Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tipped away

Ok so we were at this restaurant the other day...Never mind the service was bad and the food awful..... Never mind also the fact that landing up in that place was solely my own fault......All that aside, once the food was sorted and everyone was done cribbing about my lousy idea to come visit this place, the last leg of paying the bill is all that remained......anddd we asked for the check....While that was being attended to, and I was busy removing my bhadaas on the comments card, here’s what we noticed......

Hindi films like- Kyaaaa????? Doubt. Ab ye naya Service charge kya hai bhaai? I mean I know what Service Tax is. I also know what VAT is. But what is this new funda? And wo bhi 10%!!!! I assume that is the new technical word given to a prefixed tip.....but then again, does that mean you don’t leave a tip? But isn’t that really rude?

Now the funny thing here is, the hotel wala’s are being cheap enough to put a price on their own service (which was pretty non-existent in this current restaurant case), and still better they play with the customer’s psyche who will think “No can I not leave anything?....Looks bad”.......So most people who qualify as decent folks end up paying twice. Whatever happened to all those hoity-toity hotelier ethics?

Another funny thing I realised when typing this is, somehow a tip to a large extent is not even for the real cause itself......because every time you go to a fancy place, the green leaving your pocket as scraps is far more, than when you are in an average so- so-ish dhaaba.......and that is pretty irrespective of the service you receive at all.

For the record, we still left a tip....but this is something I really wish to understand....What does a Service Charge imply? Explanations would be welcome.

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