Thursday, May 20, 2010

Up to date- Part 1

You see ji- I made a new resolution… keep track of current affairs… know na…. what’s happening around the world and stuff….and this transition is for 2 reasons.

1- I was on an airplane and met an Austrian guy who was chair person of UNESCO for Peace Studies cum guest lecturer cum a lot of other accomplishments which are on his business card but I don’t think you would be interested…….Well anyway, so he told me about the nature of his work and interaction with people from other countries……

All was well until he hit the button talking about famous politicians with golden policies and propagandas floated as well as uprisings among people of various countries….Needless to say, I didn’t understand a word of what he was talking and could not think of a single answer to sound even remotely smart so just kept saying mono syllables like….yeah?……nice……okkk……the likes…..this pretty much gave me a reality check on how being ignorant wasn’t such a good thing and for this episode never to happen again, I decided to start looking up a couple of headlines per day. For the record the hot shot guy bored me to death and didn’t even ask my name…..I think these vilaayati log are really so full of themselves…..(or maybe my feeble attempts of wanting to yawn in his face had something to do with it)

2- A UPSC exam that I am to write this coming Sunday…..IAS thingy……am not really so keen on it but then from fear of getting negative marks (read- minus 25…..Hai! What will everyone say!) and being insulted in front of everyone, its quite essential I get my general knowledge in order (that’s what a major part of the exam is about btw)

Right so these 2 were my key motivational factors thanx to which I set out to be a chakaachak well informed person.

First target being the morning newspaper…..I actually thought…morning main fresh fresh hokar I could just check out the headlines and it would make total sense…somehow I would understand it all……but nope nope…..the headings were vague and didn’t make any sense whatsoever… had to read the entire content….and that meant just reading 2 pages took over an hour…..and not to mention the strain on my eyes cos of the fine print……okies not my thing so quit……maybe mera newspaper hi good nahi hai.

So I switched to a better way…read Barkha Dutt’s tweets….smart no?.....but then nah not really… cos to begin with her comments were largely a continuation of the show she hosted, accompanied with her personal thoughts and attempting to get a feedback from whatever was other people’s point of view…..well that obviously doesn’t help me cos I DON’T HAVE A POINT OF VIEW to begin with……so as you might have guessed this didn’t work for me either!

And now more determined than ever, I thought …ok….Hum haar maanne waalo main se nahi hai!…..and the next target being the source of this whole news wala pangaa itself…..TV…..Waise bhi karna hi kya hai….just have to tune into some news channel and keep my ears open…Easy!

For this I chose NDTV 24x7……dunno why my loyalties are with that channel (read- I don’t know anything about other news channels or any people in them except Arnab Goswami so this was the obvious choice).
Haa so I followed whatever debates and discussions and headlines and controversies and blah blah they offered……and now……..yessss… I am in a position to analyse a few things which have hit me over and above my range of understanding…..

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