Monday, April 19, 2010

Monkeys see, Monkeys do

Spare 10 days and you get to see the polarity in national decisions. Here is the media story of 2 legends……The Chaalu and The Lalluu ….Politics….This is how it gets done around here!

Our first hero is the unadulterated desi accent wale Home Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram…..yes the guy hailing from Nambal Chennai and doing our name roshan in the country…..last year his fate took a sharp turn after the Mumbai attacks, when he was transferred from being Finance Minister to Home Minister….thanx to this move he could no longer display his reading skills in the Parliament Budget Session but instead, had to take the bullet for every situation of unrest in any part of the country…..but poor PC could not take the pace… can cover up a loss in money by saying the economy is in ‘self correct mode’ but how do you cover up for 76 jawans killed in naxal attacks??? So now the hero got slightly ruffled and thought….Ab to emotional blackmail hi karna padega…in Tamil off course… he presented his resignation…..and Yes! The stunt worked for him…...Sonia aunty said ki nahi beta its ok… careful in future…..n PC thought chalo le liya bottle main…
Moral- Waakayi kaafi smooth hai!

Next up is the ex- Minister of State for External Affairs, veteran Shashi Tharoor, with lofty rankings of being the United Nations Secretary General cum author cum humanitarian cum what not..…he had the panache, he had the spunk and he had the personality, but unfortunately he overdid it…….the thing is, his ideas were too modern and humor too complicated to be understood, much less accepted by our single minded democracy….bottom line they just couldn’t handle the change… campaign on websites and interact on twitter was cynical……then winning the election through it was audacious, his humor crass, and statements a matter of national turbulence…..thus began a lasting relation of unending controversy with him in the Zoom Baraabar mode…..starting from extravagant stays at 5 star hotels to remarks about Indo-Pak in Saudi Arabia to asking for no holiday on Gandhi Jayanti to calling the mango people as ‘Cattle Class’……its was rolling attention all the way…
Moral- Zubaan pe lagaam!

But how long could his actions in the name of dynamism be forgiven?.....So finally arrived the moment that nailed the coffin……his ‘gift’ to lady louuvee….Sunanda Pushkar…worth of 70 crore equity in the IPL Kochi team grabbed sunshine….from shoddy personal remarks to accusations of misuse of public money, it was all showered on him…leaving the Palakkad ka Mallu neta cutting a very sorry figure and handing in his resignation to ease the misery…..Sonia aunty obviously overly anxious due to his antics thought it appropriate to dispose him off at the earliest! Tata bubbiee!
Moral- Shock laga laga shock lagaaaaaa!

If the story doesn’t say it all, I would do the adding up……70 crore Rupees means more to our country than losing 76 people’s lives!!
You see it’s not the math…. it’s just how well you ‘sweet talk’, ‘suck up’ and ‘stay shut’ that counts! Needs some learning!

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