Saturday, May 22, 2010

Up to date- Part 2


This actually is supposed to be the start of the previous post but had to go through the process of explaining start se which is why it took so long……Bore to nahi ho rahe na?

Assuming not, here are the things I would like to highlight
Clearly- Now I cannot really understand what is so special about the word ‘clearly’…. Whatever emotional connect it has with the news wali didi, she sure loves it a lot……every other sentence says…… ‘clearly’ it is a moment in history……. ‘clearly’ the Government is struggling to be at the top of this…… ‘clearly’ I don’t understand this ‘clearly’ wala drama……I mean if it was sooooo ‘clear’ then why would I waste my time listening to your crap?

The next thing is the words they use…….someone please explain to me why it is such an issue for these people to use normal homo sapiens ka understanding wala words? I mean what kind of people use words like ‘modus operandi’ and ‘schizophrenia’ in ordinary day to day language???…Don’t their friends laugh at them? And I thought it was an English news channel!

The focus on Pakistan- Ok I know we are next door wale neighbors and I know Sania Mirza dumped us for them, but still why are we so obsessed with their political arena? And even if some random Kasaab terrorist guy originates from their soil, what can they do about it NOW? And jhaakofying into our girebaan don’t we have similar inborn terror with Naxals? What right then do we have, to hold the beechaar Pakistani log ka collar for our problems?….Plus how is it going to change anything present or future wise? All I understand is there are talks and talks and talks after which the Minister is changed due to unsuccessful talks and then again resume a new session of talks with the new Minister. ‘Clearly’ these talks are not helping!

There is a larger purpose for everything…..with each debate the guy on the hot seat justifies every action of his party in the interest of the ‘larger purpose’. But someone mind telling me what exactly is this magnificent ‘larger purpose’? The audience is supposed to fill in the blanks and that is supposed to be their ‘larger purpose’. Is that it?

Another thing I noticed was the people coming in for group discussions…successful politicians mostly…..and a favorite answer for them when it comes to dodging dangerous questions is generally ‘Matter is sub judice for comment’. My question is if they were so reserved about the whole matter then why did they agree to discuss about it on National television in the first place? ‘Clearly’ their presence has not served the ‘larger purpose’!

And then there is the use of unknown and unheard of quotes…..especially from Navjot Singh Sidhu…..we do share the same birthday but that aside, I think I pretty much loathe his personality…..hate his dressing sense, technicolor pagdi’s, talking style, basic lack of sense of what to say when….Oh and did I forget to mention he just can’t stay shut for nuts…..won’t let others speak and forget me…..not even the hosts get what he is saying…. I do know that quotes are good, but only when sparingly used and fitting with the context…..or so I have been taught!......All they manage to do is distract the audience from the ‘larger purpose’.

Finally, every new controversy that arises, is telecast back to back to back giving in second to second details of the ‘latest reports’ on the matter and 2 days down, a talk show is held on whether the issue has been over hyped. Ok rewind one sec……Wasn’t the hype created by that very channel ka log in the first place? Ironic?

‘Clearly’ some things are a bit out of my league and I shouldn’t try to reason with them!

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