Thursday, December 23, 2010

Average irregular lovers

This post is written for BLOGESHWAR and Anubhooti
Afternote- I won!! Yayy! :D


They were an ordinary couple. The type who never stood out at any gathering. They didn’t profess their love for each other in an outlandish manner. Mir never bought flowers for her and Heena never lit those fancy scented candles in the house. They kept each other happy with living up to the little that was expected of them. He replenished the basic household requirements; she cooked the meals and helped supervise their cafe.

Running a cafe had always been her dream. The sound of mindless chatter, the jingle of laughter, the echo of expressions that meant different things at each pitch...she often looked at those people and wondered what her voice may have been like. Maybe it would have been the confident orator like; or a little shrill....maybe childish.....and would soon lose herself in a reverie of pleasant dispersed thoughts until someone came round at the counter only to catch her bright 100 watt smile.

A pretty package covers up the product’s inner flaws. Smiling was Heena’s idea of taking the onlookers attention away from her inability to talk....short lived as it may be. The world however had tried to convince her that she was different. Her mother had said she was talented. Mir had told she was special. The one trait however that everyone agreed unfailingly upon was that her eyes could talk.
Could they?

As she and Mir were on their way to the cafe, Heena’s gaze stopped at a dress in the display case of an uptown designer store. Beautiful was an understatement given the task to describe it. Made of white satin and a tinge of lilac that melted with the white, it looked stunning in the display. What only helped was the sunlight that got all the pearls in it to glow ever so much to make it look fitting for an angelic attire. She was spellbound. Suddenly she had the craving to touch the soft gleaming fabric....

And she heard Mir’s voice behind her. ‘Like it?
Broken from her thoughts, she fiercely nodded a ‘NO’.
He smiled, held her hand and they walked on. The dress stayed on her mind.

That afternoon as Mir left the cafe on his way to the electricity office, he asked the customary, ‘Want me to get something, on the way back?
She smiled and nodded to mean no.
Okie Dokie! How about the dress then’, he said, winked at her and left before she could react.

Really? Would he?
All day long, her thoughts were caught in the same loop.
He doesn't believe in this gift giving ritual.
He may not find the time.
Maybe he was kidding.
Maybe it’s too expensive.
He may not know if it fits me.
But it did look my size.
Would it be in a silver gift wrapped box?
She warned herself not to get carried away.
But her vow didn’t last.
She imagined herself frolicking with the dress in front of the mirror.

As he returned in the evening, she greeted him with expectant eyes and the prettiest smile ever. He smiled back, patted her head and moved towards the kitchen.
There was no package.
No gift.
No surprise.
No dress.
Why hadn’t her eyes spoken? Why didn’t they tell him she wanted it? Why had they failed her? She tried to be extra chirpy and pushed away the thought with her signature smile but it wouldn’t come. Her smile too had deserted her.

An hour later, as she returned from rolling down the blinds, a package sat at the counter table.
Confused, she opened it and there shone back in its finest beauty a white dress. HER white dress.
Attached to it was a card that read, ‘I told you my dear, your eyes speak....Love, Mir’
Her heart danced. She smiled. Her natural lopsided, warm smile.
With zero effort.

Half an hour ago,
As he walked back into the cafe, he scanned to see the strength of the customers and bubbling at the counter was his wife, barely able to contain her excitement, poised with a childish lithe. She seemed different. Cheerful. Expectant. He entered the kitchen and looked back at her to examine the reason for this happiness , but what met him was a sad, dejected face. The sudden change in so little time surprised him. Surely he had done something wrong. But what.
Had he forgotten something? He tried to recollect their last conversation. What did he miss? And he remembered. The dress? Did she want the dress?
He dialled the helpline and got the store number- Unavailable.
He rushed from the back door and ran a mile to the store- Shut.
He turned to leave.
He had tried. She would understand that. He thought of her sad eyes. And he thought of her expression if he got it.
He bribed the security guy to let him in, picked the dress from the mannequin, left the money on the counter with a note,

Took the white dress....I don’t generally do this, but what can I say....I think my wife kinda liked it.


AS said...

:) rarely people recognize the unspoken love. Thanks for bringing it out in a nice post.

Alka Gurha said...

Thats sweeet....

If you hv time read FREEBIRD

I guess you will like a different perspective from an older generation.

Always Happy said...

sweet post.

sufiyan said...

mast hein yaar....tussi to cha gaye...ten on ten ji!!!!! :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ AS- pleasure!

@ alka- :-)....yepp will surely look it up

@ always happy- zenk yewwww

@ sufi- oye my praa tusi itthe! shukrannn habibbeeeee :P

Anonymous said...

That's what I call a true love!
10/10 :)

Irfanuddin said...

sweeeeeeeeettttt one... Reallyyyy.....:)
gone thru some of ur post.... all r very well penned...Congrats...

drop in at my page whenever free....

vineet said...

love the way u potrayd this unspoken though most popular mode of love, nicely xpressd..kudos :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sayedkhadri- thnxxx :-))))))

@ irfanuddin- glad u liked it...n u hav a cool blog

@ vineet- hehe u always pick d nicest things to say....thnk yeww :-)

Deepika said...

aww... that was so sweet... lil mushy things keep the freshness in relation and they never age..
great one.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ deepika- heyy! wel sed!

Sarah malik said...

awesome...simple yet so romantic. it beautifully depicts that lil,unsaid act can keep the relations joyous always :)
and u have penned it down greatly, i m ur follower now :D
good luck for the contest ( i guess u r participating 1st time in it? ) and a very happy new year!


irfanuddin said...

read more in my new post & give your views plz.

MuddassirShah said...


First of all Happy new Year
I am very poor at this LOVE /Romance Thingy.
I don't like/read much of that stuff either.

But then, I read your post.
It is way too good.
The context,the crisp flow, the simple wordings and a touch seriousness, well depicted emotions.

The icing on the cake -
I told you my dear, your eyes speak....Love, Mir’
‘Took the white dress....I don’t generally do this, but what can I say....I think my wife kinda liked it.’

4.7 on a scale of 5,

On of the first posts I read this year and I am happy I did :)

Sourav said...

Your post says exactly the same thing in the form of a story, what I tried expressing in my post! The flow and emotions really were expressed well. First time here, will see youi around more !

Happy New Year Sadiya! :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sarah- aww its really so gracious of u to say dat! my dil goes bahaara bahaara :-))
n yes frst tym...wud hav liked to c u participating too

@ irfanuddin- sure wil do it soon Inshallah

@ muddassir- thnk youuu....cant stop smiling :-))))
*hope to mk it a perfect 5 sum day!*

@ sourav- hi! wish u d same....n i did read ur post....sweet n warm :-)

Er. said...

Simple, elegant and sweet. :)

Sweta said...

simple but beautiful story..
best of luck for blogeshwar :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ arjit- merci!

@ sweta- thnx a ton...wish u d same :-)

Rachit said...

indeed a good one

Unknown said...

Touching and beautifully written,the understatement of understanding that runs through couples is well brought out. I smiled after reading it :-)

Anonymous said...

haha!!! too good sadiya.. saying much the way u ended the story.. u see, i think i kinda liked it :P
very super.. am a great fan of pieces written smoothly and effortlessly.. very much like the fabric u talked of.. best wishes

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ rachit- thnx so much :)))

@ bharath- aloha! glad u liked it :)

@ vivek- i mus say dats very keen observation....rare to c dat...thnk u! :)

ओमी said...

u wrote it beautifully :)

miltan said...

nice story telling skills u have sadiya..keep it up :-)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ omi- thnx man!

@ miltan- n a nice name u have...nerv hrd b4 :)...glad u liked it!

Sidra Sayeed said...

the dude's character jumped right out with the last statement, after all if a man can't give it his all...then....
Perhaps I'm a spoilt little princess but aren't we all...heh

PS: It is possible to be a feminist and yet hold opinions such as above ;)

Suruchi said...

sometimes silence speaks greater volumes and love can stir even the calmest of surfaces:-) mush dipped and nice:-)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sidra- hehe justifying alredy? :o

@ suruchi- hieee! thnk yeww...think im blushing now :)

Anonymous said...

Best way to express Love is , to prove cos actions speak louder than words. This story has an interesting way to describe this point. Nice writing. :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ asma- hie! completely agree wid reality, love acted upon is a much valued thing to see...thnx for writing baq :)

Anonymous said...

It ws so heart warming!!!!! it ws really nice to read it..........

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ succinttalker- thnk u...dat sounds so very genuine :)

Unknown said...

Your stories simply touches heart. I always like the untold agreement between the relations.

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ atlasshrugged- now dis possibly is one of d sweetest things told! :)
d reason i strted a blog was to tel stories bt den wasn so very confident abt it. n nw dat sum1 likes it- wel, things jus cudn get any better! :D

n yes i think so too. if its told, dat feels all fuzzy bt if its untold n yet understood, den dats wat i call absolute beauty :)

Princess of The Dreamland said...

each one is simply beautiful .. :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ princess- oh thaanku. aise kabhi kabhi by chanc ho jaata hai :)

Richi Baidwan said...

I remember reading this a while back and I think your hero is so aaahhh chocolate like ;)

reminds me of my own hero! heh

Sadiya Merchant said...

YOUR hero is chocolate like?
does he know it yet? :D

Live2cherish said...

super duper liked it!