Saturday, May 1, 2010

Contests 2 Win

Ye jo world hai na world………..isme do tarah ke log hote hai… who win contests and others who don’t. I obviously belong to the second category and with utmost regret have to say that I haven’t won a single contest in my entire life. Forget a Honda Civic or 1 crore ki raashi, I haven’t even so much as won an A-size Duracell battery!

That however does not stop me from filling n number of forms with name, place, address and why I like the product. Here’s how history has been to me (its as many instances as I can remember)

Dial One aur jeeto- there was an old contest on TV hosted by Mandira Bedi where you had to call and if she chose your number then you could play a game of general knowledge with her (I think….don’t completely recollect)….well so I tried it too……unfortunately they asked me to hold the line……..for eons…. and when I realized my phone ka bill was going upp, upp and upp…..i hung upp…….hmm maybe they forgot or something……hota hai….lots of traffic na.
Anyway Better luck next time!

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna- Yeah it’s the movie I am talking about….wo Shahrukh and Rani wala……before the release of the movie as a marketing stunt, they introduced an online contest of…..complete the line and win 50 lakhs!!!!! Ya ya ya yaaa!
And the line started with…….Kabhi Alvida na Kehna breaks all stereotypes because….Now the correct answer would have been….. because it deals with infidelity….but unfortunately that is not a very good thing… least I don’t think so and hopefully most others too……how can you make a tag line sound good when it has so much negativity to it? You see that’s why I didn’t win it…….cos I have an active conscience!!
Haa haa pata hai better luck next time.

Women’s Era Crossword- This was a really simple one…..a crossword that needs to be solved, send it by mail and win 5k…easy!.....oh and attach a photograph with your friends too… response to this I sent at leasttttt 3 completed crosswords…with help from every person on the planet and not to forget wasted 3 of my most precious pictures too……never in my life was I more optimistic of winning anything else….But nah! wasn’t meant to be either!
Koi gal nai ji! Better luck next time!

Arrow Shirts- Yet another tag line………I like Arrow Shirts because…….the correct answer would have been….because they are really boring and therefore good for uncleji’s…..guess they couldn’t appreciate my honesty and there goes my Chevrolet Aveo! :(((((( .
Hmm next time hai na!

Dell Laptops- This was a recent one received by e-mail…….Using Windows Live Messenger on my Dell laptop is a unique experience because……….Ok using Messenger is an ‘experience’????.....Now that’s something I didn’t know! Plus, how would I know what kind of an experience it is when I don’t have a Dell Laptop in the first place? Lost it on grounds of this stoopid technicality. Damn!
Better……….. (You get the idea right?)

All in all, I’m beginning to understand that I will probably never make the cut and the ‘better luck next time’ wala next time will never come at all. However, the thrill is simply fascinating……every time I see, you have won a new Viao, despite all the warnings of a likely virus that could even damage my existing system, I do make it a point to at leasttt read the content, if not follow the link.
Ahh! Some things were just designed to lure!

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