Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chale to chaand tak...nahi to shaam tak

So Rahul Mahajan has messed it up again! Royally! Oh some people just don’t get it, do they?
I mean after going down as a guy on weed and then landing a pataaka like pilot wife itself was more than his lucky stars could ever ask for. Karrbon kamaal katch. But nope.

Ye dil maange more naaaa.

So the lady went away crying roping the spolit lalla in for domestic violence. After what I assume must have been a reverse dowry, he managed to shut that and got all haute into starring in a movie as the leading guy. starring Rahul Mahajan......hmm must be about research stuff on how people manage to come up with such a hideous laugh!

So that didn’t work (Need I say why? Might have worked if it was in Bhojpuri though) and instead, he showed up at Bigg Boss dwiteeya......crowned the playboy among inmates and a flick here with Payal Rohatgi and a flip there with Monica Bedi, we poor audiences were fabricated into believing that was the zenith cum simultaneous end of his fame. But no.....galti......he made a comeback with Rahul ka Swayamvar! (Aplogiessss but I’m going to ignore the kiddo show he made an appearance in.....for the sheer stoopidity of his comments in there.)

Now he was bigger than ever. 14 eye- fluttering kanyaa’s at his beck and call. Could life get any better? With the whole event’s fame quotient and a guy with his face and history suddenly all suhooper demand main, you can only feel sorry for one person.

No, I’m not talking about Dimpy Ganguliji, his wife from the show (Shorrie to say but that surname is destined to get you dumped everywhere), but actually the NDTV Imagine wala’s. You know why? Cos they seem to do everything right and yet, somehow the whole project backfires in the end.

Now take for instance......Rakhi Sawant......they ran her on TV for weeks on end, sahofied her over the top drama, unending nakhra’s, fake aansu, got her dressed as a bride (Can’t even imagine how many paapad’s they had to belo for that), even got the varmaala thingy going.....and what happens?.....last minute medammm says..... ‘We need to spend some time together before the real deal’......Couple of weeks down and Elesh ji was given the handle.

So the next time round with Rahul, they made doubly sure that things would go on track this time and even got him married apne aakho ke saamne just so it was right as right could be. And what happened? Flopped again.

Too bad ya! Well anyway they made their buck I suppose so no one needs to shed a tear.

Oh and I almost forgot, to testify Rahul’s ‘impeccable character’, the duo even showed up on Emotional Atyachaar (Haa haa wahi show that gives media mileage to infidelity issues)......with them both going all mushy mushy...... ‘I love you, you love me, together we make a happy family’.....yaada yaada yaada......and now after the breakup, what do we say??......Buhahaha! Insecure people!


p00ja said...

Hey nice post u got here, love the way you use street language and the Hinglish was refreshing too.

Sadiya said...

thnx pOOja :)