Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anjaana Anjaani- Reviewed

Hehe! Got you again! You thought I am from The Thubai or The Amreeka and saw it before hand. No, no???

So jisse pehle you find your emotions played with, lemme tell you I haven’t seen it. This, as has been done before, is just another of my advance reviews….you we can check that we have both seen the same trailers and interpreted it correctly…..or something like that….however you like to think of it that is........

Know what the problem with movies aaj kal is? They give away too much in the promos leaving very little scope for surprises. That basically means you end up shelling a minimum of 250 bucks (inclusive of snacks and parking), to watch a rubber band version of what you had already seen on MTV a hundred times. If you watch 9XM then that’s probably two hundred times…official sponsors as they are.

Right right…the review….So this is what happens…the anjaana ladka meets the anjaani ladki (Am I smart or what!)
Haa so when they meet…girl acts pricy, guy acts flirty….become the boyfriend and the gulphrend......all well till they get stuck together…..on a road trip. Old school romance follows. If two people must fall in love, they have to be sent on a trip. Somehow no other formula works better. Also, if the heroine must run, it should be on a bridge alone. Running on stairs or normal streets with traffic is just too down market. Plus a heart wrenching number in the background is mandatory. Cheese! Films are so filmy!

Anyway so they annoy each other initially, then an hour down they find those exact same annoying things cute after which, predictably may I add, looouuvve ho gaya! Enter problems… in... ummm can’t say cos I need to leave someee suspense for you na *read- I dunno. Haven’t figured the reason yet*.…hence the classic dialogue….. ‘tum anjaane hi ache the’ and they part ways. Ranbir’s dil tootofies, he goes gaga over Pinky ji. She, in what seems like a wedding dress goes running running full speed main to meet him. Finally project milaap takes place and happy ending. Tadaaa! Get up from your seat and proceed to the exit door thank you. And throw all your kachra in the trashcan please. I am very particular about it haa.

On the whole there is absolutely nothing that stands out about the movie or the stars. Ranbir looks alright (he always does), Priyanka in my opinion looks better with tresses…. Aalishaaa song was the first and last time she got a thumbs up from me. This time round, she’s not beautiful, not pretty…cuteish maybe.

As for the music, my fevrett was Tumse hi Tumse which gets an above average score. I Feel Good seems well picturized and as for rest of them, they didn’t really catch on very well with me. And yes, contrary to majority opinion, I didn’t like Hairat at all!!

All in all, fullto time pass movie, a little out of tide due to the Ayodhya thingy delay. Considering the only competitors in sight are Jhoota hi Sahi and Robot, looks like this one’s going to be a riding success*.
*Tamil Nadu not included cos of Rajnikanth mania…..more on that on another bright sunny day. Till then toodles!

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