Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bas karo!

Pak gayi. Thak gayi….Here’s a countdown of the current tamaasha’s grabbing spotlight...all doled into one post.

1- Commonwealth games- The event by itself is a ten day ordeal but attention over its detailing seems to have stretched for what seems like over a year now. So people ate up a lot of money from it. Hello we are Indians? We live in joint families and get paid peanuts! That’s why getting a government job is considered so cool in the first place......Did we not know this simple fact? Why are we so ‘bhaunchakka’? The public reaction and dismay seems as though we just lost Rahul Gandhi to a Kenyan bride! Main poochti hoo why should we take the blame of doing a shoddy job? We are a third world country and if the phorener log are unaware of that, then they are just plain ignorant and stoopid! Not our fault that they didn’t have our kind of CBSE education now, is it?

2- Munni badnaam hui- Tune into any music station, any music channel, any time of the day and there it is. Even zandu balm and chaini chaini commercials have not been spared. Yes Malaika hot hot, thank you very much but being a girl it becomes rather difficult to appreciate this form of emm…art! And I have a question. Why is jhandu spelt as zandu anyway? Is it supposed to sound more sophisticated like that?

3- Facebook Likes- When FB timelines are not flooded with CWG updates, it is with stuff like-:

- I love my mom (Oh yeah?)

- I want to talk to you but I don’t want to call you. (Fine! Apne phone ko paani main dubaa do!)

- All these ‘likes’ are starting to tell my whole life story (You think so? Then freaking STOP now!!!)

If that’s not enough, there are even quizzes that get bizarre by the micro second! ‘What do moles on your body mean’. KYA?? Allow me to explain. Hate to say this jaani, but they sadly mean that you must be umm... pretty UGLY!

4- Ayodhya bhaai log- I do believe that justice must be served but at what cost is the question. For a country that can vote hands down for someone like Varun Gandhi, it’s pretty evident that religion is still an emotional matter for some gawaar log. To an everyday mango person, I doubt it has any utility, but for fear of another riot erupting that could burn lives and public money, good or bad, frankly I don’t think we need it. And thanx to this hungaama I missed out on watching Anjaana Anjaani too....Life’s unfair! :-(

5- Doing the “fraandsheeps”- Too much of anything can get rather annoying. So goes for this word. In my opinion the word ‘friendship’ seems to have evaporated from our dictionaries! Everyone uses the new desi version and worse, each one of them finds it unique and hilarious.....The next time I hear someone saying it, I just might pull every single hair on their head and say... “Arey don’t mind baba. After all we are fraands no!”

6- And the last straw, Karan Johar movies- Aaaahh! Bachaao! First Kurbaan, now We Are Family. For every good movie that comes from his production house, it’s followed by two mind numbing torturous penalties. We are Family is just about the movie that may want you to disown your family and go into sanyaas. My take- Kajol was a good actress. Really good. Then this terrible thing happened...she grew old! DEAL WITH IT! Music score card- all time low! Next time round, puhleezzz cut us some slack.

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