Friday, April 16, 2010

Making sense of it all!

In my opinion everyone has a bad day sometimes…..when everything goes wrong and you just want to sulk….be sad….say sad stuff and make others sad too…yes self pity is what I’m talking about…A lot of people would think that’s vain and annoying….I would too, if someone else was doing it…but then I don’t always need to write about good and happy stuff na?....My rules sure has perks for me!

Warning- Every 21 year old girl is entitled to write one in 33 posts that is filled with complete nonsense….if I have exceeded the limit then I’m sorry to put you through the trouble…..All the same, this post is the one that deserves below average ratings (if I’m saying it myself then must be pretty bad)… what I mean is, reading it won’t make you smarter, lighter or even if I may say so….amused…Phir mat kehna ki humne bataaya nahi.

Begins the thought process- Why do we get sad? Everyone wants to be happy…and all the time if they can help it… why do we put ourselves in situations that give negative outcomes?...and its not like something sudden…you know the dukhi waves to be coming all the while and yet you stand there and let it upset you. Why Why Why??

People’s theory about life actually seems quite simple….do what makes you happy, be good, hang around the people who make you laugh, thank God…Blah blah....then why does this get so complicated all of a sudden? Don’t know about others but somehow any problem at my end is more often than not, self created….. and when all goes gadbad, then makes me wonder…Yaar, ye kaise ho gaya? What was I thinkinggg!

What makes it ever so sad is that instead of blaming myself, I just go to being over the top unreasonable…. its everyone’s but my own fault…The whole world is bad and mean…..Everyone is busy….No one loves me, No one cares for me and I’m just pathetic….knowing fully well ki it’s not even one percent true! Sabbb filmy drama hai! Yetttt I do it everyyyy single time.

Well anyway from today on, I have decided to try as hard as possible to always be khush khush and here’s how I figured I’d do it (MY P.O.A)-

Eat ice cream- Can’t ever understand the taste of ice cream but the thanda sensation feels good….makes my head go a little thanda too…and then the mind comes to terms….finally admits ki…. No ya… actually I think main hi galat thi.

Get a haircut- Not just any haircut….only the one at Bounce….they make you look like a diva when you step out….so at the end you feel….Oh I’m so pritteeee….confidence shoots up by a one hundred and ten percent….Hell! Even if I have issues…who cares…At least I look good!....Unfortunately can’t do that now cos  my hair has only recently been chopped off…(no won’t sulk on this one now…bohot ho gaya na?)

Smile in front of the mirror- and I don’t mean a sad smile like you are at a funeral…the happy wala…and I smile widdee…and pretend like there is a dimple…..its actually there if you look long enough….just not very prominently visible to other people’s eyes. Huh!! Whatever makes you happy!!!

Talk to my friends or my brother- The people who heal everything for me…my friends because they can crack some really sad jokes (ok ok love you)….and my brother cos he is just so damn cool and can cheer me up anytime…his latest SMS says…mitti paao ji….okies bhaijaan point noted!

Talk to my parents- Aise I don’t get so senti and in normal circumstances take this point a bit for granted but for nowwww……I miss you!!!! And the food!! And the excess bhaav like I’m a princess!! And daddy’s jokes (always the bestestttt!) And irritating him to solve study related queries!!…And all the new clothes!! Everything!!!!!!!

Yesss! All of that! Am spoilt to the last drop and haven’t yet learnt to deal with a good many things….and saying all this makes me feel pretty darn good!

I would say I’m sorry to take your time, but then maine to pehle hi kaha tha!
Note- If you happen to know me in person, then be an angel, pretend to forget all this and don’t mention it. Thanx! :)

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