Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Insaaf bhi andhaa hota hai??

They say when in doubt, Google it. *Me thinks, when in doubt about what to write, Rakhi Sawant it!*

The lasteshttt news and views have been raving about her new reality show....Rakhi ka Insaaf! Whatever happened to the show where she was supposed to appear as Mother Mary? Oh ok ok....she may not have suited the role. Duh! Anyway. In her own words she says, "Mujhe kanooni daav pech nahi aate, I just know how to think from my heart”.

Ok first of all, what is this whole chakkar of thinking from the heart? Blame it on NCERT if you like, but they did a pretty good job of drilling into us that heart is the organ that pumps blood alone. Andd Wikipedia seems to confirm that for me.

All along there was this Bollywood mumbo jumbo of ‘apne dil ki suno aur phir sab thik ho jayega’.....I mean how is listening to your heartbeat going to solve a problem? Yet another doubt, how can you put your ear to your heart? Physically that is not quite possible! Course you could run a couple of staircases, be out of breath and thennn listen to it. Then again wouldn’t you be too tired? And what if in the middle of this technologically advanced science of problem solving, you relax and can’t hear it anymore? Wouldn’t that leave the problem piecemeal solved? Then what do you do? Run again?

But folks, all that is passé. Miss Rakhi has broken all boundaries and taken it to a whole new level I say. Gone are the days of listening to monotonous dhak-dhak’s; the woman seems to have mastered the art of thinking from the heart! So now superheroes like Spiderman and Krishh can move over and give way to ‘Maatey’. Isn’t this cool? And unlike other superheroes, she doesn’t even need something to cover her face with! If you didn’t notice in the Swayamvar season, it’s her press her own forehead with her hand while ‘sharing’ her dukh dard with us, the eternally sympathetic janta. *Manoj Kumar type*

Now as we mere mortals are busy raking our brains for exams and other petty stuff, lawyers are busy mugging sections and case laws, this madam can just come around, think from her heart and sab jhamela solved! Tadaa! How convenient!

And she also claims to understand people’s problems better as she is an ‘aam ladki’ and an ‘aam ghar ki beti’......*me thinks another Mayawati in the making*. Whatever happened to aam ghar ki beti ke sanskaar? Since when did it become synonymous with item girls, cum drama queens, cum deserting your parents?

Course it only remains to be seen the extent of good that comes of this new naatak. My expectations don’t surge over drunk people beating their wives and Miss Rakhi, ‘solving’ that by wailing away stories of the classic ‘Maine bhi life main bohot dard sahey hai’. Or maybe Dimpy and Rahul ki Jodi can make good clients for her. Still better, she can hire the Emotional Atyachar team to rope in a few more ‘troubled’ souls who are in need of her ‘guidance’!

As her mumma dearest pointed out in Bigg Boss triteeya, ‘Hey Prabhu! Rakhi ko aasees do’

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