Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ye India hai- Yaha kuch bhi possible hai

You can create an entire new state by merely going on a fast for a couple of days… can run an airline on losses worth of Rs. 5500 and odd crores in a single year and yet be put up at 5 star hotels…. that’s not all…you can also steal water from the municipality and sell it in the grey market….go against the Constitution by being abusive to other religions without having anyone so much as feather touch your persona and an alleged murderer can be set free with his lawyers claiming him to be carrying out business in the pleasant location of a nightclub!!
Yes that’s India- where everything just…pop…happens!- No reason, no justification, no consequences and no accountability….plain charisma!

Take the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai for instance. It cost a round figure fortune of 4200 crores….To be able to access it costs a good 50 bucks- one way, so obviously middle-class people can’t afford it. Hence the entire project boils down to being made so that a few elite people can save 20 minutes of their precious time….and this is the expenditure plan of a country where about 80,000 villages do not even have electricity! But who is to be questioned?

Its money that talks all the way. In the entire figure of speech there’s one thing that everyone steadfastly stands by- the reason for the current state of affairs are our politicians….they are greedy and have one goal in life…paisa!

Course we willingly go on a bender to humor them when it comes to getting past traffic rules, jumping queues, reducing tax liabilities etc…..but under the table dealings don’t really matter in those situations cos hey…everyone’s doing it anyway!…..lekin looking at the big picture…..its politicians kharaab hai…….buy a cool drink n junk it on the road…..then see a heap of smelly stuff near your house and say……municipality to kuch kaam hi nahi karti…..that’s how the blame game works isn’t it?

In extreme situations like terror attacks the media covers it unendingly for 48 hours….after which half the city shows up to light candles…..2 months down the line a movie is made on ‘what actually happened’- its reality cinema after all……come the 6 month mark n all the rhythm wears away- oh we term it as ‘the spirit of India or Mumbai’. In other words what we are saying is….we don’t mind if u kill us cos we have a really positive spirit! And despite being witness to all this, there still are people who do not vote and consider it as….mere ek vote se kya hona hai….election day is more like a holiday where there are far more priorities that need to be looked out for.

Its all of a ‘sab chalta hai’ attitude. If there is more water content in the milk then it’s a mere case of aajkal quality hi kharaab hai…..if the fridge service guys don’t show up on time in spite of guarantees and warranties, we just put up with it in a grudging manner and buy a different brand in future (who also lives upto the exact same standards). Forget consumer complaints, a majority of us do not even read the instruction manual to know what the item promises to us in the first place.

Why then should we complain of never being able to grow or being the target of twisted political gambles? What have we done about it anyway?


namit said...

aha...very well written ms critic...
n yeah do check
my post on being indian...

Sadiya said...

thnx namit! will look it up n let u know :)

rachit said...

Good one.. lot of anger can be seen..