Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Axe Effect

We had the Doppler Effect…..then came the Joey Effect and the newest phenomenon is what happens to be termed as the Axe Effect….a case of societal preferences taking a serious dip!

So what is this Axe Effect? Allow me to explain….You look like a dud…..and then you chidko this magical Axe Deo potion…next thing you are a stud with a good thousand pataakaas doing your peecha. Oh and the guy doesn’t say Bachaao Bachaao!!!…No surprises!…..
Bottom line…Buy the product….Use it and you become the nukkad ka newest hottie. Cool na?

Hello whatever happened to our sanskaar and stuff?? If anything at all, its embarrassing!….And I have a serious doubt….just for the sake of argument even if these commercials were true, what happens if all the guys started using it…..wouldn’t it leave the situation exactly the same as where it began?

And that’s not all….you even have it in a chocolate flavor!!!!!......Why in the world would anybody want to smell like chocolate??? Just watching the Cadbury Silk advertisement with hands covered in chocolate put me off as gross……this is like all of you smelling with it…AND HERE YOU DON’T EVEN GET TO EAT THE CHOCOLATE!…Am I falling behind in fashion sense or are people just losing their hinges by the day?

Honest to the T, I think these Axe wala’s need to get creativity that has at leasttt 1% substance to it…….you can’t roll the same crap in different formats…..and if the money is really too heavy for the pocket to handle, then might as well give it to charity! Kisi ka bhalaa ho jaayega plus saves you from going to hell as a dushtt paapi!!!

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