Monday, April 12, 2010

Doley Sholey

We are in an age where ‘huge’ is called ‘fat’, ‘fat’ is referred to as ‘healthy’ or ‘chubby’ and ‘thin’ or ‘famished’ are the only acceptable terms…...more often than not, you tell someone…. ‘God! You’ve lost so much weight…Are you unwell?’…..thatttt… a compliment…..
and ‘Hey you seem quite rosy and healthy’….thatttt is rude…..they might even call under their breath…. ‘Hai beda gark ho tera!

A situation of us becoming obsessively compulsive about our weight…..what is being professed is a drive to be ‘Size Zero’.…phoonk maaro to gaayab (like Kareena… not Tushaar)…...and start to develop a phobia of even stepping on the weighing machine!

Off course there is the Six or Eight Pack Abs for guys…Soon your body will start to appear like the keys of a handset with 12 packs….I don’t get it….what’s the idea behind it and why is this apparent dissection considered so cool?

And its not even something that takes a day…months and months of meticulous training and gymming, doing a hundred push ups to strict diets to tapkaaoing baalti’s of paseena to basic torture….to get the perfect physique….surely sane people can’t enjoy stuff like this!….Besides, 2 bags of Lays down, and you start to develop a Family Pack….So what’s the point? And more importantly is it even worth the trouble?

With all this fitness craze, the people on the ‘healthier’ end of the spectrum seem to be going cynical…..with weird and vague ideas and diet plans…..the rigorous (read ridiculous) GE plan that helps u lose 10 kilos in just one week…..flushes the toxins out of your body is what they say… friend tried it and gained a kilo instead…hhhheartbreak!!

So the question is what are we heading for? Aren’t we taking our looks wayyy too seriously as opposed to the substance inside of us? And so what is someone is fat? Some people were just built that way! Takes all kinds to make the world. Might as well live with it!

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