Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don't be a baalti!

Chill. This is not about the different types of buckets (but if u insist on knowing then they come in different colors- red, blue, green and various sizes…medium, large etc…..unfortunately that’s about all the gyaan I can give on the subject) .
Anyway- the content here is actually a simple observation- A couple of years ago (or Once upon a time- however you like to read it), a neatly scrubbed face is all it took to flaunt your complexion….the one’s not so happy with the existing color were into the whole…..haldi lagaao….rang nikhrega…thingy…so looking at the plight of those segments came the dayavaan professional savior…..Shahnaz Hussain ka herbal home made remedy in a fancy package…..From the looks of her I would be dubious buying anything she claimed to be good but all the same it was a hit hit….after all our beechaar janta ke paas no other option na- majboori ka naam Gandhiji. Ok so far so good.

But in light of this, how could our genius copy-cat entrepreneur minds be starved when there was so much out in the market to clone? Enter Fair and Lovely…..Now they had to prove that they were bigger and better than the existing products so the stakes rose to….7 hafto main goraapan warna paise wapas…. I have always had this question….how does this money back scheme work? You show an empty tube of the cream and a before+after picture of you which is more or less the same? Is that the way it’s done?? Do they return your money? I’d reallyyy like to know!

Well anyway, the audiences rushed to welcome this new change……but Alas! It soon struck the super speedy generation that they couldn’t wait 7 long weeks to get fair…so that went down to 5 weeks…..nope nope…still too much waiting…..1 week???….but thennnnn….1 week is still 7 days…..1680 hours!!!......hmm ok time being ke liye chalega and a compromise was reached…..the fairness givers at this stage realized that they had utilized all the existing scope…..they couldn’t just stagnate….a new propellant had to be brought in….and thus was floated a new concept….Just flawless fairness is not enough, you also need to look ‘young’…..that’s for the oldies ka market… their husband’s can see a visible ‘change’! Enter still more brands like Olay and Recova….you might think this is as far as gets….but no ladies and gentlemen….there’s more in store…the latest Ponds ad even features a normal pretty face on which spots are ‘likely’ to appear in the future. I mean seriously….do they think we are crazyyy???

And now we have super markets flooded with shining white creams and colorful dabba’s……luring packages that are bound to confuse the most rational souls… step ahead is the fact that they all, without exception, condemn your existing skin……the cover always reads…..for dry skin, for oily skin, for blemished skin…etc….the least compliment you can expect from them is ‘normal’ skin… if you don’t go for that, you are more or less……yep that’s right…..“abnormal”!

What I fail to understand from all this is… in the world can you get fairer than what you were meant to be??? Isn’t this just a way of exploiting people’s sentiments and invoking feelings of racism? Course what don’t help are commercials telecasted of how much better it would have been if a parent had a son instead of a dark daughter…but hey! fairness cream comes in and with three tones of adhik goraapan, madam becomes the ‘beta’ of the house!!! That’s just sinking to depths of pettiness.
How far would you go to market a product that in actual fact is plain trash?

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