Thursday, June 24, 2010

I need my privacy!

This title is what appeared in the newspaper supplement the other day. My first reaction obviously was to assume that to be a spoilt princess comment coming from someone like Lindsay Lohan or Carla Bruni in reprisal to cameras prying into their respective drawing rooms.......Turns out that’s not the case. This instead was a comment made by Ms. Priyadarshini Choolai. So the next thing was to search my memory database for this name......searching, searching.....Result- key words not found....The closest I could recollect was the Pepsi lady...but she was Indira Nooyi.....Choolai and Nooyi.....Hmm no definitely not the same. So who is this priteee woman craving for front page media attention?? Random guess- Tamil actress hoegi.

Nope nope. She actually is a Facebook user and the whole tamaasha is about Facebook not protecting her privacy enough and making the settings too difficult for her to understand.

Analysis- After reading this, I think we Indians have effectively lost the right to call Paris Hilton ‘dumb’.
This hasn’t been the first thing I have read on the subject lately. In fact every other day there have been claims by people, of the website being ‘addictive’ and hence they have had to call it quits. Deleting their account it seems, was the most difficult thing for them......And we thought disorders like Asperger’s syndrome or Dyslexia were difficult to deal with. How na├»ve! I think this is a fervent call to Madhur Bhandarkar to make a movie and capture the people’s real emotions....starring Himesh ji of course (my louuve and loyalty for him have certainly been time tested.)
The big question- Are we taking ourselves too seriously? And what is this whole ‘privacy’ ka funda? If the information you provide is soooo private and confidential then why put it up in the first place? It makes least sense and frankly, I consider it downright stoopid!

About the addiction saga, what exactly is addictive about a ‘website’? Poking friends??? Commenting on status messages?? My own personal take is that if these things qualify for addictive, then the right place ought to be ‘rehab’ that teaches basic tenets on how to get a life!
The amateurish knowledge I have of the website, tells me it’s all pretty logical and simple....You go to privacy settings and take your pick. What’s so difficult about that?

On a final note, let me recount an interesting problem about a guy who said his pictures were ‘unsafe’. Now if a girl had said that, it would make sense....but a guy? What is the possible danger that he could face? thinks and thinks....Yaba daba doo....and Sadiya arrives at the following startling answers-
1- Maybe he is scared that random people will take his photo shoto and substitute his head for Jerry’s and put it in their cartoon.
2- Maybe he thinks aliens too have access to Facebook and they will identify him as their Mars ki Ganga ke kumbh mele wala long lost brother.
3- Maybe he was a criminal and has done plastic surgery....hence he is afraid that expert cosmetic surgery wale will recognize him and do his parda faash.....No he is not afraid of phaasi jaise cheap things......but frets not being able to throw sheep at other people in FB there na!
Yes, I think those many are enough to send a few hiccups his way!


namit said...

well another nice one...n yea ur ryt...even i dont understand hw cn one talk about privacy on a social networkin site...

namit said...

n yeah...dis Yaba daba doo...sounds it by any chance inspired from scooby doo..??

Sadiya said...

Nah its inspired from zoobi doobi... That probably came from scooby doo... Aamir khan se twitter par pooche kya?