Monday, October 25, 2010

What goes around, comes around!

With the manhoos CA exams lurching and doing the Bharatanatyam like nritya on my head, I did the most sane thing expected from me....opened all my 20 kilo books, arranged them in a hap hazard way on the floor around me, sat at the center of all this storehouse of gyaan, wore my specs and made a thorough drama queen array of oh-look-at-me-I’m-so-busy-studying kinda pose.....My aunt almostttt nearly had a minor shockk.....considering that was the basic idea anyway....I mean you know cos I’m on study leave and having a girl in the house makes you the perfect target for all household this was my strategy at avoiding it...and it worked.... yes thaankuuu....*bows*

However the bottom line remains that study I must, especially considering the lukkha CA exam wala’s who only want an opportunity to show me thumbs down in front of all my khaandaan. Yes, that’s the truth...I study onlyyyy cos else, mumma will give me a grand firing, and that too over the phone. Arey bhaai it's uncool!

Right so started haa....with the magnificent subject “Financial Reporting”....tan tadannn....nah don’t scratch your head (and certainly don’t use Clinic All Clear either...they say it leads to hair fall...Dove hi best hai ji...and Livon conditioner...the maroon wala.... smells gorgeous). Ok ok, so like I was saying financial reporting is this fancy term they give for ‘Accounts’ scare our poor fluttering soul into taking short gasps.....but no, we don't give them the satisfaction....nope nope! not just yet!

Enter Non- Profit Organisations.
Now here’s the thing-

This was a topic I had right from school...matlab class you may think I am pro at it by now....but then nah not see there was this Rajni ma’am (Accounts teacher then) ka guarantee, that it would come as a choice question for our exams...and so I conveniently omitted it.
And it didn’t to hona hi tha!...and that’s when you start to get this over smart kind of feeling...the one that makes you think....I know exactly what to, and how much to study.... and you want to mock all those girls who do their homework every day and study all topics under a ‘just in case’ category....SOOO DUMB you think!

But then there is this thing called fate.

Same topic made a second appearance in a more advanced level that is, but then there is the wayyy....I didn’t study it then, and I won’t study it now! And course there was all the other baby stuff in the syllabus which formed a strong backing and I got off easy. Besides, the question didn’t even come in the exam! Second time- Yipee! :-)

Third appearance
CA Foundation.....yes, would you believe it...I skipped the chapter yet my defense- it was reallyyyy boring....but then this time, the question did come in the exam....for 20 marks and I was fact I didn’t even know how to draw the columns and what side does income and expense come....but just cos it is called as the ‘Income and Expenditure Account’ , I figured income on the left and expenditure on the right. And after that, I obviously copied most of the items from the question how difficult is it?...Money come- income, Money go- expense.....Easy!
Phew! Lucky me- I didn’t flunk!

CA Inter- No Non- Profit Organisation bakwaas----Yayayaya!!!! Finally good sense prevailed....was such a stoopid topic anyway!

CA Final- first chapter- Non- Profit Organisation Amalgamations, Absorptions, Holding rights, yaada yaada yaada.....
HAYO RABBA! What is this!!!!! Mummyyy! Turns out, this time it is at a super hi- fi level.....and I thought....Ok yaar relax...don’t panic...tried reading the content.....went directttt sar ke upar se.....opened my loft and picked the almost still shining cover wala B.Com book......searched the chapter and read it.....Ahhhh didn’t understand anything.....Then?......Opened the loft yet again.....the big black bag with dusty old once upon a time school books....and there...Class XI- Financial Accounting......after which I read every page of it, solved all the numericals as well! Buhooo!

Hmm what was it...kaal kare so aaj kar? Damn damn damn!!! Self invited problems- thy name is Sadiya! :-(


Sandeep Kodam said...

you have a great sense of humor and you're an awesome writer!!!lovely post as always....
keep writing :)
I think Bharatanatyam needs a special mention :P

AJinkya said...

CA aint a piece of cake is it :)
I have a close friend who was in the all india CA merit lists for the first 2 exams ... man, he used to be in his room for like 10 hrs and switched off any contact with the worl 3 months prior to the exams ..phew!

Harish said...

all the best for the exams.. by reading the post why am i having this feeling that you need all goodwill from the whole world to sail through? :-)...

T. Mukherjee said...

please read and criticise:

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sandeep- hey! this possibly is the frst time i'm hearing frm u.....i wasnt even sure u read them....all d same...glad u like it :-)

@ AJinkya- oh dear! exms just 2 weeks away n im here!....neway, no i dont wish to make it to a rank or d merit risk....people like in me n my frns....v r d average category 10 days in advance like our life depends on it n get a title....even our bestestttt, most precious dreams dont go beyond dat! fact till date ive written 3 exms n scored merit in just one subject!! ur frn mus b quite a genius.

@ harish- hehe u bet! :D

@ t. mukherjee- emm did go thru ur blog....wud even leave a comment but truth to tell i dint understand it at all!...nothin...not even a bit...shorriee m a bit slow wen it cums to poems :-(

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

:O) that was hilarious stuff, nice way to end my weekend :D
But be happy that you are a part of larger populace who believes and delves into everything u have said and done in your post.
That is a way of life dear.

But I also learnt that you are doing CA, nice nice.
I may need some help from you :P ;) :)
sweet dreams

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ muddassir- help?.....Oh God bacha lena bacha lena :o

Sandeep Kodam said...

nope,I didn't read all of them.But been following for quite sometime...there's always something to take back like a few phrases that are totally unique and damn funny.Hmmm I remember jhataak red,dove hi acha hain ji...
You are a living proof that expression has nothing to do with proficiency or a phd in a language :)

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

kyon bhai? aisa kya kehdiya maine??

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ sandeep- hee...ears starting to burn now

@ muddassir- hehe nah its jus dat wen u say u need a CA's help, d questions u r likely to ask r bound to b tohoootal high funda....n given dat im only jus a student, not sure i cud b of any assistanc at all...
waise main bata shax ki koi problem ho na, to directttt mere paas aana*

*standard charges apply :-)

leena said...

hey sadiya very well written..enjoyed every bit of it...all the best for ur exams!!

Sadiya Merchant said...

thnx yaar...finallyyyyy got over wid dem!

Neetu said...

You are such an awesome writer, see I read almost 5-6 post in hours avoiding office-work, I couldnot resist but reading. your posts are seriously humourous. I loved all!!

itsjusme said...

welll i hav gt an accounts xams tmrw...........(in grade 11...:P ) n yes i dooo totally agree tis non profit thingy " is annoyin..." ohhh by the way.......jus saw ur blog....n i strtd readin...n i loved it.......been readin it for three days nw i guess( tht is wen i get a break frm studyin).......ur an amazin wirter..!...:)