Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its Illogical!

Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, iPhone…..sab out…..in fact if you have any, you should just get rid of them as soon as possible, cos these outdated yesteryear phones have given way to the newest, the latest and the very stylishhhh….Maxx Mobile Phones!

The spello I hope you understand is for good luck…..which by the way is totally unnecessary considering the alleged fly–by-night success of the gadget….

In the words of Mahindra Singh Dhoni “Ye mera saantva (seventh) Maxx mobile hai….isme sab kuch hai…dual SIM…..internal memory….qwerty keypad…sab kuch…..aur ye itna mehenga bhi nahi hai”….
Might I remind you, this guy is the second highest tax paying sports-person in the country! Ironic, huh?

A matter of obvious shock is that sturdy hands like M.S. Dhoni could lose 7 mobiles!!!! (matlab 14 SIM cards if my math ain’t faulty)……in just one month!!

To me, at face value it appears to be a cheap handset, with a plastic keypad and striking (read- mango and vanilla ice cream type)….yellow and white color.

So either this lateshhttt todu- fodu China ka maal has a heart of a warrior, hidden gold inside it, or is just a new strategy to popat banaao our janta log….this time though I think, thoda zyada ho gaya!

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