Monday, March 14, 2011

I can burn, oh yeah!

This post is written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti
Afternote- Tadaaa! I won! :D

No guesses there. Dressed in drab beige again!
She had destroyed him with a disdainful relish. Tore at the core of his heart without leaving so much as a tangible scar.
He had always known it. Right from the first time he ever laid eyes on her serene countenance. She looked just as her million peers, and yet so different. There was the same innocence, the same gracious gait, yet a forbidding elegance that only lured him to drift nearer.

He had often spoken of his desire to attain her. Easy. That’s what she was. The trophy however was not in the getting; it was in the keeping. He had never been serious to begin with. It was but another of those passing affairs. The pleasure of company, the promise of commitment, the privacy of contentment and finally the predicament of closure. That was his plan.

Never had he foreseen that his charm would fail. It had managed to conquer alright, but what he soon realised was, his slice was only the edge of the dipping valley. There was the greatest physical bond between them but her disloyalty couldn’t be more pronounced. Her soul remained indifferent. Her hands touched his, but her jaded eyes wandered much past into nothingness. Expressionless, visionless and hard as metal.

It shrieked at him but he refused to surrender. He was a taken man. His friends jeered at him for his inability to detach from such an ordinary mortal. Were they envious? But they too had floored his prize. Each one of them at that. They had all gambled on her and won, but he had mistaken her to be HIS eternal possession.

And wrong he was, because she had never belonged. She didn’t know how to. A moment’s solace is all she was designed for. Maybe two.
Maybe he could teach her. Maybe she would reciprocate. Maybe there would be a moment of weakness in her sordid aura.
But it wasn’t to be.
As denial wore out, all he now wanted was to stretch the few fading hours together. The future was a mirage anyway. All in the present, to savour and preserve from a journey lost, a few moments of devotion.

As she sat next to him, her features didn’t give away the slightest hint of her conniving customs. He didn’t care if she didn’t spare him another chance; he didn’t care if she was the reason for his crumble. All he craved was one soft caress. To inhale her presence. To vie for her passion. Even if it meant smouldering away. That’s how much she meant to him. HIS affable lady. His cigarette.

Statutory warning- Oh I know, the mundane but much prophesised- Honey, it’s injurious to health! ;)


A Great Liar said...

Awww, you are so cruel. :/
Just for a moment, I thought you were for real, till the closing lines brought everything to naught.
It's kinda naughty (cheating, anyone?), but it worked. ;)
So hats off to you, dear peppy with a punch...

Harish P I said...

hm..climax was unexpected. good attempt.

Cloud Nine said...

hahaha....what a way to express a deep passion:) Till the last line i was wondering who she was:P great post dear sadiya!

Anonymous said...

** Spoiler Alert ** [For those who first read comments and then post ;)]

WOW! Till the last line I thought you were talking about a GIRL...... Great CLIMAX.. :)

"A moment’s solace is all she was designed for."

GREAT post SADIYA.. keep blogging ..

Anonymous said...

you kept suspense till the last line.. hats off to you.. Best of luck for 'Blogeshwar' contest :)

Sarah malik said...

ooo...oh...spicy and hot! reading too many novels..aren't u? ;)
but exceptionally well written..another blogeshwari this time i suppose? good luck :)


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Only two masters can exist together, a slave and a master, one will give up, eventually.

Oh and how close she would be to a cigarette, everyone thinks they have tamed her, and yet, the final blow is all her's. Love it and die, or stay away, but can you?

Beautiful write up :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Saket Dabi said...

Thanks for your vote Sadia , i was looking for a email id on ur profile but cudnt find one ! i appreciate ur applaud :) stay connected !

Unknown said...

brilliant sadiya....i loved the post...ur description was very masterful only revealing what is necessary and holding ur cards close to your self...nice writing

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ a great liar- lol! cheating? ouch!
u'd think it was a woman, i get dat.....u'd think it was me?? eeks...nw dats an idea! ;)

@ harish- thnk u :)

@ nivedita- hehe yea tried....glad u liked it.

@ sayedkhadri- u took the troubl to write nder brand new comment! thnk u ji!
d frst one was better tho :P

@ sarah- lol! noooo.
1- i don read mills and boons if dats wat u meant *n i find it exceedingly necessary to justify :P*
2- last readin endeavour was grls of riyadh n u kno hw dat went :o

@ blasphyy- you said it! :)

@ saket- no problem! u wer awesome. congratulations! :)

@ shahid- hiee! gues ur frst tym here n i managed a diving catch! phew! *raining stars*.
abt ur comment, wel wat can i say....delighted! :)

Unknown said...

And wrong he was, because she had never belonged. She didn’t know how to. A moment’s solace is all she was designed for.

This is Mastery!

Anonymous said...

I am speechless.....this is the epitome of personification - I was eager to know more about this enigmatic lady and then - she's a cigarette? Should've guessed from the title.But I would always be eager to be enthralled by more of your masterful illusions......may the stories never cease.... P.S I will read this again with 'Jab bhi cigarette jalti hai' from No Smoking playing in my headphones :D

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi...
Well, the only reason i read it coz of the smoking lady pic u put...
May the almighty bless her another generation of seduction...
You described her exceedingly well. good, excelleent write up...and m glad i read. See, its not that injurious you see...

The Silhouette...

ओमी said...

very well written ...I think u will win :)

MuddassirShah said...

:) do we a first two time blogeshwari??

A Great Liar said...

@Sadiya Merchant: A half-baked idea is okay as long as it's in the oven. ~Anonymous~

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ rahul- m all smiles :)))

@ kamikaze- hieee! shorrie ur comment doesn appear cos its in moderation.
u totallyyyy spilled d beans sistah! :o
wil put it up later in d week...thnx fr droppin by n thnk u fr d lovely things u sed....ab to myself hawa main uding! :-)

@ eon heath- aloha! one of a kind user name! :)
hehe tel u wat! i was soooo happy to read ur comment cos it took me agessss to find d rite pic! n den i was like uhhh zyada to nahi ho raha na?
neway thnxxx a ton! :)

@ omi- thnk u. hehe ur prophecy is it? :)

@ muddassir- Allah willin :)....but v r stil to c wat d originator of dis topic has cookin fr us! :o

@ a great liar- lol! :D

Aashish Sood said...

The suspense maintained till the end and very well done.. I esp liked the image that u have used... very apt (though gender wise different)

Very well written piece... i read it twice... flawless writing... ATB!

PS: Do read my piece at The Prophecy I have also tried for a twist towards the end.. Do let me know how did it fare?

Anonymous said...

@sadiya lol! I should've put spoiler alert as a warning :P :P
Anyways if read closely the first time itself.....the beige dress gives her away ;)
P.S - you can edit my comment to keep the suspense... :)

Sarah malik said...

surprised..surprised! how did u know that i intended to point towards mills and boon and d likes? :O
and they said, virtually talks lack emotions and familiarity!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ ashish- thnk u so much! n u liked d image too! wowwiee...nw im thinkin it wasn such a bad idea aftr all! :)
n yes wil look up ur post.

@ kamikaze- hehe oye yaar! if u read closely evry line gives her least dats hw i intended it to b ;)

@ sarah- reallyyy!!?? lol! dunno u sed 'spicy n hot' so i thot mayb dats wat u meant....took a shot in d dark n voila! hehe...dey may hav bn rite; jus din account fr pleasant surprises :)

A.NaaZ said...

Well written. I loved how you played around with words here. :)

Waiting for the next one..

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ ice princezz- thnk u...waitin fr d nex one?....hehe num nummm....dat makes me nervous! wil try n live upto ur xpectations tho.
keep smilin :)

Someone is Special said...

You rocked Sadiya, his affable lady, his cigar.. Wow, superb superb superb.. SmileS.. Best of luck, here is my take on Prophecy, the love prophecy

Someone is Special

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ someone is special- hieee! thnx so much :-). n yea wil luk it up

Unknown said...

definitely todu- fodu isstori

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sunwicked- *sunglasses* :-)