Thursday, May 27, 2010


Every country’s people have a set of queer things about them….stuff that only they understand and relate to…..the same goes with us Indians…..and my post here is to state all that is obvious about our clan…….this could prove to be very useful if you happen to be a newcomer in my country…else just a reminder of what we truly are….

Timings don’t really apply- If a card says, 8 pm, what they actually mean is you need to get in the mood for dressing up for the event by 8pm, and get to the venue as and when you are set from thereon……If however you end up on time, or still worse 10 minutes before time, chances are you will be greeted by the decoration folks and stuck blowing balloons for them.

We don’t really understand English music very well- I have met a fair number of people bordering a few hundreds and I’m yet to meet an Indian soul who understands every word of an English song entirely for the first time they listen to it…..Whether you Walk English or Talk English….it just doesn’t matter….this coast is never cleared.

We have very little patience- If there is a queue for a certain counter, you will alwayyyys, always find at leasttt one impatient person who wants to jump the queue and get ahead of the others thereby taking a toll on your patience as well……Even at airports, as soon as the aircraft lands, everyone is in a hurry to stand up, knowing fully well that you can’t really do much until the plane has come to a halt…....For some unknown reason, we are always in a hurry to get everything done all at once.

We love our food- No, not just love…..In fact we are proud of it, and it doesn’t end at that…we even expect others to love it….Any interview with a foreigner is never complete without the question….. ‘Do you like the food here?’ The poor guy has to say ‘Yes’ to be polite……if however he chooses to be candid and says ‘No’, he had better be prepared to get into elaborate reasons ki baba ‘WHYYY!!!’

We stare a lottt- Yeah that’s something unexplained….for some reason or no reason being the reason, we instinctively stare at people……their clothes, accessories….everything…. and we remember it for a long time too. Also, if we like it, we go on a search party mission to get the exact same version of it.

We loouuuve to talk- Well everyone loves to talk but at our end, talk means telephone conversations that last for a minimum of a good half hour and topics namely ‘weather’ or ‘lateshttt Bollywood movies’ are a compulsoryyyy composition! Oh and we even love to talk at the front door for ages just before leaving someone’s house.

We haaaate tea bag wali chaai- If its tea, it has to authentic, strong milk tea that has been cooked for at leastttt 10 minutes…anything lesser than that…..Its not tea, its hot water!

We love matching stuff- Matching shoes is what I like, but as a general trend in aunties, I have noticed they love to wear matching stuff…..from clothes, to hair clips to accessories to shoes…..everything is color coordinated!

We neverrrr buy original stuff- There is a code somewhere in our culture…..Mahatma Gandhi probably said it….. ‘Don’t purchase original music from legal websites’….That explains why NO ONE ever buys copyright version of music CD’s or even movie CD’s for that matter…..for the remainder of people who don’t fall into this category, well they are just considered stoopid by their majority counterparts. Sorry…that’s the way it is around here!

We are a big happy family- Anything that spells ‘social’ equates to a car full of people (read- over and above optimum capacity)…..This probably is because we have manyyy relatives who in many cases are not even directly related. Also, the number of people who come to receive us at the airport is directly proportional to how lovable we are!

P.S- All of the above applies to a good 95% people.


Anonymous said...

Great post ! all of it holds SO true & is completely relatable :D

rachit said...

and we love commenting on others action.. interested more in others world then that of ours..