Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aisha- Reviewed

A copy of 'Stardust' costs 75 ka ticket (aka walkey talkey fashion catalogue) costed 70 bucks.....hmm guess I didn't make a bad deal after all !!!! Oh and gaalo main gadde wala Abhay was yumm yumm:)
So the movie releases on Friday....So today is Wednesday. So I am writing a review in advance. Haaa! Get it, get it? Nahi kya? Arey I’m so jobless yaar. That’s why. But you dekhna, this is my prediction of the movie and I am pritteeee positive it’s going to end like this. So here, if you have free time, then you stand nothing to lose and be so kind as to give your aankhein udhaar for a bit.
Based on the first look of the movie, I thought it’s the Indian version of The Shopaholic series.....course later Sonam ji said it’s the Indian version of Emma....Oops chalo acha hua Jane Austin is dead....she just might have contemplated doob marna in some Coke bottle ka dhakkan on seeing this. Anyway moving on.

One thing I mustttt mention is, and that’s especially after watching I Hate Love Stories......all the cast has a great wardrobe......they look all shiny shiny......course in this whole looking good process they just might forget the part that you also have to ‘act’ in movies, but hey who cares.....We are Indians na....we will watch anyyything! Ask Ekta Kapoor if you don’t believe me. (Also hear her Once Upon a time in Mumbaai is doing great....hmm I suppose she finally understands, ki it’s not the ‘K’, it’s the ‘Tushaar’ that was manhoos all along).

Ok focus focus- Over to Abhay Deol......Wowwieee my current fevretessst hero......he is going to be great in the movie. Actually all his movies are good.....I am saying this with so much confidence cos I haven’t yet seen a single movie starring him......but then he has a great dimple so how can he be bad? Like duh!

About Sonam Kapoor....... looks fab, sounds like Manisha Koirala and acts like crap. Yeah that should summarise it.

@Music- I louuve it. And especially that Punjabi thingy....Haven’t quite learnt the words yet. But what confuses me is why are they all dressed up like Keralites and then singing in Punjabi? Strange no? Ohhh. National integration and all! That must be it!

Now a word about the general success of the movie.......I predict it’s going to be a hit hit......especially in places like Hyderabad. You know why? Cos every second girl there is named Aisha. When I was in school, every class had at leastttt 2 of them.....I could bet all those Aisha’s are going to want to check it out! And Bard said ‘What’s in a name’ Bah! Too bad my poor Himesh ji didn’t pluck on this strategy before! :(

The direction, the cinematography, the choreography, the is that going to be? Emm how should I know? And since when did I become an expert in these things??? Movie- khois. Bas Yalla khalaas.


namit said...

well i dont know how d muvi wid be..but yeah dat song is really nice specifically "Aa soni teinnu chand ki main chudi pehnawa, Mennu karde ishara to main doli le aawa" dis part..
n i dint knew it got adapted from might consider watchin it, m a Jane Austen fan..
n yeah we all hate "i hate love stories" but i love sonam kapoor...
n wat
Movie- khois. Bas Yalla khalaas.

namit said...

wowww... "Your comment was published"
its changed... :) i like it dis way... :)

Sadiya said...

hi! m a pride n prejudice and read multiple versions of it....last week tak u were in love wid dia mirza rite? ;)...neway hope dis one is bettr...plannin to catch it tommrw.
And the last part- its arabic
khois means good
bas- enough (hindi yaar)
yalla- c'mon
khalaas- finished (wasnt dere a song?)
put together it means....the movie is nice so dont think too much :)

namit said...

hey hey...puttin all of em together no where meant dont think so much..u tryin to confuse me...and i must say u did it very well..
n for d love thing well its one of d advantages of being single...u can love as many damsels as u want...

namit said...

hey wana ask you somthing drop a mail on

Jaan D said...

i like the last part the best ... Every class had atleasttt 2 aisha damn true (lolzz..)

Sadiya said...

hehe....aisha sultana, m.a.aisha, aisha hussaini, aisha khizer, aisha raahat...abhi itne hi yaad aa rahe hai :)