Friday, May 14, 2010

Bacche ki jaan loge kya?

For all the people who say…..Make your own mistakes….I’m not too sure about it……cos going by it…..You know you’ve made a mistake, plus you can’t hold anyone responsible for it. If your life sucks, it’s purely your own fault….a.k.a….pathetic feeling…Why would anyone want that?

All the last few days for me have been crap! Reason- phir se aa gaye exams!
Seems like an unending marathon really. Now I don’t know about other students but as far as goes the CA exam writing wala fraternity, and here’s strictly speaking about people more or less like my IQ, there are some things that just need clarity of thought.

Here’s the funny thing…the majority of us are in the 50% mark zone……its how much we aspire for and dream in our best dreams about……anything more than that is just infinite kindness on the Institute’s behalf.

Right, so on a paper of 100 marks, what we really really know is just about 40%.....which we can complete in roundabouts one hour. That thus leaves 60% of the paper out of which we are going to get only 10 marks….This zone in my opinion is the most stressful and traumatizing…..cos you have 2 hours to pakaofy a khichdi of whose ingredients you have no clue of……
From a theory paper the essence of the question is broken down to the last bit, even anything rhyming helps to get past the desperation of conveying to someone something that you don’t know, must less have professional knowledge about.

From a numerical paper…..the mauke ki nazaakat only brings in us the spirit of doing a ruthless post mortem of every number in the question and even forming our own formulae…..if the examiners cared enough they might even realize that they are looking in the face of some timeless inventions……But aahh…its not to be.

Now my question for this post is- Even if we are given the simplest question paper, what is the point, when the actual truth is we don’t know at all how the stuff is done or what it means?? Nobody to teach anything so if you have a problem then all that can be said is ‘Oh honey… You’re on your own here.Too bad! ’

After reading this you might think that I don’t care to study very well or much in advance…….which is not totally untrue but then again……How practical is it to sit 2 months before the exam, every single day for 18 hours???? What kind of a normal person does that??

We live in Twenty10 where every inch of the way is filled with distractions…..even if you overlook a few…still how much and to what extent?…. Besides if you don’t reply to your friends on Facebook then that makes you boring and uncool……If you don’t join your friends for movies…..that makes you snobbish…..that’s besides balancing an articleship which in my opinion is nonsense value…..So kya kare? If you give up everything then that pretty much leaves you with no social life at all! In the end, you have a degree and balding clients, but no friends.

In light of all this said, shouldn’t any person who has his heart in the right place at least ponder over our hardships and give some special consideration in getting us closer to the 50% target mark? If not, then isn’t all this against human rights or something??? Post My Name is Khan, the Shivsena folks are beginning to fade away....maybe they should take this up!!!
Umm form kaha bharna hoga?
(Myself almost fully marathi maanus choo)
Jai Maharashtra!


kiran said...

very well written.all the facts stated stand with 100% proof.

Sadiya said...

hehe....u bet! :)