Thursday, December 2, 2010

Door ho jaao meri nazro se!

Dramatic title na? Don’t worry. It doesn’t have any relevance to the post. Ae-wai doing time-pass....which also is the reason for this post. Today I am going to distribute all the gyaan that I have gathered over the last few months as part of my shopping expeditions. Presentingggg for your kind perusal, the 5 yuckiestttt (in)edible products that super markets have doled out in recent history. Why? Arey baba so you don’t end up wasting your precious money on it naaa!!! Thank you aur sab you can tell me later.

Ok so here are my more than few words of wisdom....*bows*

Kurkure Green Chutney Rajasthani Style- Have you seen those cartoons where the kitten eats something and smoke starts to come from both ears? Yeah that’s exactly what will happen if you try this. It’s like the taste is soooo sharp that it will cut through all your senses and you feel the irresistible urge to cough, sneeze and throw up all at the same time....yes buddy...thaaatttt bakwaas! Btw general knowledge ke liye, there recently were even tall cases of plastic wires being found in Kurkure packs.....don’t intend to defame their company....ok somewhat close to that maybe....Arey bhaai its because I care for my reader’s health!!! Kintu parantuuu I haven’t verified this so in case the company wala’s are reading then...Sorry hai ji...Menu maaf kari....Please don’t sue me :-(

Cadbury Bournvita 5 Star Magic- First of all let me tell you..... Cadbury (Dairy milk)= good, Bournvita= good, 5 star= so- so......but ‘nature and science ka aadhunik mishran’ all put together.....Bwackkk!!!
Believe me I am not exaggerating when I say this but it really really looks like mud and tastes just as awful....And no, I haven’t tasted mud....I knew you would be thinking that wonlyyy!
Plusss, correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Fiama Di Wills shampoo ad also say nature and science ki khoobiyan???? So does that mean we can use them interchangeably? Dekhaa!!! I told you they are messing with us poor consumers!

Smart chips- Yes this is the second chips on the list and I don’t blame you if you think I am some real fatso who goes munch- munch all day....not totally wrong anyway....Haa so coming to the point...Why do I have a problem with it? Actually I don’t. It’s just that this isn’t chips in the first place. The Aamir Khan dude can go full on galaa phaad ke about ‘You will need it’ triple xl sized t-shirts but calling it ‘baked’ over ‘fried’ and then giving us the sleek version of Monaco biscuits really doesn’t cut it baba!

Pepsi Cafe- chino- *Sounds like some Chinese drink no?* Actually am not really sure if it even exists in the market anymore but when it did, I remember we served it at a party and one sip down, everyone simply returned their glasses....Bole to fullto flop! And course there was the catchy Kareena and Priyanka commercial but unfortunately in the entire product that was the only good was hot.....drink was thanda.
Not like thanda thanda wala thanda but the other wala thanda....Emm know what I mean?

Bru Ice Cappuccino- Now here’s the thing..... Since you are reading this blog, I assume you aren’t a robot and by virtue of being human, have taken an injection at least once in your life....No?...Now do you remember the awful smelling medicine thingy they put on your arm after taking the blood test? Yes, that’s precisely what this one smells like.....So I can only leave to your imagination what it may taste like. Wanna try? ;)

Rito aaj ke liye itna hi...ab Iodex maliye and kaam pe chaliye *yeahhh why do I keep doing this?* Anyway, a question for you before we part, does anyone know what happened to the mint flavoured Hide and Seek biscuits???? Was numm numm...bought one packet and the next time I went to the store, they were completely wiped out of the shelves!! *sad eyes* :-(


Anonymous said...

You are right they always "messing with us poor consumers!" -- they - 'wait for it' - always do this.
Smart chips yaak.. I like Lays :)
Never tried "Bru Ice Cappuccino" but after reading your post will never try, thanks :)
mint flavoured Hide and Seek.. LOL!

Harish said...

What about bingo mad angles. Seems the manufacturers never knew what they had made. So just marketed with some bizarre ads...

Superb post btw

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sayedkhadri- *confused*....dont laugh hide n seek was really good...wud giv u a one hundred percent recommendation...only thing is it seems like dey hav stopped manufacturing it. n yeahh i louuve lays too....even pringles :-)

@ harish- hehe i hav NEVER tried bingo mad angles...wat a funny name na....moreover d only thing they evr market abt d product is d shape....ok its triangular....uhh so?
Pluss..hav u noticed d ads- dey all 'mad' angles, 'mad' chilli bijli, 'crazy' combination....its like dey wanna convinc us dat dey r soo very psyched!!
bingo salt flavored is good but costs d same as lays....soo ahem...wich one do u trust ;-)

Anonymous said...

In hide n seek - we used to seek or try to reach the chocolate hidden inside the biscuit......

Btw.. thanks for recommendation.. will defntly try one.... if they change there minds.. and start to manu- 'wait for it' -facturing again..

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

:) We still get the mint hide n seek in Bangalore here :P
and the orange and the coffee flavours too.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sayedkhadri- as u cn c frm muddassir's comment, ur in jaldi se jaldi go to the nearest super market n lemme kno wat u think....bhoolna mat!!

@ muddassir- relyin on ur comment, i hav promoted it to odrs, so im hopin its nt expired or anythin.....n yeah even v get d orange wala....but den had once eaten dis macintosh orange chocolate...was now anythin in dat combination is absolutelyyyy unacceptabl!....cours it doesn help dat d biscuit package color isn very appealin eider! :o

MangoMan said...

Totally support you on the Bournvita 5 star magic front. 138 bucks wasted! Sooper shit!

Sadiya Merchant said...


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