Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shining clean muskaan

Chamatkaar hui gawaaa! :-)))

Has it been a while since you read some silly, stoopid stuff? Tension mat lo!!!! That’s the precise reason why I maintain a blog. Ab boss demand hai to supply to banta hai na :-)

Ok cut to the topic now. And wo to aap samajh hi gaye honge....what with the gracious and oh-so-expressive pic up there.

After all my mehnat and research, presentinggggg the very hyped and interesting world of......toothbrushes and toothpastes!

Main bataa doo....it took me hours and hours of watching soap operas in waiting for the relevant ads to make an appearance....Ahh Murphy’s Law.....you want an ad to be showcased and it will play the lukka chuppi....then you really want to know what happened with Dolly Bindra palpitating and bang! in the middle of that it chooses to say.... Paaiye total muh ki super clean suraksha. Main kya ji...Thank yeww! :P

And may I tell you the commercials just blew me away. Like totallyyy! Picture this. Two brushes tied together. One to clean your teeth and the other to clean your tongue....So first thing in the morning you force them together in your mouth....I mean is that creative or what! Oh and I almost forgot the ad with two brushes talking to each other and doting over their kid.....yes, that’s right....no spelling mistakes, no typos....toothbrush log ka KID! Mmm how cool!

What’s even better is standing in the middle of a university, a guy all hendsumm in white coat and intellectual type, singles out a sundar shusheel kudi. Now what do you think his opening line would be? ‘How YOU doing!’ or maybe even something thakela like ‘Maine aapko pehle kahi dekha hai!’. Correct na?
Hehe....Oh you poor thing, Soooo wrong!
He will obviously ask her, ‘Kya aapko pata hai aapke muh main kitaanu panap rahe hai??' Like duhh!!! And thennn hold hold....what do you think happens next...she slaps him??? NOOOO! India main naye ho kya?
She allows him to take a scan of her teeth and gets uberly upset at the number of kitaanu...Alelele! Becchaaaar! :-((((

Also, isn’t it amazing that these dental association wala’s have nothing better to do than just keep brushing their teeth all the time in order to tell which one is the best? I mean think about it. So they have a record book with the names of various brushes and pastes. Then they try the first.
Colgate ok 9 on 10.
Pepsodent uhhh 7 on 10.
I hope they checked the Pepsodent brush with the Colgate paste. I mean dude! Science ka sawaal hai.... I am toh very particular about it haa!..... Absolutelyyy precise results hiii mangta hai!

What I don’t understand is, does anyone even listen to these ridiculous ads? Has anyone really tried Colgate with namak??? Bolo bolo! Tell tell!


Anonymous said...

Very Creative Pic.. Toothbrush with bluetooh :)
It has to be Otherwise, how can two toothbrushes talk? :)

Colgate with Namak, Naah ji.. never.. I eat lot of namak, so why should I use colgate with namak.. ( Don't we always use a bit more namak in food than other countries? )

Talking about the ads - My fav one is "Kya aap close up karte hoo.. Ya duniya se darte hoo.. ", I don't remember exactly.. but it goes like that..

Harish P I said...

remembering the ad of vicco vajradanti while reading your post.

Always Happy said...

i remember the ad from DD1 days after reading this post : Raju tumharey daanth tho motiyon jaise chamak rahe hai.....dabur lal danth manjan.

Nice postSadiya. I've got to spend time reading all your previous posts now. Good stuff!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sayedkhadri- hehe credit for pic *refer footnote*....n main kya kahoo...brushes havin a kid is such a dhamaaka dat dey talkin is like...uhh nothin!....n u kno i think v indians use excess of evrythin...or rather odrs use less of it....i feel any odr cuisine is total beswaad....i remembr v had a saudi neighbour who wanted to learn to cook frm my mumma n she almost screamed wen she saw my mom usin chilli powder *wich was barely a spoon i think*
n d ad ur referrin to...num numm no even i dunno....mayb it was d jiaijo wala....main to apne teeth hundred hundred 'trimes' brush karta hoo....not sure tho

@ harish- vicco powder...vicco paaaaste...ayurvedic jadi bootiyo see bana sampoorn swadeshi...veeeecooooo vajradantiii!...n den dadaji bites the akroth :D

@ always happy- hi! d lingo of dese ads is really funny...thnx n am really glad u liked it :-)

pali tripathi said...

ha ha..love the style of writing..:)

Aparna said...

I am thinking how come I've stumbled upon your blog so late? Your humour is totally my kind!
Excellent visual :D
I learnt a lot of Hindi from these ads. Remember khurdare daanedaar padarth aapke daaton ko nuksaan pahuncha sakte hain?
Totally hilarious. Loved every single line.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ pali- thnx :-)

@ aparna- hehe. nevr hrd dat ad before but sure seems like u cud strt takin hindi tutions now :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought you created the pic :)
If they come to Pune and see how Kolhapuri food is made.. then they will get a heart attack :)

nikhimenon said...

good post

Sarah malik said...

LOL...good work, i was actually remembering soo many ads reading this. do u rem the one in which the 'mummy toothbrush' says to 'papa toothbrush' ..."hamare bete ko dekho kitna bada hogaya hai...iski safai se hamara naam roashan hoga" ? ;P lol...creativity at its best!


Vibz B said...

Hilarious!! And how creative is that toothbrush. you'd better get it patented. You just might land up getting offers for getting into production! ;)
Cheers Sadiya. A Spicy pick indeed..:D

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sayedkhadri- thought as much :(...tried d chocolate mousse outside sum george restaurant on mg road???....wrldddddd best hai ji!

@ nikhimenon- :-)

@ sarah- lol yeah. sounds even funnier wen u read it than watchin the commercial.

@ vibhuti- :D...me considers in dat case i shud offer the image creator a whole year's stock of Miswaak toothpaste and seal the deal :-)

Alka said...

Sadiya..saw ur comment on Mango Mans post...About Kareena being the only sensible person...lol.

You have an interesting style of writing.

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe....grt observation n great follow up!...thnx :-)