Sunday, June 13, 2010

Football shootball hai rabba

Of all the annoying things, there is a new intrusion in my comfy world.....and just when I was trying to keep up with the rest of the planet, keeping track of all controversies with red sarees and 26 year old gas tragedies (that’s wayyy before I was even born! Kya kya karma padta hai!).......I almostttt nearly made a headway in making my conversations sound above average intelligent, and dhapaakkk se there came a moment out of the blue that left me whatever....(Yeah I know Fifa World Cup comes every 4 years but obviously I wasn’t paying attention.)

Doubt- Since when did we become so passionate about football? Everyone is talking about it.....every second person on Facebook has an update that reads- theme song waka waka....?????..... ‘Waka Waka’??....Is that the best they could come up with?..... I’m sorry if I am being presumptuous or hurting someone’s sentiments, but I personally feel even kooku kooku sounds better.....No?

And India is not even playing! So why are we so exuberant? Even the newspapers read.... All upset because Nelson Mandela didn’t show up at the opening ceremony! Hello Hello!!! Now we have left Shah Rukh Khan and Barack Obama to become Nelson Mandela’s fans???? Really?
In my opinion there could be only 2 possible reasons for this hairatangez obsession to be infused into our pure Indian veins....

One, being a dimple wala praani.......John Abraham......he came on CNN IBN, said some gibberish about players who were always his favorites (don’t ask me who, cos I can’t even pronounce those names).......and promised to give his ‘expert’ views on football......(maybe he wanted to show his girlfriend that if footballers she likes, then this is as close as gets with an Indian....wo Ronaldo and Bips....uhmm....yaad hai na?).......and next thing you know he has become a footballing icon.......frankly I think a vast majority of the game's new supporters don't even know a tad of the game, let alone its history (Hate to display my ignorance on the subject but skeletons in my own closet include the fact that I don’t even know the teams playing!)......Oh parantu the one thing I do know is the teams qualifying for the finals are generally France and Brazil......If they make it this time, then don’t feel shy about coming back to me and saying what a psychic star I am.......if not, then well maine to pehle ki kaha tha na ki I don’t know anything.

Second reason being, our sharmnaak loss at the Cricket T20 World Cup......They say the best way for a guy to get over a girl who dumped him, is to....well obviously get another girl........we seem to have applied this very same formula for sports let us down so now we are glorifying football.....and its better this way cos whoever wins, at least we don’t lose!

Way to go!.....Only problem is, I will be left blinking cos I can’t give my vishesh tippani on any discussion and sound usual chakachak :(

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