Monday, February 7, 2011

Humsafar- Part 2

Here’s the first part in case you missed it :)

What could the dream possibly have meant? Day in and day out, the thought of it dwelled on her mind. She obsessed over it until the possibilities led on to drive her crazy. She imagined his face peering at her from everywhere, she imagined herself talking to him. She blacked out when others spoke to her, only to be lost in his thoughts and smile all day without a reason. She daydreamed of them holding hands and walking through lush fields, laughing together at small silly things; until nothing made sense anymore.
She was incurably falling in a pit of euphoria.....but despite that, she couldn’t confide in anyone.

The king, looking at her restless state, summoned for the kingdom’s Magi to come visit her, in the hope that he may be able to make some sense of his daughter’s now fanatical mood swings.

A man of a portly built; the Magi's persona radiated an aura of mystery. Legend had it that he was recognised for his magical powers and could tell the state of a person’s psyche by taking merely one look at them. A private meeting was arranged for him to be with Nysa.

As she entered the room and sat down, he took one cursory look at her, and bluntly asked, ‘You love him?’
Surprised and unable to contain the bolt from the blue, she almost instantly said a ‘No’.
He raised his hand, looked into her eyes and slowly repeated the same question again.
This time however, she took longer to answer. She pondered over the question. Did she?

The mind had given a firm grounding in the negative of her insane idea of love. However there was another voice that probed her to think it over; to consider her decision just once more. It made her ponder over why then she thought about him all the time, why it gave her so much happiness, why nobody else held any importance when put at par with him. Well, it’s difficult to tell these things with rigidity.

She looked back at the Magi with irresolute eyes, but his calm composure and earnest look led her on to say what she had, in some moments always known, in others unsure, and yet those where she didn't know, didn't believe or was plain confused.
Yes, she loved him. And she said it with conviction.

The Magi looked satisfied with her answer but no sooner had she said that, she poured out all the reasons for it being a nonsensical ‘idea’, her vague dream and the impossibility of it ever coming true. To this he only nodded his head and quoted the relegious text,
Love never fails'

She would have to travel long and labour hard to find him. He could only show her the way. The challenge of pursuing it was hers. Travel back a hundred years, strive to earn his love and bring him back. If she managed that, Marquiz was her prize....for keeps.

Thus began Nysa’s journey..... for and into...

To be continued......
Part 3


subtlescribbler said...

so we have a magi here too..omg! is it a mere co-incidence..strange coz i can relate it to myself even more now..just that magi in my story happens to be the central character.
'I simply loved the way u narrated the voices in nysa's head...
waiting for the next parts :)


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

A classic tale with the turning sands of time. Rewriting history and playing for keeps, nice, interesting.
I want more, soon. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sarah- now im reallyyy starting to get very curious abt ur story princess!
my random gues wud b an arrange marriage setup?
*sorry if i've missed d loop completely :D*

@ blasphy- hey! glad to c uve followed up...hope nt to disappoint u :)

subtlescribbler said...

LOL! what made u think that an 'arrange marriage setup' is equivalent to a fairy tale :O ?
Its something virtual + real.. hope that eases ur curiosity a bit ;)
I would be penning it down donno when, college sips away all the mushy, romantic thots sadly :\


Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sarah- arey u only told in the first part dat u cud relate wid it cos sumthin similar happened wid i thought photo+ louuve+ a magi....soooo.....ahem.
hehe single track thinkin i suppose. course now dis 'virtual' ka funda changes things :)