laughter imagining your face when the little one outsmarted you!

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

"Your mom looks like your sister"

It can be taken both ways. It's either a compliment to your mom for being young and beautiful, or a compliment to YOU for looking mature AND beautiful.

Ishi said...

enjoyed the post..i still remember how i used to play teacher teacher wen i ws a kid..and ws always fyting to play the role of teacher..scolding the children..the strict one!! are very lucky that your face resembles your my case..i dont resemble mom-dad..n people actually ask if i am adopted!!hehehhe

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I second Lemonade girl,that it was a compliment for you or ur mother.But noticing the age of the complimenter in question,it was surely a honest compliment for your MOM ! She'd have felt great listening this,really.

BTW,this is not unusual.Many moms look like siblings to people:D
LOL at getting yourself hurt with a shampoo bottle's 'dhukaann'.:P

subtlescribbler said...

such a cute post! loved it :)
but i dont resemble my mom at all :( and she is beautiful coz of her flawless skin and round innocent face.. i m not! so i wished i cud be at ur place :x :P


vineet said...

u gonna win it i guess...very nice narration

The madrasi said...

such a cute narration...
all the best for the contest

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ furree- hehe den i suppose dis dialogue fr u is sumwhr in d pipeline

@ felicity- thnx!

@ xeno- thnx man. n congratulationsssssss hot shot debaterr!

@ niveditaaa- hehe nah. i thot it was very sweet.

@ lemons don make lemonade- quaint name. dey make pickle?

@ ishi- colorful dp! :) hiee n lol! how meannnnnnn!!

@ hamza- no its 'dhakkan'! u even say dat to people...aapko us naam se bulaaye kya? :P

@ sarah- don worry tension mat le. ur a princess na. dats better dan beautiful :P

@ vineet- lol. God bless u :P

@ the madrasi- hey! thnx so much.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Tell me it is for real, you look cute as concluded from this little DP on blogger. But the unbiased and unsuspecting eyes of a little girl must have seen something, subtle.
But I don't think you'd mind it? :P No you won't. :)

Very cute post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Raam Pyari said...

Awwwwwww how cute:) made me smile

Giribala said...

You do look beautiful, but your mom could be more beautiful!

suruchi said...

trust me it may not sound wonderful to hear that your mom looks like your sis, but it would feel wonderful if you think about it...and genes have a way of travelling down...especially the beauty genes:-)

kids love the comfort of the environment they are used to and take time to settle to that little girl just loved your mom too much to think of someone other in her place, even for a day:-)

and two beautiful women in one!:-) count your blessings:-)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ anshul- arey bt u havn cn my mom na! :o
n wel if sumone slightly less innocent, slightly older n slightly less cute had sed hav bn like - ahh! jus go! :D

@ raam pyari- hehe keep smilin :)))))

@ giribala- ahaa! d advantages of bloggin i tel u! :D

@ suruchiii- cumin frm a mom andddd a teacher, gues u mus know it rite :)

Anonymous said...

Different likes....and did u change the template of ur blog???This one is really nice :)
all the best for the contest !

Bikramjit said...

LOVELYyyyyyyyyyyy.. I like this what you have written as the above comment different approach.

BEst of luck with the contest...


Mr. Pramathesh said...

Loved the post.

Btw, are you related to Aditya Raj Merchant?

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ rinaya- yaaaa i did! u like it....yayyyy! *hugs*

@ bikram- thnx so much! :))))

@ mr. pramathesh- hie thnx! aditya raj merchant- nope :o

Farila said...

When people say your Mom looks like your sister you should be happy because she looks young and as you have got her genes you will look quite young when you are having a grown up daughter ... ;) Good luck for the contest.

Someone is Special said...

cute post Sadiya.. and of course kids can do that.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

Someone is Special

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ farila- *gulp* hehe dats wayyyyyy into d future. *blush blush* :D

@ sarvana- thaankoo

mahlaqa said...

true that.. beauty is any thing but skin deep :)

Anonymous said...


vote for this if you like it.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ mahlaqa- agreeeeeeeee!

@ anonymous- uhh thnx? :-)

Bharath Balakrishnan said...

Hurtfully simple, hurtfully thought provoking. Makes you really think about where you are really going.

GvSparx - Inspiring Lives said...

Your style of writing is just so cute :D
You hurt yourself with the dhakkan, I never imagined that I would read something of that sort on a blog..
I really love the way you write..!!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ gaurav- thnk u ji! :)