Monday, December 6, 2010

Jab main chota baccha tha......

.....badi sharaarat karta tha.....meri chori pakdi jaatiiiiiii....
Ok c’mon please be serious. As a kiddo na, we (me and my bro) were never allowed to watch much TV so there was this whole craze about it. Also, at the time there wasn’t all this cable thingy and a hundred different channels. There was only one channel....Bahrain Television. That’s it! Either you watch it or you go to sleep.

The only Hindi movies that we ever saw used to be on Wednesday, 8 to 11 pm....and let me tell you they were THE most crappy ones you can imagine.....Weekly back to back runs of Mohra and Aayi Milan ki Bela.....I don’t blame you if you have never heard of them.

If you haven’t yet figured it, then this post is about our TV. You know these days they have all these fancy LCD’s and LED’s and HD’s and what not.....15 years ago....there were no such nakhra’s....We had a TV that looked like a TV. Period. Also it wasn’t like today’s feather light types where you lift them in one hand....No. You needed 2 people to lift it alone, and once deposited in a place, well you wouldn’t consider relocating it for the next 5 years.

Here are a few things that I remember our little candy for-

The first ever English movie I saw- Helen of Troy....I couldn’t understand a single dialogue, let alone the plot.... so my mom and dad had to explain every single line to me. The English seemed so different and they spoke so was like a whole different language. Sometimes, I still feel that way when I listen to English music. That I understand is a whole different thing.

The first Hindi ad I ever was during the World Cup 99......a bike commercial....Kawasaki Bajaj...The Unshakeable.....I still remember the entire jingle.....was wonderful and no I won’t sing it, lest I should break your computer screen or something. Ever since, I have louuuved commercials and quote them at the first instance in almost anyyyy conversation!

Then there was this thing where my mom wouldn’t allow us to watch TV during exam time. The TV being in the hall, we living on the ground floor and the curtains always being open, were all perfect reasons to obey her. But nah! Me and my bro weren’t the ‘shareef’ type so we watched when my mom would go out and took turns to keep guard at the window. Then my bro would almost alwayyys get so engrossed that he'd miss the car coming in and mom would find out...after which we would be in for a round of sound trashing.....This happened like a hundred times....all the time his fault....and every time we made a stronger vow to be more vigilant in future....Course that never happened.

Instead something better happened. The TV was moved out to my brother’s room. Yayyy!

The first time I ever got full on senti....and not the sob sob wala....not even the trying to escape mom’s anger drama buhoo type wala....but the real wa wa wa kind....and what for you may ask....It was a movie... Ellen Foster, the story of an orphan. I remember I hugged my mom first thing...... For the record; I have never even done such a thing on her birthday or Mother’s Day or any other significant occasion for that matter.

There were also some other really memorable things like my brother making me watch wrestling to a point where I could tell the names of all the wrestlers by heart.....the part where we would watch Hera Pheri with Maggi every single day cos that was the only video cassette we had. Till date it remains the movie I have watched most number of times.
Watching The Tenth Kingdom, a day before my Board exam.......almosttt having a guilt attack and then scoring fab marks in every time anyone asks me how to get good marks, I always suggest watching a movie before the D day!

Our little candy still remains, but then now there is the new, stronger and handsome looking competition it this has become the ‘Old T.V.’....and everyone at home is rather reluctant to watch it.

I know all of these are silly things.....don’t count for changing my life in any way....but they sure built a whole lot of memories and form a large part of my childhood *hope I’m not sounding ancient*.......all that said, if my parents were to junk it someday, I’d surely miss it! *weird thing to say, I know*, but that’s the way it is. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Excellent Post Sadiya,

I remember watching Shaktiman/Chandrakanth every Sunday with my Family.. I used to wake up early in the sunday morning to watch "Rangoli".. Old Days :)

vineet said...

such a simple topin n such an emphatic post, well u make wonders, osummm

Sumit Sarkar said...

Very well said...
I have been in similar situations.... :)
Made to watch Hindi serials that I never wanted to watch because of my parents and my sister...
Even I couldn't understand the dialogs in the English movies before...but now I do...I have become very good in that now..thanks to my laptop and headphones... :)

Harish said...

hm.. remembering good old dd. mr. yogi, byomkesh bakshi..

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sayedkhadi- hehe ive nevr cn shaktiman! but i remembr wen v used to cum to india fr vacations, i used to watch 'genie' or 'i love genie' or sumthin like dat *dont recollect d name* on sunday's with my cousins....used to b a blast!

@ vineet- *blush blush*

@ sumit sarkar- hehe wel now dat we hav english movies wid english subtitles, its nevr bn easier! :-)

@ harish- nevr hrd of dat! i remembr dere used to b a dd metro n dd national....n aaj tak was only a news show fr an hr....n at the end it wud say....'dekhte rahiye aaj tak....intezaar kijiye kal tak'...was kinda obsessed wid dat line. also dis macho voice dat sed.....JUNOON! AFTER THE BREAK!
crazy man! :D

Kshitij said...

hmmm. you should have clicked a pic of your tv for us. enjoyed reading.

Someone Is Special said...

I enjoyed this.. I agree with kshitij.. wonderful post.. A heart touching post Prathiba.. the last line you quoted was too good.. You are one of the best.. Sure.. All the best for the contest..

Do stop by Wrong Call and let me know what you feel :-)

--Someone is Special--

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ kshitij- yeah man...i wanted to do that too...searced my entire pic database but cudnt find one wid the tv :(

@ someone is special- emm...sadiya? :-)

Pratibha The Talent said...

ah! your post reminds me my childhood days with tv ,those were golden days and I could relate it.thanks for sharing heartfelt post.all the best for the contest.

MangoMan said...

You've had a pretty tormented childhood :P No TV!!!!

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ pratibha- thnx :-)

@ mangoman- i knooo *sad eyes* :P

Srinivas said...

Really good post Sadiya, who reads your post can definitely remind his/her golden childhood days. I don't have enough memories with TV because we don't have TV in my golden days. Thanks for sharing with us.