Thursday, June 17, 2010

IAS is not halwa

This is something everyone around me tried telling a good hundred times......but NO I didn’t take them seriously. To begin with, I had 'company' with whom to write the exam (That the 'company' was posted at a completely different centre, didn’t play spoilsport in my upbeat attitude of acing this ‘thing’). Well yeah so the exam comprised of two segments....General Knowledge and another Optional Subject (I chose Commerce).....Right... So with zero preparation, I went to the exam hall. This might I tell you, was the first time I everrrr wrote an exam without studying a syllable.....and I was excited!.....Plus, karna hi kya hai...just pick one of four options! Easy!

First the exam centre......when we studied in school that Gautam Buddha went in search of enlightenment to a quiet place, what we didn’t follow then, was it might have been somewhere in the vicinity of Vaishno Govt. School.....totally out of city limits, the road from the entrance to the class can only be described as walking in the middle of the Sahara desert with the climate giving me a free sauna other words, it was a God forsaken place.....No, but even that didn’t ruin my happy mood.

About the class, there was no paint, no doors and no windows!! But then what was I expecting? AC to blow in my face?....Right so I sat on the bench and was all set to take on this ‘thing’.
The first I assumed would be the General Knowledge round and so did a mental revision on the capitals of as many countries as i could recollect......
Hall ticket- Check
Pencil + pen- Check
Confidence- Check. No actually Double Check.

And then the paper was distributed by some aunty type was a booklet and weighed wayyyyy more than I had imagined.....chalo no problem.....opened it.....Ok bouncer.......the paper wasn’t General Knowledge!! It was Commerce!.....It was even written in bold letters on my hall ticket all the time... but apparently I was too andhooo to see it!.....Told myself.....Big Deal oye!…What difference does it make anyway?......As for the paper, I didn’t understand most of the questions itself.....and that’s after reading them a good 3 or 4 times....If by chance I understood the question, I didn’t know the answer and in the least likely event of understanding both the question and the answer, the options read like……
1- a
2- b
3- both a and b
4- neither a nor b
So even if I knew the answer to be one option I wasn't fully sure of it not being the other as well, and hence, most of what I answered was based less on my knowledge of Commerce and more on my knowledge of Probability. And when time was up, I didn’t even complete my paper!!

The next segment was after a 2 hour break. (Why why why????? What are people supposed to do for 2 hours in the middle of nowhere? 'Revise' I guess. After the condition of the school, I didn't even dare to venture into what the wash room might be like)…..Special thanx to Aditya Kulkarni for helping me survive those 2 hours (his blog- a musttt read)….and then came the much awaited second session.

This time I was a little less elated than the first time….but very optimistic all the same…..unfortunately the enthusiasm was outlived soon after reading the first question itself… was another language!....there was nothing ‘general’ as the name had suggested…… From different varieties of seeds of crops to years in which unheard leaders were born, it was all there. This paper at least I completed…..did a mental eenie meenie miney moe….so went rather smooth.

At the end of it, I can only say that my respect for multiple choice based examinations has gone up a great deal! Unfortunately it was an OMR sheet so can’t even except some marks for good handwriting :(......wondering....would it have helped if I had marked heart shaped circles?


jaibir said...

u rite wel.dat chetan bhagat styl.try riting

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha! Just happened to come accross your blog via de'site! You know these days people are getting thru on their 1st attempt! Jus try harder n u might get thru... everyone else seems to!

Liked the flow in your writing! n yeah the 2+ hr break is for revising or read a blog!


Sadiya said...

@jaibir- thnx!
@anonymous- heyy results not out yet....when the going gets tough, the not so tough start praying :)