Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guys+ Shopping= Total No-No

Whenever I have gone shopping with any guy, I have always ended regretting it…….this I think is one front they not only have zero talent for, but also zero taste and minus 10 patience!

And most of the time you spend in their company on a shopping trip, deals with them either making fun of you or lazy comments like ‘Ho gaya’, ‘Poochne ki kya zaroorat hai’, ‘Aur kitna time hai?’, ‘Ab check bhi karna hai’……..repeated a few hundred times where you reach your boiling point and the frustration of not finding what you want teaming up with their smart comments makes you want to resign and you do one of 2 things-
One, you storm off without buying anything….bole to worthless taxi bhaada ka kharcha…..
Or Two, you end up grabbing the first thing that comes in eye contact, pay for it and leave…..This however is still worse than the first option cos when you go home, you realize its pathetic….When you say its pathetic, they laugh at you for being so stoopid, then you have to go back and return it….matlab double taxi bhaada and that’s not the end….every once in a fortnight you will be reminded of how you were soooo stoopid to buy something silly on that once upon a time occasion.

And this has happened to me enough number of times now to understand that I need to opt out of these situations…..So today when my bro, who is going back home to mumma next week wanted to buy something for her as a gift, I let him do the shopping on his own….Here is what followed

To begin with he didn’t know what to get…..ok behen kab kaam aayegi? So he asked me what to get and I suggested a handbag…..Mom was looking for a new one the last time round as far as I can recollect……Yeah so he was all excited and went to a mall to buy one for her…..Next thing he is there and phone rings….. “Didee what color? What brand? What type? How big?” ……Resolved all of that and I thought ok all has been sorted.

Nope 5 minutes down…. “Didee there is a wallet here that you can hang on your shoulder. Should I get that?” Ok hello hello!!!! Who hangs wallets on their shoulders???? What kind of taste is that….and we are blood related! Big NO…..asked him to get a purse that looks like a purse…. that had he bothered to concentrate on the womanfolk in our house, he would have known…..Matter over…..hung up!

Nope 2 minutes down….. “Dideeeee I just found the perfect purse… looks great! Made of leather I think….Mom will love it….black color….got some hangings in front and embroidery behind. Le loo?”
Ok first of all how will I understand all this on the phone?…..But just to end the matter I said….Great! Le lo!
(You might say that’s mean but then again you weren’t at the receiving end of back to back calls na!)

Another 2 minutes down …. “Dideee…..its not leather….its rexine….Now what to do?” By then I was pretty irritated so asked him to take it if he liked it and leave it if he didn’t.
Reply- “Deeds you’re really not helping!” Ok hello- Ab tak kya kar rahi thi!

2 minutes later- “Actually Didee I don’t know…..will take you tomorrow and then you only select” Great!!! Aur kaam hi kya hai mera!

Seriously, I think these mumma’s boys will never learn anything!

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