Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guzaarish- Reviewed

In case you were wondering, I ain’t on a crazy spree of doing reviews, but this here is what I typed for my magazine. And now that we are on the subject, any contribution from your end, as in articles or just plain suggestions, are welcome. Feel free to let me know in the comments section. Magazine circulation is limited to 100 copies so you are not likely to get famous and no, I won’t be paying you for it.
Hee! Thanx all the same!

The real matter now-

Nope nope. The movie hasn’t yet released and I too think piracy is a crime...unless of course you get the DVD real cheap and no one finds out....releasing on 19th November, this here is an advance review of the movie.....yaba daba dooo.....just cos I love you guys so much and can’t stand to see you gaze with starry eyes in anticipation! Besides, current reviews are all over the papers anyway. So here we both know, this is where you saw it first!

Yet another magnum opus from our very own Bhansali Ji. You know why I chose to review this one, of all the happening chatakdaar line up’s this Diwali? Because it is art at its very best! Yeah the one that normal people like me don’t understand. And despite my shallow understanding, I genuinely appreciate it *especially modern art, cos I think I can do it just as well as anyone else. Only thing is I’m stuck here typing this review, else millions were just a splurge of paint away. Or so I like to think* .Truth is, somehow, pitch dark visuals, cast talking in hand movements for the most part, and for the other few remains, dramatic dialogues in just above a whisper, inspires me no end! *eyes fluttering*

In the words of Hrthik Roshan, “Guzaarish changed my life”.....I hope it doesn’t change our life too; and make us a demented suicidal lot. Let me tell you, after We are Family and Nakshatra, our jhelofying capacity has gone up a good deal!

Yes the review- what appears at face value as the colored version of Saawariya, *yes the movie where there was a girl, a guy, a bridge and umm umm..... oh right, that’s it*. So in this one, there is the usual black and white and just so we don’t get bored, ladies and gentlemennnnn, there is also some jhataakk RED! Yepp this movie is actually, *according to our 'vishesh' sources (read- Wikipedia)*..... an ‘inspired’ adaptation of the Hollywood movie ‘The Sea Inside’.... Story of a once upon a time magician who injures himself when performing a magic trick and thereby landing himself on a wheelchair as a paraplegic for life. Events revolve around his life, his protégée and nurse.....and how he instils in them a will to live with a purpose....simultaneously fighting for his right to commit suicide. Oh that doesn’t make sense??
Buhaha! What did you expect?

The star cast with Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead seem to share an awesome chemistry.....with Hrithik nodding his head in every possible direction a head can bend; and Aishwarya playing an over-enthu and slightly mad sort of woman, washing his hair, brushing his teeth, polishing his shoes, swatting flies on his get the drift right? Also, there is Aditya Roy Kapoor who umm well has a lot of hair on his head and hobs around to learn the magician’s tricks and do Hrithik baba ka naam roshan.

Music scorecard offers a free opera like experience and there also is the inevitable number where Hrithik needs to prove yet again what an incredibly rubber band like dancer he is. Aishwarya goes twirling in circles a few hundred times for no apparent reason.

Yes that should be all...screenplay, direction, choreography..... everything is going to be flawless (Does anyone really care?)....also it would do you good if you expected a couple of really long curtains, elaborate sets, huge chandeliers and a stage.

Star rating *because it’s fashionable to do so*- None really!
What was it? Hum zamaane se nahi, zamaana hum se hai jaani! *Ok honestly, I wanted to put one, but didn’t know how to type a star*

If you end up watching the movie and think differently about it, you can choose to punish me by sending a free ticket so I get a chance to relive your torture! Ting tingg tidinggg! :-)


Harish said...

movie making unit of sony india was totally shut down after they released saawariya. read an interview with the sony executive in charge of the movie who believed the creative talent of movie director amd never interfered. it seems after watching the movie finally he realised they had a turkey with them but it was too late. director was still claiming it a masterpiece.. God help the producer of this movie..

pixel said...

interesting review, i am not usually into this type of film but i might check it out

Pari said...

Will surely give it a shot.

Brijender Singh said...

Hahahahaha !!
Must say your blog makes for a most refreshing change from the usual serious stuff one finds on the blogosphere!
Only bit that intrigues me is why you choose to get all serious when it comes to BATOM and all?
As for the movie, trust me when i say that wild horses couldnt drag me to the theater for it ! The only movie by Bhansali i saw was the much raved about Devdas and even that numbed me so much that I wanted to leave the hall after 20 minutes-pity was that there were some security issues those days and they forced us to stay in till the interval-the most excruciating 90 minutes of my life !!

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Hey Brijender,
Black was good, others Ok OK.
Your magazine?
tell me more about it.
Can I contribute? if yes, wat are the contribution guidelines? ;D

g'nyt fr now, hope to see a response from you

Sadiya Merchant said...

@ harish- oh dat shud probably explain y dere was this patch of time when the only thing featured on sony was back to back episodes of CID n Aahat! n so strange...despite saawariya's utter failure, they're baq...sum ppl jus dont get it, do they!

@ pixel- hehe. wel one thing's for sure...if u do end up watchin it, u can safely reserve 3 hrs wrth of youtube footage on ur blog for bloopers :)....n hey u kno hindi?...or wid subtitles??...God! i predict you're gonna hav a blast! ;)

@ pari- okies...lemme kno wat u think of it!

@ brijender- thnx man! batom serious stuff....hmm...dunno aewai- impulse!
devdas....was yuckkk yuckk bro locked the door and MADE me watch it jus cos i had insisted on d cd...n how fickle is the story!...wo to acha hua the childhood grl turned out to b aishwarya rai...suppose it had been mayawati den?....i cud bet he wud tk d nex flight to heathrow
n yea don listen to was as the same! sanjay ji was so lost in his art, he completely forgot we had entered the color tv era.

@ muddassir- Graffiti! :)))))) my little babyy project!
its a magazine for our apartments....100 households....basically targetting anyone who is sittin at home jobless or is tired of newspaper tragedies
u can totally contribute but sunday is the last day cos i need to send it in for committee approval.
guidelines...hmm lemme invent a few
1- fun to read
2- strictly for family (...)
3- no book or movie review (as u cn c dose slots r taken)
4- no there is no 4
u cn send nethin subject to the above at