Thursday, May 27, 2010

All about South-Indian weddings

I, being a Mumbai ki kudi and having seen so few weddings to begin with, had very little knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of South- Indian weddings…. which ended in me embarrassing myself a couple of times……So the same doesn’t happen with you, this post is to give you a brush up on your conduct of what to do and what not to do in case you end up in a similar situation…

1- Most weddings take place sometime in the evening…..but that’s not how it works in Chennai….The wedding generally is at 6 am in the morning so first things first, read the time correctly and get up well in advance to be able to look fresh and priteeeee!

2- If it is your friend’s wedding, you first need to prove she is your friend..... and that can only be done by wearing a saree….If you don’t wear it, the statement you unintentionally put forth is that you couldn’t care enough to even look good on her big day……her folks will hate you for a long- long time thereafter….Believe me its true! Oh and avoid black….its considered inauspicious.

3- If the couple are not your friends, don’t bother getting their names- South-Indian names are a yard long so in all probability you won’t remember them……and even if you manage to remember them, you can’t pronounce them… hence end up embarrassing yourself…..My tip- Skip it…..Just say ‘Congrats’ and it’s a done deal.

4- Jasmine flowers and Parachute oil are two of the most vital ingredients that complete your look….so if you don’t have them and are asked as to why, don’t be a Satyavaadi Harish Chandra and talk about your dislike for them (its disrespectful! )….so keeping the sentimental value in mind, be an angel and say you ‘forgot’!

5- When it comes to the food, there is a predetermined way as to how you eat it. One, you don’t have plates… have banana leaves instead…..Two, the first time when you have your glass quarter filled with water…. noooo don’t drink that water….You are supposed to wash your leaf with it…..And then the eating commences. No fork, no spoon……Its rice and sambar so just dig in with your hands full. Numm numm!

6- Once you are done eating, you need to fold the leaf…..and this too needs to be done the right way (My tip- Just see how others are doing it)

7- Pleeeaasee carry a clutch with a hand sanitizer and tissues.

8- And finally, just when you are going to leave, you get a free takeaway gift…..a coconut (again- no kidding)……don’t make a fuss….just take it and go……..oh and don’t forget to thank the host and say bubbieee. Arey its good manners yaar!

Tadaaa!! That’s it… you are all set to do it namba tamilian way. Vanakkam!

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