Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nazrein uthaaiye to sahi!

From the plethora of people you meet at exam halls, there is something you can take from each one….and here’s the different types you might encounter-:

1- Overly confident types- They look like they know everything….or at least such is their body language…confident…even arrogant sometimes and highly irritable if you ask them any question….their expression reads….. ‘Uff Loser! Itna bhi padkar nahi aayi?’

2- Stationery ki dukaan types- Whether or not they know the matter, they are sure of one thing, pen aur pencil kam nahi padne chahiye……ranging from every color to every size and variety, they have it all…..oh and they are very touchy about it too….if galti se you have a bad day, fall short and ask them to lend one, they fall into a dharm sankat!!...... ‘Ye kya maang liya!’

3- P.T. Usha related types- They are very fond of exercising their foot muscles…..just before the exam begins, you can find them pacing up and down the exam hall……greater the tension, quicker the pace….just the action of seeing them lehraaing is good enough to increase the bile movement in your little tummy.

4- Hai menu ki nai aanda hai types- They are the most dangerous……Firstly, they claim not to have studied anything and how they have every reason why they will surely flunk. Secondly, they start shooting at you random questions……at such a speed that before you can recollect the answer, they have struck another bouncer….if you don’t keep well away from them, chances are, you will end up being converted into their category even before you know it!

5- Bhagwaan ko yaad karo types- They are very religious and available wholesale main….ranging from simply dressed people with different shades of red color wala teeka’s on their forehead to incessant shlok japne wala matra’s, you will find them all!

6- Khoya khoya chaand types- They are lost and totally aloof…give the impression like entering the room was a mistake….least interested and totally anti- social…oh yeah they stare a lotttt and find other people’s actions pretty amusing….not sure why!

7- Washroom lover types- They go to the washroom an insane number of times! Waste a lot of other people’s times by thinking, ‘Abhi to gayi thi na? Not well kya?’

8- Ye to surely aayega types- They seem to believe that they have been given the vardaan of telling the future……predicting is what they are expert at. If you listen to them, nothing of what they claim will come, if you don’t, exactly that question will come! Not sure how to deal with them.

9- Baaton ki barkat types- They have a casual attitude and NEED to talk….and not just talk but talk full volume par, and if it was study related then that’s ok….but nahi…..its about the last night ka IIFA awards or some gossip news that is totally unrelated…...can be very funny sometimes.

10- Last minute learner types- Of all the months of study leave, they never find adequate time, which is why everything needs to be learnt 2 minutes before the exam……they read a word on each page and all you can do is stare and admire at their speed and talent of flipping pages.

Yep that’s about as many! Post bhi over, exams bhi over! Yayyy!

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