Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sania ka Swayamvar

If Rakhi Sawant ka drama is too much to handle then you might want to pass on this one….raging popularity….light of the media’s life….Sania Mirza!
She has actually and officially become my role model now….After all you need to do something really really right or really really wrong to grab front page headlines for over a week!.....Course you could opt being like Mayawati…but then there’s the horrid haircut…*shudder*….yesss so Sania it is….the girl breaking all boundaries in the name of louuve! In fact nobody even cares about her tennis anymore…..mmm our twinkle twinkle star!

Now it really is a matter of utter dismay that the country with the second largest population in the world hasn’t been able to produce one stud to suit the lady’s taste and she therefore had to settle for Mr. Malik……who has a very questionable past to say the least…..Can’t blame him though….what’s a so-so-ish chashmish girl versus this jackpot, who by the way comes with an additional guarantee of bringing to life his almost dead career? A case of buy one get one freeee!

And its not just Shoaib Malik…there is a whole list of people who have been rescued by this dayavaan magic kudi….

Firstly hamare Bollywood movie directors…..they didn’t even need to find an English movie to be ‘inspired’ from…the true to life story originated from our own desh ki mitti….and they say we are copycats!

Then there is Sonam Kapoor who gets to play Sania Mirza in the movie.....After touching base with masterpieces like Saawariya and Delhi-6 this seems much needed to save her from fading away!

Third party to be eternally grateful are the Shivsena folks…..post My Name is Khan we had almostttt nearly forgotten them…and now thanx to her, they have a chance to display that they actually exist!

Fourthly there is Aaj tak….how long could they drag Mayawati ka haar or Women’s Reservation Bill?…..Besides, these topics are hugely lacking the juicy gossip quotient that earn TRP's!

And last on the list is….Ramesh Gupta….Till a week ago we didn’t even know his name…but now things are different….representing Shoaib Malik as his legal attorney, this man has risen to overnight fame.

Ek kanya and so much hungama and that’s even before the wedding itself!
WOW! THIS IS WHAT I CALL GIRL POWER!!!….Maybe I should also start buying Bournvita so I can be just like her! :)

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