Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kya adaa, kya jalwe tere Rajni!

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You know the mystery that has been haunting me for a while now?....Ok off course there is this tiny little thing about why a car must be named ‘Punto’....I mean why would anyone want to call a car that? What may have been the inspiration behind it? Nah nah don’t worry. That’s not what I want to talk about. What I really really dil se would like to the baap’s baap of all mysteries *arey baap’s baap means daadaji, you dodo*.....*and you thought ki Sadiya is using swear words....Shame on you!*....... Haa so like I was saying....THE mystery of all mysteries.....Thalaivar Rajnikanth! Dudewa what’s the deal!! Why is everyone so in louuve with him? Chakkar kya hai?

I mean have you ever wondered what must be working behind a lungi clad guy’s mind to climb a longgggg ladder....almostttt risk his life!......wo bhi with a milk ki thaili, over the surface of a hoarding, take a scissor, cut the thaili, then wash the Thalaivar ka foto shoto with it? Doesn’t make sense na?

And this nail biting question had been treading on my mind for a no....please don’t think I am some gawaar ladki who doesn’t know anything about his macho herogiri and therefore underrate his greatness. Na ji na! Main bata doo....I have seen two entire movies gracing his hairat-angez performance.

The first was Bulandi....yes yes, the same one where Rekha ji lagaao’s the thumka’s with the Anil Kapoor ji.....nope baccha log, don’t close your eyes..... I will not go into any further details about them....and then there is the Anil Kapoor ji’s daddy who is also Anil Kapoor and then there is HIS daddy......haaaaaaaaa he is our man....daadaji....see see....kaha tha na maine!......ok so his screen presence here was all about ghumaaoing his dupatta.....fishcao fishcao.... with some really cool sound effects and yeah... that’s about it....That was my first encounter with THE man! But at the time I thought him to be a ....*shudder*......loser. Yesss! Judge saab mujhe maaf kar do! Just so you know, before writing this post, I too tried ghumaaoing my dupatta like that...Uhh my hands got caught in between.....but hey man, I ain’t no superstar....or starlet or whatever else you call it, so that should explain our differences.

The second episode was when I saw Endhiran......Kya? You don’t know Endhiran? Paglaayi gaye ho kaa! I reckon you better go and check your passport to make sure you are an Indian....but do that later....first read this...For the uninitiated, it’s the Tamil version of Robot. Ahhh so you get it now! Chalo ji better late than never!

And after all the hype, together with Facebook timelines flooded with the same video going gaga over.... Haiii look at his modesty, ooh so humble, so down to blah blah blah.... I thought...ok I too mustttt watch it!.... and wo bhi in Tamil. Now let me tell Tamil is soooo good, soooo good, ki even 24 karat Tamilians don’t understand get what that means right? Haan ji! And I insisted we watch it on the first day itself...How can it be bad? Arey bhaai it’s a Rajnikanth movie!

Its only after this grand experience that I was able to unfold the mystery behind his name te fame te success te star status te hor ki dassa!....And now I’m going to pass on this first-hand gyaan to youuu.....Tan tadan!!!.......dil thaam ke baithiye! Here goes-

As we waded through the janta outside the theatre, I realised there were two classes of people....the one with tickets as in the ‘aristocrats’, and the ticketless as in the poor ‘commons’ a.k.a. wannabe aristocrats...oh yea....we were the E.L.I.T.E.!....... Offers poured in to switch over, from our opponents, imploring us to join their clan by selling our souls for a wowwiee 1000 bucks! But nah! We clung onto our tickets and zoom seeee dived into the theatre.

And that oh boy was something! Everyone had pretty much gone crazy. And it’s when you see so many people cheering, screaming and yelling, you start to wonder.....Why am I not behaving like this? Is something really wrong with me? So we joined in too. Just to keep up the spirit. Course we assumed this would end as the movie began. Huh!

As the movie started, the yelling just got louder.....and I thought, don’t worry....5 minutes and it will be fine.
5 minutes....10 minutes.....Half an hour.....Intermission..... Nope nope....the surprising thing is, nobody even got tired.....forget the fact that you can’t hear anything, everyone jumps around so much that you can’t even SEE anything! Oh btw I stuck it out through the entire movie. Whatay fun!...Most people after the movie said they would come watch it again, so they could actually get what happened. OHHHHH!

Yep so that’s the whole truth...everyone pretty much watches it again and again n again...the first time to celebrate their hero’s comeback, the second time to see him act, the third time to understand the story and then if they have pocket money and time left, then possibly to notice Jr. Mrs. Bachchan’s presence. So there! Meantime- Movie hit hit!

So much for the whole ‘suspense’ thingy! Aaho ji time waste kar ditta mera! And don’t you worry; I will get to the bottom of the ‘Punto’ mystery as well....Next Blog-a-ton maybe. :-)
Alternatively, if you happen to have a theory of your own, drop it in as part of your feedback.

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Someone Is Special said...

why not? you may be..

All the best for BAT..

Someone is Special - The Mysery

--Someone is Special--

adarshs said...

haha...i dnt hav any theory n even if i hav, i wont share cause i hav heard "You don't find Rajnikant, he finds you" n i dnt want his ire!! lol...i must say, a uniquely different take on d topic...

vineet said...

whoaa, well ur hinglish is lke FUNtastic n mindblasting, the way u open ur sir ke kataori n come up wth dis mast posts, well jus brng a smle on evry1s face..incredibl indeed

Vibhuti B said...

LOL..creative thinking there Sadiya! :D

Leo said...

Rajnikanth seems to be a mystery alright! He was a part of a previous BAT edition too.. popularity comes with mystery I think :)

All the Best for BAT.

Rumya said...

Rajnikant still remains a mystery to me besides Punto (whatever it may be). Hope it as popular as Rajnikant...
All the Best for BAT 17.

Viyoma said...

So there is so much of Rajni Mania, that even BATOM entries couldnt miss it!! People's madness for him, is true Mystery!!

Give Rajni a chance to ride your Punto!!

Tavish{Sensible Bakwas} said...

i had a smile throughout... it was refreshing to see something like this for BAT....

as for Rakinikanth, as a surd am thankful to the guy... Rajinikanth jokes are more popular than saradar jokes now :P

All the best

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

You watched the Tamil version of the movie??
nice nice :)
and i was thinking we have to post this thing tomoro and I havent even thought what mystery I will right about?
What do do do?? :S

AJinkya said...

You might be the BAT for this! Enna Rascala ... mind it!!
Good one.

Lost in thoughts said...

Hehe! Yet another person falls for Rajni..Its really hard for a non-Tamilnadu person to understand the aura behind the phenomenon and the fans dont want to try to understand... He is a real entertainer.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ someone is special- emm...shorriee...din get u... :o

@ adarshs- lol! dats a gud one!

@ vineet- hehe...sir ki kataori!...i reckon ur pretty gud too :D

@ vibhuti- thnxx :-))

@ leo- yeah i guess....especially wen the scope is so far n wide.

@ rumya- lol. punto is dis new car by fiat...sounds yuck...looks yuck...aur kya bataaoo.

@ viyoma- u kno dat reminds me of this joke-
"Rajnikanth once stopped a 64 wheel TATA trailer with his palm.....that trailer is now known as the TATA NANO."

@ tavish- yeah u can c....missed the intellectual bus by a couple of blocks :-)

@ muddassir- bard for indians....all's in the well that ends :P

@ ajinkya- hai main qurbaan jawa! n nah u shud probably chek out the odr entries!

@ lost in thoughts- dats possibly the longest comment ive recd frm u so far! n yeah ur so rite....he is somethin else wonlyy!

Srikanth said...

Rajni is a mystery.. no doubt about it

Anonymous said...

Great Post Saidya,

Raj - 'wait for it' - ni, Rajni is the biggest mystery in the world, I agree!

Even mysterious are his movies - Like Robot (Running on train, creating 'n' number of robots in one day :) ).

Even mysterious are his actions - Like throwing cigarette in air and burning it with his gun..

Even mysterious are his jokes - Like for example - Rajnikanth doesn't wear a watch.. he decides what time it is :)

So.. Rajni - 'Wait for it' - kanth, Rajinikanth is super mysterious!

Kshitij said...

Okay! Phirst of all - I really like the fact that you write just like we talk....ekdum conversational... and I know that you know the word is 'desi'. Our desi style. I love using hindi words so much... but refrain while writing... but this comments ka dabba is a place i can do as i please, it seems :)

I have spent the 26 years of my life wondering the popularity of Rajni ji myself.. by the way, your post is not really answering the question. You are more in tune with 'why his movies become hit'...haha

But the post was as much fun to read as it was for you to write.

Now.. talking about Punto.. here's my theory: The maalik (a firangi) of the company was looking for a name... he was searching the streets of India for clues.. then, he overheard a group of taporis (awaaras)... one of the taporis said, "apun toh great hai"... BANG! This maalik heard the keywords apun toh (which he interpreted as 'a punto') and great... and so the name... kya khayaal hai?

aativas said...

So many Mysteries :-)

Maddie said...

Rajnimania continues in blogs. Refreshing entry. All the best.

Pavil said...

PUNTO is adding PT (Pity) to Uno (Fiat Uno). I'm not a Cars enthusiast, in fact they all look the same to me :-) Just tried to solve the PUNTO mystery (I hope its a Fiat brand).
These days one can't escape Rajani. He is omnipresent. I liked your take on Mystery.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ srikanth- :-)

@ sayedkhadri- lol

@ kshitij- y refrain? isnt ur blog supposed to b d place whr u write watevr u want? neway now dat i need to justify my track....dhyaan se padho ok....wear ur specs also....dekho bcos his movies r a hit, he gets to b d highest paid star in india....den evryone's like....oh more than shahrukh!....hence d hype....wich culminates into d mystery. so source was movie hit na?
emm i hope ab aap samajh gaye honge. pls zyada mat socho :o
n lol! very sportin of u to present ur theory *most ppl overlooked dat :(*......mite i say its fab! jus wat i was lookin fr.

@ aativas- rito

@ maddie- thnx!

@ pavil- lol...dats a gud one n very likely too....yep its a fiat product...n ur sooo rite abt dem all lukin d same....its like d frst tym d company wala's launch d design, it luks like a space wen it cums on road, suddenly it gets priced like a rocket n gets a bonus big bum!

Kshitij said...

@ SM - Yes, my blog is supposed to be the place where I write whatever I want to write... but, but, but... It also depends on 'why' you are writing... 'who' are you writing for.. and in my case, I write only to entertain people (and pass some social hidden msgs as well)... and so my blog is essentially for people (not me).... isliye, I dont put Hindi in between... coz mujhe aisa lagta hai beecham beech Hindi thodi misplaced lagti hai... but I wouldnt refrain from writing a complete post in Hindi... vaise, by the way, mere blog ka tagline hai -'do kaudi'. :)

Your comment on Rajni ji has the chicken-egg flaw madam ji. You started by saying 'dekho becos his movies are a hit'... isn't this happening because he's a bigger-than-sharukh bhai? murgli pehle aayi ke anda?

Thank you for appreciating the Punto theory. Vaise, I liked Pavil's more.. it was more sophisticated and intellectual.

Thanking you.

Vikram Pyati said...

Interesting.... the hinglish style of writing was quite refreshing.. a very enjoyable read

Pratibha The Talent said...

you have succeeded in unrevealing mystery so far and loved the way you said ''Yep so that’s the whole truth...everyone pretty much watches it again and again n again...the first time to celebrate their hero’s comeback, the second time to see him act, the third time to understand the story and then if they have pocket money and time left, then possibly to notice Jr. Mrs. Bachchan’s presence. So there! Meantime- Movie hit hit! ''

great post and wish you luck for BAT.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ kshitij- arey i'm giving u free chicken n free andaa n ur askin fr more? ye toh too much hi ho gaya!

@ vikram pyati- thnx!

@ pratibha- glad u liked it :-)

Yamini Meduri said...

wow...the mystery about the man whom half the world around awaits to see on the screen..!!

Loved ti dear...I never understood how he can do it...I mean his stamina at this age..Rajini just rocks..!!!

All the best for BAT dear..!!!

Yamini Meduri - The Mystery

Yamini Meduri

Beyond Horizon said... brought smile while reading...2 good...loved the name PUNTO :)
your footnote is awesome and true...its difficult to find a perfect pic for a post...

Haya said...

really funny and well written sadiya, especially the part where u said ppl come in to watch the movie 4 times, had me laughing out loud. love reading ur posts.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ yamini- yeah totally

@ beyond horizon- hehe. glad somebody finally understandssss! :o

@ haya- thnx so much :-)