Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dwaar ki ore prasthaan karey!

If you want to see yourself as a CA someday, you had better attend a few classes……such is the advice that jaane maane log will give you ekdam freee freee.

So in my quest to pursue this, I enrolled myself for accounts classes……Like most new things that I try, this too turned out disastrous……The class started at 6 am in the morning ….upto 8.30am……the mostttt agonizingggg two and half hours that Sadiya’s history has witnessed…..for a month!

Now although I live in Chennai, that does not mean I have adapted to the routine followed here and my day does notttt in any circumstance start before 9.30am…..Frankly I don’t think that’s very late either…..contrary to South Indian belief as it may be.

So as is obvious, I had to change this 9.30 wala attitude and rise and shine at 5.30 am…….4 hrs sooner!
If you want to get up that early,
One alarm- No use
Two alarms- Also no use
Three alarms- Might be some use as someone in the house will wake up and scream the hell out at you for ruining their sleep….that way at least you have a fresh start… not only is looking good at such an inhuman midnight hour, out of question…..even looking presentable is an issue… course of action obviously was to pick the first thing that I could get hold of…..matching aur sab gaya tel lene.

And then had to rush from home….Without breakfast was bad…..and still worse was when in the car, the FM would play onlyyy Tamil music……and the RJ said some words that went round and round in his mouth… he was choking…..only he sounded exhilarated enough to make you think he was hanging from a parachute……yeah I don’t understand Tamil but 6am is not a good time to tell someone that.

And after the lousy start and 20 minute drive, when I finally reached the class, no surprises everyone had already arrived and the only seats available were on the first bench….Ahh Crap!

Sitting there with chalk powder falling like snow flakes on my head or staring in Mr. Nagarajan’s (prof) red eyes……can’t tell which one was worse….either ways, had to pretend I understood everything…..which I didn’t, considering my eyes were open but mind sound asleep… nodded for most things…....nothingggg, I repeat nothingggg went into my head…..I didn’t care if we were 'reconstituting' or 'amalgamating' companies…Hell I didn’t even care if we gave the damn company to charity……. The only time I actually concentrated was when it was nearing 8.30 and he said it was the laaast question…..that’s when my eyes would open wide with happiness…..I can’t even tell you the jasmine cum insence sticks smell in the background…..awful!

A lot of people attending these very classes…pure Tamilians you can be sure……. even told me of how nice it was to be learning something first thing in the morning and seeing the sunrise…..(My reaction….Blink….blink…What?)

Now I don’t want to sound unromantic or anything and I do appreciate Mother Nature…..but what’s the big deal about seeing the sun rise? Isn’t it the same as sunset? Course one is east and the other is west….but then again can you really tell the difference? I mean I know left is west and right is east but if you turned 180 degrees then the erstwhile east would be west and the erstwhile west would in actual fact turn into east? I can tell you are not with me now. Hee.

So if you can’t tell the difference then why bother troubling yourself so early to see something whose exact reverse replica you can see, say 12 hours later? Doesn’t make sense no?

And finallyyyy after one month of torture, I quit! Reason being, if I wouldn’t flunk for attending those classes, then I surely would if I followed this crazy routine for much longer…..All I would hear the prof say anyway was blah blah bloo….bloo blah blii bloo…..definitely not worth my time…..not even if he was paying me to listen to him.

End of the story…….did finally get through…with 50 marks….and I will not give those classes credit for even a quarter mark…..burning the midnight oil I consider is far better than lighting the lantern before dawn and carrying it on my head.

This however was a good six months ago. So why am I talking about it now? Because my maasa and baapusa want me to enrol for it again!! Huney main ki kara! :(

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