Friday, February 12, 2010

Tomato is a fruit

Tomato is a fruit? Multiple doubts. Since when???? Why??? Who made it a fruit???

Jaha tak I remember when we had a vegetable carving competition, we cut out the tomato peel and made it look like a rose (cool na?)

So if it was a vegetable then, then how come it is not one now??? Or maybe it was a fruit then too and we didn’t know about it…..that’s probably why we didn’t win the competition.

Then again nobody uses it as a fruit…..…a tomato isn’t sweet, you don’t put tomatoes in a fruit salad and koi angle se it doesn’t look like a fruit……it doesn’t even smell fruity……considering all these properties…..Why cant we just call it a vegetable?? What is the procedure for changing a fruit to a vegetable? Doesn’t it bother anyone?

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